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The gray hairs on the muzzle (how many of them have become), the fur as if dusted with ash, the once-shining eyes dimmed - Lord, when did she manage to grow old so, our joy? After all, she's just something … Is it really that much !? So what now?

Now you just have to wait and thank (as often too late) your dog for everything it gave you. Only when you see the menacing signs of aging do you remember how little time you spent on it. There was always no time. Bothers with a ball, with a stick - leave me alone, not up to you, we'll play tomorrow. It would be necessary to go out of town with her, take a walk in the wild, but there is no time; that week, closer to spring, in summer …

Honey, come here, here's your ball! Doesn't want to … Wow, she doesn't want to run anymore. It turns out that she has shortness of breath and her paws walk like wooden ones. Well, you want something delicious, a piece of cake, do you want? I ate it … And it seemed that my soul felt better - she is still interested in something.

Old pug lies in a basket, photo photograph of a dog
Old pug lies in a basket, photo photograph of a dog

An old animal evokes so many sad thoughts, so I want to please my old friend with at least something. But unreasonable pity can also hurt, so be careful, as attentive as you were not even to a baby puppy. Old age is not only the extinction of physical strength, but also illness.

Very often, senile diseases are not conspicuous. These young dogs get sick in a pronounced form: the temperature rises, the coat grows dull - it is immediately clear that the animal is ill. And in old age, most diseases are chronic. Their signs are poorly expressed, the disease itself drags on and on, undermining an already weakened organism. And the signs of malaise are difficult to identify. Dull coat? But it itself fades more and more over the years. Food whims? Mope, old lady, it seems the weather is changing. Upset stomach? Well, age … And yet …

Watch your dog for a walk… The fact that she doesn't run is not a problem, there really is age. But if she moves with difficulty, carefully putting her paws or even squealing, if she stumbles, then she will have to consult a doctor. In their declining years, dogs begin to be overcome by the same diseases in essence as humans. Here and rheumatism, and salt deposition, and all kinds of chronic inflammation of muscles and joints. Perhaps the doctor will recommend a course of treatment, or maybe this is not necessary, but you still need to protect your dog. If in damp or cold weather the dog does not move well, complains of pain, gets cold, do not walk with it for a long time - in such diseases you will not knock out a wedge with a wedge. Wear a blanket or jumpsuit, even if your dog is a solid size, as long as he feels good. When in sunny and warm weather she wants to lie on the grass, do not rush, let her rest. Finally,you can get up half an hour earlier to give the dog a leisurely walk, for pleasure.

In many dogs, the heart begins to give in, and here it is important, first in his, peace and your benevolent attitude. No matter how in a hurry, do not pull the dog on a leash. Shortness of breath, cold paws - these are frequent companions of heart failure. Sometimes it is better to let the dog rest where it has been caught - sitting or lying down, as it wants - than to drag it home, even in your arms: this can aggravate the seriousness of the situation. The main thing is not to get nervous yourself and not to frighten the dog. There is still no escape from fate, and although the irreparable can happen to an old dog at any moment, your calmness will only give it strength, but nervousness …

In old age, the metabolism becomes slower, vulnerable to the action of harmful factors.Some dogs are allergic to any food. Dogs itch, hair falls out, scratches form on the skin, weeping areas, sometimes even ulcers. All this is not contagious, but it is extremely painful for a dog. The first thing to do is to exclude from the diet all sweets (if any), limit to a minimum or also exclude fats, chicken eggs. Never, no matter how you would like to pamper your dog, do not give it the remains of your steel: human food must contain salt, spices, flavoring additives, and all this is harmful to your dog in old age. If you really feel sorry for your dog, give him a tiny crouton (rye or wheat, whichever is more to her taste), a few raisins or apple slices, and other dried fruits. In old age, rare dogs remain addicted to fresh vegetables and fruits, but still offer them fresh ones.

Good remedies for food allergies are calcium chloride solution and suprastin, but medication should be given only after consulting a doctor. Itching can be relieved with soda compresses. To do this, a teaspoon of soda is diluted in a glass of water (preferably boiled) and a gauze swab dipped in this solution is applied to the sore spot. The procedure is repeated several times a day, when you see that the dog again begins to disturb its scratching. Never wash dogs with sore skin, even the mildest shampoo. Any detergent degreases the skin and makes it even more defenseless against the attacks of pathogens, and then the inflammation spreads to healthy areas. Carefully disassemble and comb the wool, cut the hair stuck together from the ichor, and wash off the purulent crusts with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Use ointments only as directed by your doctor.

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