Time To Feed The Dog

Time To Feed The Dog
Time To Feed The Dog

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Video: Time To Feed The Dog
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Dogs love to eat and people love to feed them. Although there are also very capricious eaters. Small dietary changes are often enough to solve this problem. Feeding is part of caring for your pet. With food, you can also solve problems that at first glance have nothing to do with food.

Capricious eaters. Sometimes the dog does not eat well when he is not feeling well. If you have recently adopted a puppy, if you have never dealt with these animals before, if you suddenly stop eating a dog that has not previously experienced loss of appetite, you should check the dog with a veterinarian to identify possible medical problems. Puppies need a lot of fuel to fuel their energy expenditure, so the sooner you figure out why the puppy isn't eating the better.

Dog food, photo photography
Dog food, photo photography

If your dog is sick, feed him as advised by your veterinarian. Here we provide tips only for healthy but moody dogs.

Do not feed your dog too much food at one time, as this can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other complications. This is especially important if you are starting to feed a hungry or malnourished dog. Overloading the dog's body systems decreases the time it takes for the body to absorb nutrients. Start with a small amount of food and give your dog time to get used to it before giving as much as it needs.

Ask your veterinarian for advice on how much food to give and how to feed your dog. If this is your first time getting a dog, be sure to show it to your veterinarian.

In addition to gastrointestinal problems, even a healthy dog will turn away from the bowl next time if too much food is imposed on it. You should NOT instill this bad habit from the very beginning.

It is best to feed your dog twice a day (or as much as your veterinarian recommended). And let her eat as soon as you put the food bowl down. If you stick to this simple rule, you will likely soon have a dog that is easy to feed, has regular bowel movements, and responds adequately to food as a stimulus during training. You can also quickly notice the dog's loss of appetite. It is important to know this in order to provide the dog with medical assistance in a timely manner, save its life, or avoid the development of a mild form of the disease into a stronger one.

Start by regularly feeding your dog good quality food that should be given on a schedule (cheap food is not a good solution, as it can cause many health problems). Give the dog 10-20 minutes to eat and then remove the food. Offer her food again at the next scheduled time. Don't give her any snacks between feeds. A healthy dog will start eating on a regular basis over a few days if you persist.

Don't change brands or go for tricks like adding candy to food if your dog refuses to eat. The dog must understand that he is fed according to the regime, and the regime is that we eat twice a day (or as much as necessary), we eat what we are given - and we eat quickly. And if not, then we remain hungry!

If you have multiple dogs. If you have multiple dogs, do not let them eat each other out of bowls. Dogs can eat from the same bowl for years, but one day there will be a conflict and you will witness the battle of the century. Often calm, peaceful dogs start fighting over food. This can serve as an impetus for the fact that the fight will be provoked by other reasons. So, for safety reasons, do not let the dogs all eat together.

Watch your pets and you will see that dogs are less willing to share their food with their fellows than you think. The weaker animals are sometimes intimidated by others and do not get enough food. Others may become overweight from constant overeating. You cannot calculate the amount of food until each of your dogs has a separate bowl.

It is best for a dog not to know at all that someone might be encroaching on its food. While she is eating, do not let other animals come close to her. This applies not only to other dogs, but also to your other pets, if you have any.

You will need to take some steps to ensure that people can safely approach the dog while it is eating. Some dogs protect their food not only from animals, but also from humans. This is another important reason to train your animals to eat separately.

Well-trained dogs can be fed in the same room if kept under the supervision of an experienced adult who can handle them. In many cases, it is better to physically separate the dogs. Give them food in different enclosures, put partitions between them, or even feed them in different rooms. The adage better to play it safe than sorry definitely fits the process of feeding dogs.

If you have an adult dog that feeds twice a day and you take a puppy or other dog that needs to be fed more often, just give the adult dog something when you feed the puppy. Gradually reduce the number of meals the new dog has to eat, move both to a regular feeding regimen. You can feed both dogs more often if you like.

Free feeding. Some dogs eat without any regimen all their lives, a bowl of food is always prepared for them, although in some cases this can lead to problems. If you take another dog into the house or guests come to you with their pet, you should separate from the rest the dog that eats freely.

If the dog walks too long without feeding, it can develop various diseases. A dog that eats according to a free schedule does not know, of course, what to eat every few hours. As a result, these dogs are prone to hypoglycemic episodes. Free feeding dogs are often overweight or underweight. If you encounter this problem, put your dog on a regular feeding schedule.

If the puppy is on the free feeding mode, then it is more difficult to teach him not to spoil at home. When a dog eats regularly, his intestines become accustomed to regular work. This helps you to calculate when your dog will need to go out.

Switching from free feeding to feeding according to the regimen. To teach your dog to eat only at the designated time and so that he does not expect that he will be constantly fed, feed him strictly at a specific time. Be persistent and consistent so the dog doesn't think this is just a one-day action. Follow the same directions as suggested for the moody eaters.

The dog looks at a plate of food, photo photography
The dog looks at a plate of food, photo photography

Make sure the frequency of feeding is appropriate for your dog's age and health. For example, if a puppy of a miniature breed is transferred to two meals a day, then if he refuses one feeding, the break between them will be 24 hours, and this can lead to an attack of hypoglycemia. In this case, try feeding your puppy 4 times a day. When he is older, gradually reduce the number of feeds to two.

There is no harm in feeding your dog more than 2 times a day as long as it eats fast and well every time. This does not mean that more food should be given, it just divides the food into smaller portions that should be given more often. It is beneficial for feeding overweight dogs whose food intake should be reduced. If you feed her four times a day instead of two, she will not get so much hunger between meals. In fact, many people feed their dog more than twice a day without realizing it, as they give it a treat during the training process.

Begging at the master's table. If in some situations giving a dog a treat is necessary, then in others it is a very bad idea. Do you have a dog that begs for a piece from the table when people are eating? So this is the dog that was given food when people were sitting at the table!

This is not a problem of dog training, but of human training! Do not let anyone at the table toss the dog pieces from the table, and soon the dog will stop begging. Dogs are smart enough not to do things that don't lead to results.

If you hold out for several days and do not feed the dog from the table, but one day you will not stand it and give up, then his hopes will be revived. This is exactly what happens to gamblers. Never means never if you really want to teach your dog not to ask for leftovers from your table.

In some dogs, begging comes to the point that they literally pull out a piece by force, especially in small children, and this is already becoming a serious problem. In addition, humans harm the dog by offering food that is suitable for themselves, but not for dogs.

As a general rule of thumb, only 10% of dog food may not be a well-balanced food. Take a small dog and give it to a person who will indulge in everything, and soon you will have a dog with a bunch of diseases, some of which can be fatal because the person does not think about the consequences.

If what you eat is right for the dog, then a good way to share with him is to wait until everyone is finished and then feed the dog elsewhere. If your dog misbehaves while you are sitting at the table, no afternoon treats. Smart dogs will quickly figure out what's what and stop bothering you while eating.

Because dogs love to eat, this powerful motivator can be used for training. For this purpose, it is easiest to use regular food pieces, but other types of treats can be offered to a healthy dog. When in doubt, check with your veterinarian about the right treat for your dog.

The dog looks at a plate of soup, photo photograph
The dog looks at a plate of soup, photo photograph

Do not forget that the food you use as a treat is, nevertheless, included in the daily requirement, and calculate the dog's diet with this in mind. You can use one of the dog's meals as a treat. When the dog needs physical or mental stress, hide the bowl of food, and when the dog finds it, it will be his reward.

You can also use a Kong or Buster Cube toy to make your dog's meal more fun. If you are placing your dog in a carrier, this is a good opportunity to give him a treat, no matter if it is a piece of food or a cong toy.

Treating as a positive reinforcement can help you with any training session. A good reason to give your dog a treat is if he did something that you really enjoyed and you want him to do it more often.

Think a little before feeding your dog and you will have a healthy, happy pet. Feeding is a great opportunity to build strong friendships with your dog and take good care of it at the same time.

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