Cats Through The Lens Of Fashion

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Cats Through The Lens Of Fashion
Cats Through The Lens Of Fashion

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Often, stopping their eyes on a charming kitten of a luxurious breed, an ordinary buyer becomes a part of a certain mainstream in the world of purebred cats

There is a complex, but already well-oiled mechanism of "self-recruiting" of the breed. Having admired at a visit (or, even better, at an exhibition) someone's handsome man, having usually familiarized himself with special literature, a potential buyer is already waiting for the right moment to buy the desired kitten or is actively looking for one. Almost any person who sympathizes with cats, all the more who wants to acquire such a convenient and pleasant companion, bears his image in his head - a kind of ideal. It can be vague and trivial - you just like some kind of blue eyes or "something soft and fluffy", or it can be specific to the details: certainly a cream oriental with green eyes and exhibition type.

Scared kitten, photo photography
Scared kitten, photo photography

Any experienced breeder has encountered the peculiarity of these requests. Still, stereotypes work more often. We are all familiar with the images of "teddy bear", "doll face", "home panther" and "little leopard". And the image of a sacred and regal animal always helps breeders of Siamese cats (sometimes with the definition of "royal"), sacred Burma, Turkish Angora. The uniqueness of these breeds can be seen by reading their history.

Meanwhile, there are and are popular breeds that are far from fashionable stereotypes and have their own bright personality: Siberian cats, Neva Masquerade, Russian Blue, Kuril Bobtail. The key to the success of these breeds is their aboriginal origin. It is the national breeds of Russia that represent the classics that will never go out of fashion. These breeds steadfastly occupy their quite peculiar niche and in fact they create that original style that reflects the individual traits of the mysterious Russian soul. Cats of these breeds will always find their buyer.

Over the 10 years of the formation of felinology in Russia, a group of clear leaders has emerged on the colorful variegated market of purebred cats (about 30 breeds), and over the past years, their composition has not essentially changed.

Persian cats, pret-a-porte of feline fashion, can rightfully be considered the most popular breed. Ask anyone what associations the phrase "pedigree cats" immediately evokes? Of course it's a Persian! The number is impressive: even now, at most large exhibitions in Moscow, their number ranges from one third to half of all animals. In addition, in recent years people have been attracted by the democratic prices for the Persians pet and breed class. However, for reasons of most likely practicality and convenience of content, short-haired counterparts of the Persians are now on the crest of popularity - exotic and British short-haired, which in terms of numbers already compete with the Persians.

All these breeds are united by a common type - an outwardly impressive animal with a passive, phlegmatic temperament. It is such cats, comfortable and unpretentious in emotional communication, that are considered in our country as a symbol of prestige and well-being in the house. The fiercest competition occurs among cats of these breeds. As a result, the lion's share of imports now falls on the Persians, Exotics, British and Scottish Folds, and you will not surprise anyone with the foreign label of your “teddy bear”.

Oriental cats: Siamese and Oriental cats occupy a completely polar position in relation to the "sweet" breeds. They are the brightest alternative to the breeds named above. "Photo models" of the cat's world not only look contrasting, but also attract their own, very special audience. There is hardly an oriental breeder with a "Persian past" or vice versa. Breeders of Siamese and Oriental cats are characterized by a special enthusiasm and dedication to their breed. "The East is a delicate matter" - these words reflect the very essence of the breed both literally and figuratively. Under the world-old and well-known name "Siamese cat" for an unprepared public, a real discovery is revealed: a cat of exceptional elegance. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the prefix "super" is applicable to each of its features. Smart,gentle and good-natured creature - a pleasant revelation for many interested ones. The former glory of unbalanced cats for a long time did not allow Siamese and Oriental to reach the top of the charts, but the situation is improving, and this is good news.

What determines the fashion for this or that breed? First of all, from the leading breeders, from their activity, ingenuity and, what is most important, from the amount of money spent on the "promotion" of a certain breed. After all, it is not for nothing that the most clearly fashionable breeds can be tracked by publications, "advertising articles", results of exhibitions and, of course, by sales. In our country, the connection between the commercial payback of the breed and its avant-garde is, unfortunately, obvious. Sometimes inspired by the demand for the breed, breeders become more active: they acquire new producers, including importing, participate in exhibitions with even greater enthusiasm, thereby further popularizing their breed.

Pixie bob, cat breed photo
Pixie bob, cat breed photo

Pixie-bob from Russpiksi kennel

Returning to the topic of the breed's image, as the most important factor in its attractiveness, I would like to note the special role of the breed's reputation in special editions. We have a lot of atlases for cat breeds on the market. It is a pity that most of them are hopelessly outdated. For example, the breeder of Siamese cats still has to fight with public opinion. Tales about unpredictable aggressors have long ceased to exist, but they still appear in some publications designed to guide the amateur reader in the world of purebred cats. At the same time, recent books (eg "Pet Encyclopedia: Cats", Susa Page, 1998, White City) are very informative, describe each breed correctly and are provided with quality illustrations.

Convenience of keeping plays an important role in the popularity of the breed: here it is more appropriate to speak about the latest trends, because it is no coincidence that "Persians for the lazy" - exotics and short-haired British - pushed the chicly pubescent, but very "laborious" Persians. Rex and Oriental cats do not have an undercoat, but sphinxes and wool in general; therefore they do not shed and are safe for people with allergies.

The most beautiful shorthair cat breeds in the world
The most beautiful shorthair cat breeds in the world

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And yet, the question of the "very-very" breed is unlikely to be objective. For each breeder, it is his own breed, the most beautiful, comfortable and beloved, and everyone is right in their own way. Therefore, it would be more correct to outline general trends. Now we can speak with confidence about the good representation of the exhibitions, precisely from the point of view of the presence of rare and rare breeds: Burmese, Abyssinian cats, sacred Burmese, Balinese, Somali and others.

It is known that diversity is the key to survival, and it is correct to believe that the excitement around the public's favorites should not impede the progress of other, no less promising breeds.

Source: Lisenkova, Zoocommersant magazine

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