Carp Toothed (Cyprinodontiformes)

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Carp Toothed (Cyprinodontiformes)
Carp Toothed (Cyprinodontiformes)

Video: Carp Toothed (Cyprinodontiformes)

Video: Carp Toothed (Cyprinodontiformes)
Video: Тороманови Карп Такъл на Еленово 2019 - Катран, Т байтс,ДТ байтс,ПВА Хидроспул. 2023, March

About 400 species of small, up to 10-15 cm long, fish, common in tropical and subtropical regions of America, Africa, southern Europe, South and East Asia, belong to the carp-toothed. The overwhelming majority of species live in fresh water bodies, a few live in brackish water, a few go into the coastal waters of the sea. Some species live in hot springs in America with water temperatures up to 40 ° C and even higher. They feed on aquatic invertebrates.

Southern aphiosemion, variegated fundulus (Aphyosemion australe), photo photography aquarium fish
Southern aphiosemion, variegated fundulus (Aphyosemion australe), photo photography aquarium fish

Southern aphyosemion (Aphyosemion australe)

The body is usually cylindrical in the anterior part, somewhat laterally compressed in the posterior part, covered with cycloidal scales. There is no lateral line, or it is poorly developed. Most fish-toothed fish keep near the surface of the water, hunting for food here. The front part of the head is usually flattened from above, the small retractable mouth is semi-superior or superior and is shifted to the end of the snout. The dorsal fin is one, pushed back and located above the anal. No spiny rays in fins. The abdominal ones are located on the belly. There is a closed swim bladder. Externally resembling small cyprinids, carps are distinguished by the presence of teeth on their jaws, which never happens in cyprinids. The jaws have small teeth.

Rachovia hummelincki (Rachovia hummelincki), photo photography aquarium fish
Rachovia hummelincki (Rachovia hummelincki), photo photography aquarium fish

Rakhovia hummelincki, male. Photo © arubaan_1

Of the nine families, four have developed ovoviviparity: the female gives birth to from 2-5 to 30 and even up to 200 fry. Several species of the family blind-eyed - Amblyopsidae live in the waters of the karst caves of North America; eggs are hatched in the mouth. Carp-toothed ovoviviparous; carry 2-5 embryos, reaching 4-6 cm at birth.

Krenicht Bailey (Crenichthys baileyi moapae), photo photography aquarium fish
Krenicht Bailey (Crenichthys baileyi moapae), photo photography aquarium fish

Crenicht Bailey (Crenichthys baileyi moapae)

Many species of fish-toothed fish are bright and variegated in color, and therefore they are widely bred in aquariums. Some species are used in laboratories for research on embryology, physiology, hybridization, genetics, and are also bred to destroy mosquito larvae: for example, mosquito gambusia (3-5 cm long) is acclimatized in the southern regions of the CIS.

Epiplatis torch (Epiplatys annulatus), photo photography aquarium fish
Epiplatis torch (Epiplatys annulatus), photo photography aquarium fish

Torch Epiplatis (Epiplatys annulatus)

Systematics detachment cyprinodontiformes:

Family: Adrianichthyidae = Adrianihtovye

Occupation: Adrianichthys Weber = Adrianihty

Occupation: Xenopoecilus Regan = Ksenopetsilii

Family: Poeciliidae = Gambuzievye, poeciliidae

Family: Amblyopsidae = Slepoglazkovye

Occupation: Amblyopsis Dekay = Slepoglazki, ambliopsy

Occupation: Chologaster Agassiz = Hologastery, cave fish

Rod: Speoplatyrhinchus Cooper = slepoglazki flatheads

genus: Typhlichthys Girard = Tiflihty

family: Anablepidae = Chetyrehglazkovye

Occupation: Anableps Scopoli = four-eyed fish

family: Cyprinodontidae Gill = toothcarps

genus: Aphyosemion Myers = Afiosemiony

Occupation: Adinia Girard = Adina

Genus: Aphanius Nardo = Afanii

Genus: Aphyoplatys Clausen = Aphioplatis

Genus: Aphyosemion Myers = Aphiosemions

Genus: Aplocheilichthys Bleeker = Aplocheilichty

Species: Aplocheilichthys spilauchen = Aploheilichthys spilauchen

= Aploheilichthys

spilauchen = Aploheylichtis spilaukhen

Aplocheilichlochti = Aplocheilus

Species: Aplocheilus annulatus = Clown

pike Species: Aplocheilus blockii = Aplocheilus Blok

Species: Aplocheilus dayi = Green Aplocheilus Deya

Species: Aplocheilus lineatus = Apocheilus striped

Genus: Austrofundulus dulcus Austrofundulus Myers = Astrofundulus

species: Astrofundulus

Genus: Campellolebias Vaz-Ferreira et Sierra = Campellolebias

Genus: Chriopeoides Fowler = Chriopeoids Salmon

Genus: Congopanchax Poll = Congopanhaxes

Genus: Crenichthys Hubbs = Krenichths

Genus: Cualac Miller = Kualaki Cubanhans



Genus: Cynopoecilus Regan = Cynopecilia

Genus: Cyprinodon Lacepede = Karzubits

Genus: Diapteron Nuber et Seegers = Diapterons

Species: Diapteron fulgens = Aphiosemion-coquette

Species: Diapteron georgiae = Diapteron Georgine

Species: Diapteron cyanosticberttum = Star-shaped


Rod Epiplatys Gill = Epiplatys

Genus: Floridichthys Hubbs = Floridians

Rod: Fluviphylax Whitley = Fluvifilaksy

Occupation: Fundulosoma Ahl = Fundulosomy

Occupation: Fundulus Lacépède = Fundulusy (fundulyusy)

View: Fundulus cingulatus = Bordered fundulus

View: Fundulus dispar = stellate fundulus

View: Fundulus chrysotus = Zolotouhy fundulyus

View: Fundulus majalis = May fundulyus

View: Fundulus notatus = Long-nosed fundulyus

View: Fundulus olivaceus = Olive fundulyus

View: Fundulus nottii = Pyatnogolovy fundulyus

Occupation: Garmanella Hubbs = Garmanelly

Occupation: Hypopanchax Poll et Lambert = Gipopanhaksy

Occupation: Hypsopanchax Myers = Gipsopanhaksy

Occupation: Jordanella Goode et Bean = Dzhordanelly

type: Jordanella floridae = Jordanella Florida

View: Jordanella pulchra = Dzhordanella colorful

Occupation: Kosswigichthys Sozer = Karpozubki-kossvigihty

Occupation: Lamprichthys Regan = Lamprihty

View: Lamprichthys tangancanus = Lamprihtis Tanganyika

Occupation: Leptolucania Myers = Leptolukanii

Genus: Lucania Girard = Lucania

View: Lucania goodei = Lucania Hood

Type: Lucania parva = Rainwater bowling

Genus: Megupsilon Miller et Walters = Megupsilons

Genus: Neofundulus Myers = Neofundulus

Genus: Nothobranchius Peters = Notobranchs

Genus: Orestias Valenciennes = Orestias

Genus: Oxyzygonectes Fowler = Oxyzygonectes



View: Pachypanchax homalonotus = Pahipanhaks Madagascar

Occupation: Pantanodon Myers = Pantanodony

Occupation: Plataplochilus Ahl = Plataplohily

Occupation: Procatopus Boulenger = Prokatopy, hilopanhaksy

View: Procatopus nototaenia = Prokatopus Shad

views: Procatopus aberrans = Prokatopus blue-green

type: Procatopus similis = Prokatopus similis

Rod: Profundulus Hubbs = Profundulyusy

Occupation: Pronothobranchius Radda = Pronotobranhi

Occupation: Pseudepiplatys Clausen = African pike

Occupation: Pterolebias Garman = Pterolebii

Occupation: Rachovia Myers = Rakhova

Occupation: Rivulichthys Myers = Rivulihty

genus: Rivulus Poey = Rivulusy

Occupation: Roloffia Clausen = Roloff

View: Roloffia geryi = Roloffia Geryi

Species: Roloffia guineensis = Roloffia guinea

Species: Roloffia roloffi = Roloffa Roloffa

Genus: Simpsonichthys de Carvalho = Simpsonichtes

Genus: Trigonectes Myers = Trigonects

Genus: Valencia Myers = Valencia

Family: Goodeidae = Gudeans

Genus: Ameca spp.: Miller

species: Ameca spp.

Rod: Balsadichthys Hubbs = Balzadihty

Occupation: Chapalichthys Meek = Chapalihty

Occupation: Characodon Gunther = Harakodony

Occupation: Dactylophallus Rivero et Rivas = Paltsepory

Occupation: Girardinichthys Bleeker = Girardinihty

Occupation: Goodea Jordan = Gudea

Gender: Ilyodon = Iliodony

Occupation: Lermichthys Hubbs = Lermihty

Rod: Neotoca Hubbs et Turner = Neotoki

Genus: Skiffia Meek = Scythians

Rod: Xenotoca Rutter = Ksenotoka

View: Xenotoca eiseni = Ksenotoka Red-

Rod: Zoogoneticus Meek = Zoogonetikusy

Family: Horaichthyidae Hubbs = Goraihtovye

Occupation: Horaichthys Kulkarni = Goraihty

Family: Jenynsiidae = Dzheninsievye

Occupation: Jenynsia Gunther = Jenyns

Family: Oryziatidae = Orizievye

Genus: Oryzias Jordan et Snyder = Orizias

Species: Oryzias latipes = Japanese honey, orizias latipes

Species: Oryzias javanicus = Javanese Orizias, Javanese rice fish

Family: Tomeuridae = Tomeurian

Genus: Tomeurus Eigenmann = Tomeurs


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