Seven Commandments Of Good Dog Nutrition

Seven Commandments Of Good Dog Nutrition
Seven Commandments Of Good Dog Nutrition

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Let the magic of number 7 not affect you, reader. Perhaps another dog breeder and animal lover will choose a different number of principles or commandments of proper nutrition for dogs, nevertheless, knowledge of the proposed rules will help organize tasty, nutritious and nutritious food so that the dog grows and develops normally if she is still a puppy and was always healthy. According to veterinary statistics, it is known that almost all non-communicable diseases of dogs are associated with a violation of the nutrition of the animal.

Dog birthday, birthdayt, photo photography
Dog birthday, birthdayt, photo photography

Commandment 1. Knowing the needs of dogs for energy, nutrients and biologically active substances, which are the basis of proper nutrition.

Proper nutrition is usually understood to mean that dogs eat strictly according to the norms. At the same time, formed nutrition should be complete, balanced and rational (from the Greek "rationalize" - reasonable).

Commandment 2. When organizing the nutrition of dogs, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the composition, properties and nutritional value of specific foods.

For example, a source of nutritional vitamins for dogs is raw liver, a source of complete protein - cottage cheese, iron - semolina, nicotinic acid - millet, leitin - buckwheat, etc.

Commandment 3. Eating dogs with any one product, even meat, is unacceptable.

Proper nutrition includes, among other things, nutrition according to rations, because with the selection and a certain ratio of products in the diet, the food acquires a new quality that has a positive effect on the absorption of nutrients in the entire diet, and therefore on the health of dogs. Rations should be made from foods that match the nature and taste of the juice. Each new food product, including canned food, must be taught gradually.

Commandment 4. Strict observance of the diet of dogs.

The concept of the regime includes the frequency, timeliness and regularity of meals at the same hours, as well as the volume and weight distribution of the required diet during the day. In terms of volume, a single serving of food should correspond to the capacity of the digestive canal and the ability of the dog's body to digest and assimilate the nutrients of the feed. Insufficient fullness, as well as overloading the digestive tract, adversely affects the motor and secretory activity of the intestine and the general health of the dog. It should be remembered that puppies from 1 to 2 months should be fed 5-6 times a day with an interval of 3-3.5 hours. 2-3 month old puppies are fed 4 times, and, starting from 4 months to a year, 3 times. From 6 months of age, puppies begin the stage of intensive growth.In this regard, the need for animal protein is sharply increasing, so the diet of dogs aged 6-12 months, depending on the breed, consists of 60-80% of beef or whale meat.

Commandment 5. Do not overfeed dogs.

Border Terrier gnaws a bone, photo photograph
Border Terrier gnaws a bone, photo photograph

Any overfeeding leads to obesity of the dog, due to which it develops all sorts of metabolic diseases, heart, kidney, liver, etc. When overfeeding this or that product, for example, bones and fatty foods, dogs often develop allergic diseases. In addition, due to systematic overfeeding, the breed sign of the dog's exterior beauty can disappear, which often happens with English toy terriers, Arab and Persian greyhounds and other breeds.

Commandment 6. Strict adherence to the methods of preparing food for feeding, taking into account the characteristics of the digestive system in dogs.

A dog from a young age must be taught to tradition of thick soup and liquid porridge.

Commandment 7. In case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract due to improper feeding, the dog should be transferred to a dietary diet. At the same time, do not forget that a specific diet cures a sick dog from a specific disease.

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