Lost Cat! What To Do?

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Lost Cat! What To Do?
Lost Cat! What To Do?

Video: Lost Cat! What To Do?

Video: Lost Cat! What To Do?
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What are the steps to take if your cat is lost on the street

1. Create an ad describing the missing cat and her photo. Stick them on neighboring houses in a radius twice as large as the one where the cat walked before.

2. Hand out the same announcements to local veterinarians, shop assistants, take them to animal shelters and other places of this type:

- if other cities are nearby, do not forget that there may be animal shelters there too.

- post announcements on tree trunks and poles in a wider radius (3-5 km).

3. Every day go around the neighboring streets and ask postmen and janitors if they have seen your cat.

4. Advertise in newspapers.

5. Visit animal shelters regularly.

Lost cat sleeping on the street, photo photograph
Lost cat sleeping on the street, photo photograph

6. Check all normally enclosed spaces, basement, shed. Maybe your cat has climbed into the neighbors' garage?

7. Walk around the neighborhood for a long time and call your cat loudly. Look carefully - she may be hiding and afraid to get out.

8. Leave near the house personal belongings belonging to the person to whom the cat is most attached - so she will understand that this is her house. For the same purpose, you can leave the used litter from the tray near the house.

9. Once you are sure that the cat is lost, go out barefoot and walk back and forth to leave trails that lead home.

10. Contact the breeders who breed this breed.

12. Use creative visualization - imagine that the cat has returned home. If you are a believer, light a candle in the church.

13. Set up some kind of humane trap and use your cat's favorite treat as bait. Of course, you can catch someone else's cat in this way, but some managed to catch their own, lost and frightened cat.

14. Don't give up right away. One person managed to find the missing cat a month later.

15. Have a collar and address tag on your cat at all times, even if you think you will never need them. Perhaps your pet constantly lives in an apartment, but suddenly one day you will have an open window?

16. Always have good color photographs of your cat close at hand so you can quickly make announcements.

17. If there are school-age children in the neighborhood, post a notice on the school building. Children usually pay attention to the animals they meet. Offer a reward - this will mobilize an army of young detectives.

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