Chausie, Houseie, Chausie (cat)

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Chausie, Houseie, Chausie (cat)
Chausie, Houseie, Chausie (cat)

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Chausie, hausi, chausi (Chausie cat) - a new breed of cats, bred by crossing a domestic Abyssinian cat with a wild jungle cat. Breeders wanted to get a new breed that would retain the appearance of a wild cat, but had a domestic character. The breed is hybrid and requires a constant supply of wild jungle cat blood. These cats love companionship and even need it, but do not like to sit in their arms. They are very mobile, active, playful. Fearless, excellent hunters. Get along well with other animals. Loyal to their masters.

Shawzie, houseie, photo photograph cat
Shawzie, houseie, photo photograph cat

History of the Shawzie breed

The first representatives of the Shawzi (Hausi), which received the second name "Nile cat", were obtained in the late 1960s in the United States. However, only in 1995 the breed was officially recognized by TICA.

Shawzie cats are the result of crossing a wild jungle cat and a common domestic cat. As a result of this "mixing", Chausie have an unusual, extraordinary appearance and friendly, peaceful disposition. Some people mistakenly believe that the name of the breed comes from the word "domestic" (in English translation), but this is not true. The Shausi breed of domestic cats got its name from "Felis chaus", which means "jungle cat" in Latin.

Already at the beginning of the XXI century, large shorthaired Haussies received well-deserved recognition and spread throughout the world. It is worth noting that, despite the positive attitude of cat breeders to this breed, shawzies are quite rare. In the United States, the breed has received a good distribution, but in Europe it is much more modest. In Russia, Shawzi are extremely rare.

Shawzie kitten, houseie F1, photo photo cat
Shawzie kitten, houseie F1, photo photo cat

Shawzie kitten F1

Chausie appearance

Shawzie are classified as large shorthaired breeds. The animals are quite tall, with a muscular build and ideal proportions. Sexual dimorphism is pronounced. Adult male Hausi usually weigh between 6.7 and 11.2 kg, and adult females between 6.7 and 9 kg. Some individuals can weigh up to 15 kg.

The small head is shaped like an elongated triangle (wedge). The muzzle is small, neat, with soft, rounded lines. Erect large ears have a wide base and tassels at the pointed ends. The ears are set high enough. The Shawzie has a straight, long nose; well-defined, strong, strong-willed chin; expressive, somewhat slanting, beautiful, big eyes. The eyes are almond-shaped. The color of the eyes is green, green-yellow, amber, shades of these colors are permissible. The Shawzie, despite its size, has an extremely flexible body, like a real wild predator, a wide chest, a developed croup. The neck is short, thick, but it looks organic and does not violate the proportions of the body. Strong, thick legs with well-developed muscles, long. The tail should be 3/4 of the length of the whole body, it is straight, flexible and free of kinks.

Shawzie shorthaired. They have a dense hair coat with a very dense undercoat and a special color. The color of the coat is black, gold, brown, silver. Shades of these colors are allowed, with each hair having two clearly visible dark stripes. This pattern is especially distinguishable on the limbs, head and tail, but on the body it is hardly noticeable. According to the standard, the tips of the tail and ears should be black. Also, a characteristic feature of the Shausi coloration is the "necklace" (pattern on the neck).

Shawzie, houseie, photo photograph cat
Shawzie, houseie, photo photograph cat

The most valuable is considered to be the black ticked tabby or the silver ticket-tabby - the main black wool with gray (silver) tips. This color is closest to that of a wild jungle cat. By modern standards, crossing of Chausie with Abyssinian and European shorthair cats of wild and ticked colors is permissible.

The Chausie cat breed is divided into hybrid types, marked with the letter F and showing the percentage of wild blood in the animal. In addition, the cat's certificate contains the letters A, B or C. One of the mating partners is an Abyssinian or European shorthair cat:

- F1 - a direct descendant of a male jungle cat and a cat. Outwardly, they are very similar to reed, have a corresponding active and sometimes aggressive temperament and large size (marked with the letter A);

- F2 - a descendant of any type of Chausie and F1 (marked with the letters A or B). At least 25% of the blood of a wild cat. The most "standard" Chausie with a loyal temperament, weighing 10 kg or more;

- F3 is a descendant of any shawzie type and F2. At least 12.5% ​​wild blood. An animal with a mild temperament and the size of an ordinary domestic cat, but with an appearance that is close to a jungle cat;

- F4 and 5 - the proportion of wild blood is less than 7%. Cats are fully socialized, have a standard size and build (marked with the letters C or SBT, that is, a cat born in the 4th generation or older after mating with a jungle cat). These individuals, depending on the exterior, are removed from breeding or used for mating with cats F1 and F2.

Males of generations F1, F3 and F4 are usually sterile, which greatly complicates the work of breeders.

Shawzie, chausie, photo photograph cat
Shawzie, chausie, photo photograph cat

Hausi personality and temperament

Houseies have inherited the traits of both wild cats and domestic cats. These animals are always full of energy, they always want to know everything first, see, check, find out, meet new people. In a word, fidgets. Their activity and curiosity explains their love for climbing "under the ceiling", in attics and mezzanines, for jumping. Lying on a closet, the Shawzie controls its territory like a wild ancestor.

Due to its roots and large size, the conditions of the apartment are not very suitable for these animals. A spacious country house with large "grounds" would be an ideal option for them. Having decided to have a shawzie in the apartment, provide the animal with a walk on a harness or leash. An independent disposition does not prevent them from being friendly, peaceful, sociable and loyal. Shawzi become attached to the owner, they can express their affection for him. But they do not like to be on their hands, to sit on their knees. These cats need a lot of attention, they can hardly endure loneliness and separation from the owner.

Houseies can be started by families with children and other animals, since these cats are not conflicts, they love to play, they easily get along with other inhabitants of the house. Of the toys, Shawzies prefer a ball or other large toys. Owners should take into account the pet's excessive curiosity and make sure that the windows and balcony doors are locked in order to avoid the animal falling. Chausie is very difficult to scare.

Shawzie, houseie, photo photograph cat
Shawzie, houseie, photo photograph cat

Maintenance and care of the shawzie

Shawzies are unpretentious and easy to take care of even for novice breeders. Brush out the coat, rinse the ears and eyes, wash - all as needed. A varied diet, as with any breed, will keep the coat shiny and healthy. As for health, the Hausi have excellent health. Thanks to the good immunity inherited from the wild cat, they hardly get sick. Do not forget about the need for fresh air (walks) and a sufficiently large space.


Since the Hausi are wildcat hybrids, they have a shorter intestinal tract that does not digest plant foods (all types of grains, vegetables, herbs and spices). Gluten can cause chronic intestinal inflammation in Shawzies, which in turn leads to food allergies to the proteins in commercial prepared foods. To prevent this, breeders advise Hausi owners to feed them high quality commercial cat food containing as little plant-based ingredients as possible.

Shawzies are not very cheap, but in Russia they can be safely ranked among the most expensive. The price of F1 and F2 hybrids abroad starts from US $ 2,500, F4, 5 hybrids - from US $ 500.

20 nicknames suitable for shawzie (house)

For male kittens: Atrei, Barlas, Dilavar, Yerzhan, Kenris, Hayes, Yaman, Vigo, Fiero, Eriel.

For female kittens: Abhiya, Wanda, Leona, Chansey, Shonta, Naomi, Edna, Yuzzi, Rosita, Maina.

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