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Seychelles Cat
Seychelles Cat

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The Seychellois cat is a new and still rare cat breed, bred by breeder Patricia Turner in the UK in the 1980s. Now the breed is mainly limited to continental Europe and Britain. They are smart cats with an active and playful temperament, robust health and easy maintenance.

Origin story

Seychelles cats appeared in the UK in the 1980s. It is believed that the ancestors of these cats were brought to Britain from the Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean. Hence the name of the breed.

Seychellois cat, photo photo picture
Seychellois cat, photo photo picture

The creation of a new cat breed was carried out with the consent of the British Cat Association, but this did not bring much fruit. A breed was bred that bears great similarity to Oriental, Siamese and Balinese cats, which is probably why Seychelles cats did not gain much popularity outside the UK.

Due to the similarity with related breeds, Seychelles cats are not only not very popular, but they are also not recognized by felinological organizations. In 2007, Seychelles cats were included in the FIFe roster. Not recognized in WACC and CAT.

Seychelles cat appearance

Seychelles cats are divided into short-haired and long-haired. They have long limbs, thin bones and a graceful gait. For all their nobility and grace, they are strong and strong. The weight of the animals is from 3 to 5 kg. In appearance, they are hardly distinguishable from other oriental breeds. They are characterized by a medium-sized wedge-shaped head, a narrow triangular muzzle.

Characteristic small pointed chin; proportional, straight nose, long, with a smooth, almost imperceptible transition to the forehead. The eyes are almond-shaped, of medium size. They are not convex and, as a rule, are blue (according to the standard), less often amber. The ears are large, rounded, set wide apart. The neck and limbs are long and slender, in proportion to the body. Feet are oval and small.

Seychelles cat, photo picture picture
Seychelles cat, photo picture picture

The tail is unusually flexible and thin, tapering towards the end. The fluffy undercoat is practically absent, which makes the coat tight to the body. The hair is soft, smooth, with a healthy shine. On the body, the hairs are of medium length, on the shoulders and tail, slightly longer.

The only difference between these oriental beauties from their counterparts is their color. The breed standard assumes in the color of the points a painted mask, legs, ears and tail, while the color should be as even as possible, and the mask should not occupy the entire head. The body color must have a noticeable difference from the color of the points.

There are three types of colors: huitieme (the main color is white, the tail is colored, large spots on the head and legs are colored), septieme (the main color is white, the tail is colored, spots on the head and legs are small) and neuvième (the main color is almost everywhere white, the tail colored, one colored spot on the head).

The nature and temperament of the Seychelles cat

Seychelles cats are very fond of attention and will definitely remind of themselves if she lacks it. These animals are affectionate, active, willingly participate in outdoor games, retain their playfulness and vigor until old age.

Seychelles cat, photo cat breed cat photography image
Seychelles cat, photo cat breed cat photography image

Cleopatre du Bois de la Plaine (Champion WCF, Assolux)

They are very devoted beings, so they do not tolerate loneliness. Those wishing to get a Seychelles cat should remember their extreme talkativeness. Almost all their actions, and even more so the actions of the owner, taking place on the street and around them, are all accompanied by feline "comments".

Despite their good-natured disposition and good getting along with other inhabitants of the house, it is better to choose eastern breeds for them as a partner and companion, because it often happens that Seychelles cats try to dominate less active animals. Get along well with children, suitable for large families. Smart and sociable. They calmly endure the lack of walks in the fresh air and the limited space of the apartment.

Maintenance and care

Seychelles cats do not require special care, it is more important for them to get maximum attention. Regular brushing (once a week, and during the molting period 2-3 times a week), a balanced and varied diet, bathing as needed, periodic preventive visits to the veterinarian and washing the eyes and ears will be enough. These animals are in good health, but may have problems with the cardiovascular system. Life expectancy is 12-15 years.

Kittens are born almost white and only as they grow older (by the age of three) can their color be determined.

20 nicknames suitable for a Seychelles cat

For male kittens: Goman, Samir, Badig, Zarif, Tate, Tell, Ait, Bakunya, Demodi, Germain.

For female kittens: Victoria, Effie, Kalima, Lateniya, Samira, Wood, Anisa, Alaya, Biri, Eva.

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