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Walking is contraindicated for cats and cats. There is no need for them, and the overpopulation of cities with animals, especially homeless ones, leads to the spread of various infectious diseases and parasites (fleas, lice, ear and itch mites, fungal infections, coccidiosis, plague, helminthic infestations). It is during walks that you are most likely to get injured from fights with cats and dogs, transport and for other reasons. Various poisonous emissions and treatment of the territory with pesticides lead to severe poisoning. Walking cats communicate with cats uncontrollably, which leads, as already mentioned, to negative consequences. All this sharply shortens the life of the animal and makes it painful. It is quite possible to provide the necessary conditions for a normal healthy life for cats without letting them out of the apartment on the street.

German shepherd dog runs on dry grass, photo puppy training image
German shepherd dog runs on dry grass, photo puppy training image

Dogs, on the other hand, need more space for active movement, and more often acquire a dog as a companion for walks.But to preserve the health and life of a dog on a city street, it is necessary to develop a culture of behavior in oneself and always adhere to it. The basic rule: do not create inconvenience to people and animals around. Do not let your pets go on the street alone without supervision, as in this case they themselves are more at risk. Do not allow strangers, especially children, to walk your dog. First, the dog must have one owner; secondly, a person and a dog may not understand each other, and as a result, the animal may frighten someone or suffer itself. Take the dog out of the house on a leash: joyful, excited by the upcoming walk, it must jump out of the entrance first, and unpleasant surprises often await it in the yard - the opportunity to get under the wheels of a car, collide with other animals, etc.Only by taking the dog to a place far from transport, children and passers-by, you can release the pet from the leash and give it a good stretch. When driving along roads, in a crowd of people, in transport, the dog must be on a leash or in hands.

Even if you are completely confident in your pupil, you cannot foresee the behavior of strangers. And they, unfortunately, are capable of a lot: passing by, for the sake of fun, they make sounds unusual for a person, some people can push the dog under the passing transport, hit or kick. A dog from surprise can run away from the owner, get hit by a car, at best, rush to the offender, and most often the owner of the dog is to blame. There are frequent cases of loss of animals while traveling in transport without a leash. A dog in a commotion will either sit on the wrong bus, or jump out at the wrong stop. In short, in any crowd of people, do not lose contact with your pet for a second.

Get used to inspect the territory and check the obstacle before playing or sending on an obstacle. The barrier may fall, glass and other injuring objects may lie behind it. The ladder and the boom should be examined for reliability. Inspect the playground and clear of dangerous objects. In many bodies of water, you can also get hurt or get skin infections. Benches made of beams often cause fractures, dislocations, sprains of the tendons of the extremities. Do not place dogs, especially puppies, at a height. Not calculating their capabilities, they jump off and, sometimes, injure their legs and spine. In no case do not take animals to fireworks and various festivities. Shots, flashes and screams from the crowd frighten them. Cats scratch and bite in fear, climbing a tree or into any crevice, they are not given to hands for a long time. The dogs break off the leash and rush away in terror. If you later find your pet, it can remain nervous for life: thunder,shots, the moon, noise, everything will cause fear and panic in the animal.

Under no circumstances allow the dog to bark continuously during the game, react aggressively to other animals, passers-by, runners, skiers, cyclists.Stop these bad habits with a stern "fu" command and a sharp blow of the leash. Some cruel and conceited owners enjoy or even encourage their pupil's "heroes". Dogs, on the other hand, subtly capture the mood of their masters and from the bottom of their hearts try to please them, especially since this does not constitute labor and danger (usually aggression is manifested in relation to the weaker ones). If someone suddenly rebuffs the "brave man", the owner rushes to the rescue. To the indignation of other owners, the answer usually sounds: "This is a bitch, she must gnaw dogs and fight with bitches" or "This is a dog, he must fight with dogs, and cats are torn apart by all dogs." Yes, all dogs with uncultured, cruel owners do this. And whatever they say about the viciousness of their pet, this is their upbringing. The dog feels the desires of the owner,knows his taste and habits and tries his best to win his approval.An animal is a mirror of its master, educator. If the owner from the first time with a word, gesture, slap shows the dog his displeasure with her aggressiveness, she will change her behavior (provided that the punishment for the offense is regular).

If you notice the spite in your puppy, try to suppress it vigorously. A cheerful, sociable calm dog is always desirable in any society - both in a dog and in a human. She has much fewer or no enemies at all, she has the ability to run around and play enough. An aggressive dog is deprived of all this.

To suppress aggressiveness in dogs, their owners must amicably suppress quarrels that arise during joint games of their pets. You should especially carefully monitor the mood of the animals when a newcomer appears on the site.

Many people think that only an angry dog ​​protects, but this is a delusion. The dog must be smart, healthy and courageous, then instinct and reason will tell her when the owner is in danger and what to do. And to fight with other dogs, even if they themselves attacked, is useless. With any outcome of the duel, both the winner and the loser have wounds; moreover, aggressiveness is one of the signs of rabies, and it is possible that the attacker is struck by this terrible disease.

L. G. Beloglazova. Your four-legged friend: joys and worries

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