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The dog should not be allowed to bite because it can cause serious damage. Most dog owners are unaware of this, because they believe that their dog, which sometimes grabs them by the leg or scratches a little, is not capable of more.

In reality, most dog owners have no idea what their pets are capable of. For example, the jaw force of an average 2-year-old German Shepherd, weighing approximately 27 kg, ranges from 180 to 315 kg. The gripping force of such a dog's jaws allows it to easily break your arms and legs or rip a piece out of any part of your body. In large dogs such as St. Bernard, the force of compression of the jaws is even greater, it exceeds 450 kg. Of course, small dogs have less strength. A small dog, weighing 10-15 kg, has less strength, about 90-135 kg (only!). But even such a small dog, if desired, can safely bite off your finger.

German shepherd grabbed the sleeve of the helper, photo photo of the dog
German shepherd grabbed the sleeve of the helper, photo photo of the dog

Without trying to confuse you, the authors want everyone to understand the dangers of biting dogs.Most problems arise with dogs that have been severely beaten due to the fact that the owners themselves did not teach them to be clean, or the dogs got into situations when they were teased. For example, we know of a very cute Danish Great Dane puppy who was left alone for a year in a yard surrounded by a fence when children walked by from school. The children amused themselves by throwing sticks and stones at the puppy. They also made the dog very aroused by screaming and teasing. After a year, this dog became very aggressive and tried to attack every child that was nearby. What happened is that this dog has acquired a deep conviction that children exist solely to torture her. She only reacted to what the circumstances taught her. It took a lot of time and moneyto re-educate this Great Dane and not let this problem grow into something more. This is an example of a dog becoming biting through no fault of its own.

Dog personality is formed very early. Basically, the dog bites when it is hit. The only reason for this problem is not the bad nature of the dog, but the mistreatment of the dog by ignorant owners, who turn their cute pets into aggressive dogs that pose a potential threat to everyone.

Since the dog should not be allowed to bite at all (and this problem is serious!), In most cases this negative behavior can be controlled or eliminated altogether. Dogs bite because of fear, aggressiveness, confusion, pain, nervous breakdown, overexcitation, due to circumstances, jealousy, the desire to take possession of food or someone else's disposition, serious illness and many other reasons. To master the situation or to deal with what they perceive as a problem, they use their teeth.

In general, the older the dog, the more serious the problem. The longer this behavior goes unpunished, the more difficult it is to correct the dog. In addition, the larger the dog, the more severe the consequences. If the family is afraid of her, then this only reinforces her negative behavior. If, in addition, household members misbehave, shout, beat, run around her, etc., this can aggravate the problem.

A biting dog is a problem that only a professional trainer can handle, who, after talking with you, your family members and getting to know the dog, will give you his recommendations on dog training. A professional can help you understand why your dog is acting this way and how to retrain it.

Many dogs with this problem are eventually sent to a shelter to be euthanized.This is an unfortunate consequence of the behavior caused by poor interaction with people, but it can be avoided. Once again, we emphasize that the dog biting problem is best viewed as part of an obedience training program. A good trainer will always keep this in mind and work to change the overall behavior of the dog and its perception of family members. If the dog is not under control, and it does not respect its owners, then chaos ensues in the relationship. All family members need to earn and maintain the dog's respect. The dog wants to know who the owner is. If she is convinced that she is in charge of the house, then she will act accordingly. If she sees that it is you, she will act accordingly. Dogs can obey very well and they will only respect and obey those who work with them correctly and command their respect.

When dealing with dogs, there is one important rule to remember: never hit your dog! If you have a puppy with a tendency to bite, read the puppy chapters carefully to help you deal with the problem before it takes root. If your dog has grown up and has begun to bite, immediately begin training the dog in the program outlined in this book, in the sections on shy biting and aggressive dogs.

Katie Berman, Bill Landesman. Training your dog

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