When The Dog Urinates In The House

When The Dog Urinates In The House
When The Dog Urinates In The House

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A dog can urinate on the floor or carpet for many reasons. Perhaps she was poorly trained and does not know how to behave in the house. Maybe she was taught to urinate on a diaper in the house, and then the diaper was removed, and what to do instead, was not taught. Now she will urinate where she thinks the diaper should be. Eventually, the entire floor will be stained with urine and smell of ammonia.

Let's ask ourselves why a dog urinates in the wrong place. We have clients who will argue that the dog is doing this on purpose, when in fact, the urine just can't hold on to the postage stamp-sized piece of cloth they threw on the floor. When a dog is diaper accustomed, people begin to explain that the dog needs to leave less and less diaper. We would like to see them ourselves in such a situation! So, we need to know what pattern we are following, are we teaching the dog to urinate on a diaper, do we train him to ask, or do we want to combine both?

A puppy with a guilty look meets the owner, photo photo of the dog
A puppy with a guilty look meets the owner, photo photo of the dog

If a complete and workable schedule has been developed for the dog, then let's ask ourselves if we are giving too much fluids to the dog and at the same time walking little with it. Does your dog drink a lot? If so, check why. Does she drink more water in hot weather, when she eats certain foods, when she is nervous, or after walking, playing, or exercising?

In some situations, increased thirst is completely normal. We need to determine if excess drinking is normal or if she is overdrinking. If the dog is excessively thirsty, then what is the reason - psychological or physical? Once we eliminate the physical cause, then we can ask ourselves a question regarding the behavioral aspects. Does the dog pee little by little in different places in the room, leaving behind a scent? Is there another dog in the house that she is jealous of and would like not to be in the house? Is there a male in the house that has been there longer and over which the younger dog would like to dominate or vice versa?

Is your dog young, nervous, or has cystitis (inflammation of the bladder)? With cystitis, normally acidic urine becomes more alkaline. In this environment, bacteria that irritate the wall of the bladder and urethra and cause inflammation multiply. Frequent urge to urinate in a dog may be accompanied by a burning sensation. The dog tends to constantly lick its genitals, hoping to relieve pain and burning. The stronger the inflammation, the less the bladder empties.

Cystitis can become a chronic medical problem. Certain foods and not enough fluids can make the condition very difficult. Emotional stress has the same effect. With cystitis, you cannot refuse the dog to drink.

Does your dog urinate on the floor soon after being left home alone? Does this even happen when you just took her out? This could mean that she is worried about being left alone. Was she taught, when she was a puppy, to stay alone for a while, or did it happen to her suddenly with all the ensuing consequences? You should gradually train her to stay at home alone and stick to a walking schedule. Treat all areas in your home with a deodorizer available from pet stores. When you return, praise your dog for good behavior and gradually lengthen your absence. Do not let your dog do whatever he wants in the house when he is alone in the house, as long as he can be completely trusted. Gradually increase the area where you leave the dog, but start by leaving it in the kitchen and hallway first. A tiled floor is betterthan carpeted.Make it a pleasure for your dog to be alone at home. Leave the music aside and make sure it is not too noisy. When you leave, leave her toys that smell like cheese, bacon, or chicken to chew on. If dogs associate the pleasant things that happen to them when left alone, they are less likely to become very anxious about this.

Do not make the mistake of entering the house and finding a puddle, immediately punish the dog. You can definitely say that you will cause even more anxiety in the dog and exacerbate the problem. Praise your dog for keeping it on the floor, but even if it does, take it outside right away. Don't punish your dog after the fact. Deodorize the floor.

Katie Berman, Bill Landesman. Training your dog

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