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Oddly enough, but despite the fact that we live in separate houses or apartments, we live together with everyone. Because on the sidewalk, on the bus, in the subway or in the store, we can't get away from these others. And as a result of such communication, we change our style of behavior or correct someone else's style, or even just learn to forgive or get used to it.

We live together, and cats and dogs, sometimes unnecessary to us or not belonging to us, live together with us, others, different. And they also communicate with us, whether we like it or not, because they use the same staircase or elevator and walk in the same yard.

Dog with blue eyes, dog photo photo
Dog with blue eyes, dog photo photo

Much has been written about the relationship between man and man, and from different angles and in different cuts, a little less advice is given to owners of dogs and cats on how to maintain and how to raise their pets, so as not to impose their communication on others and there is absolutely nothing about how these others should behave when a dog comes across the sidewalk or a cat gets in the way.

It seems that the problem can be solved simply - let the owners drive their monsters on a leash and in a muzzle, but bypass public transport, and that's it. But … I left my super-bred shepherd in the middle of a large lawn in the hope that no sane person would think to trample the grass, and, standing in the store queue, I see a mother with a toddler, about four years old, heading towards my dog. Of course, my dog ​​would not have done anything to the child, especially since he had already raised my son, but he could have scared him, mistaking his mother for a “violator” who had encroached on a string bag. The motive of the brave mother was simple: knowing that dogs do not harm children (although this is far from the case), she decided to satisfy the child's desire to pet the dog.

In another case, a ten-year-old child was bitten by a Japanese chin, which was peacefully grazing in a park glade, not noticing anyone and not wanting to play fun with strangers. There are as many examples of such conflicts in which “outsiders” were to blame as there are examples of conflicts in which dog owners were involved. Exactly the same amount. And when proposing a compromise solution, I note that both sides are more likely to be guilty of conflicts.

At the sight of a beautiful dog, almost everyone wants to pet it. Some ask permission from the owner, others immediately start flirting, but both the former and the latter behave equally tactlessly.

Let's conduct a little psychological experiment: imagine - you are walking down the street, cheerfully wagging your tail, when suddenly an aunt rushes towards you and begins to lisp, stroke your head, or even kiss your nose. And the aunt, well, completely alien, well, that is, completely unfamiliar. Have you presented? Now you understand how a stranger's dog feels when you "stick" to it. But this is the first thing. Secondly, some owners train their dogs in such a way that they react aggressively in response to the gentle intonation of a stranger, to stroking and stretching out a hand for this.

Thus, the first rule is obtained: The alien dog does not exist for us.

An alien dog should not exist for us, even if it is a puppy. Puppies are not dangerous and unlike adult dogs, most of them love to be petted. But by caressing the puppy, often with our child, we thereby made it clear to this dog that outsiders can be a source of positive feelings. Six months will pass and the same dog, which from a three-month-old butuz became a ten-month-old puppy, for example, a Caucasian shepherd dog, will fly to us or someone else to meet us for the portion of affection we promised … future behavior.

I must say that dogs of almost all breeds are terrible bureaucrats. Getting used to a certain form of behavior of passers-by on the street, their certain clothes, they immediately notice any differences and react to it according to their life experience, breed or training. Dogs are especially sensitive, restless and aggressive in twilight and uncrowded places. Thus, if an off-leash dog comes towards you, keep walking at a calm pace. All dogs do not like loud screams, sudden movements, flapping hands. But it scares some, while in others it can cause an attack of aggression. A sudden stop of an approaching person, his leaving for some kind of shelter (tree, table, etc.), just like the specific clothes of fishermen, hunters or road workers, causes an orienting, defensive or aggressive-defensive reaction in dogs.

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