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Features Of The Content Of Kimrik
Features Of The Content Of Kimrik

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What are the features of kimrik's content?

Kimriki are unpretentious domestic cats that can perfectly live in a small apartment or in a private house, where they will cope well with the duties of mice. They do not require special conditions of detention.

During the first time a Kimrik lives in a new home, it is recommended to take precautions to reduce domestic injuries. For example, you should keep closed deep containers of water (buckets, an aquarium, and even a toilet bowl) so that the ubiquitous kitten does not inadvertently dive into them. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the house and not leave unattended small objects that are dangerous for the Kimrik, which he may mistake for a toy (threads, pins, buttons, etc.). After swallowing such an object, the kitten can injure internal organs, suffocate or, worst of all, die. Opened packages with household chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides should not only be kept closed, but also placed in a place inaccessible to Kimrik.

Cats of this breed have strong hind legs, so they can jump very high. As a consequence, high shelves cannot be a safe place for valuable, fragile or expensive items, as well as plants, so they should find a more reliable "shelter". Indoor plants (absolutely everything, including cacti and succulents) are at risk of being bitten by a kimrik, so they need to be installed in a place inaccessible to a cat. Plants, the content of milky sap, are of particular danger for the Cimrik itself; spines of cacti can be no less dangerous for the esophagus and other organs of the digestive tract. If, over the years, small dangerous objects and electrical wires cease to be of interest to the Kimrik, then the interest in plants is usually preserved in cats throughout their lives, even if they have access to the street.

Gray kimrick looks out the window, photo photograph of a cat
Gray kimrick looks out the window, photo photograph of a cat

If kimrik is kept in an apartment on the second floor or higher, it is recommended to equip the windows with special anti-cat mosquito nets. One of the rules that will be relevant throughout the entire coexistence of the owner and the kimrick is that buckets and garbage bags with food waste must be closed or inaccessible to the pet. Driven by enticing odors, cats can eat hazardous foods, and the consequences can be dire. Also, you should never open doors abruptly and walk quickly in the dark. When ventilating rooms, it is recommended to always fix windows and doors so that they do not slam shut from a draft.

It is necessary to accustom Kimrik to the street, if the owner plans to let him out for a walk, from an early age. Learning should be gradual. Adult cats, being on the street for the first time, experience enormous stress, so it is advisable to decide on the issue of walking from the very beginning. If the cimrick is outside, then additional vaccinations will be required, even though cats of this breed have strong immunity. Also, more often you will have to take care of the coat, ears and eyes of the Kimrik, and take preventive measures against fleas, flares and worms.

What to buy for kimrick content?

The minimum kit for keeping a kimrik includes:

Bowls. You can purchase bowls intended for animals, or separate bowls or saucers that will only be used for feeding the kimrik (they must be intact, without chipped off edges). Cat bowls must be kept perfectly clean. It is advisable that the bowls correspond to the size of the cimrick, that is, for a kitten - a smaller bowl, for an adult cat - a larger one. Plastic cat dishes are one of the most popular, primarily due to their price, and then to a huge variety of shapes, colors and sizes. However, plastic bowls are not the best utensils for feeding a Kimrik, as it is very light, but the main thing is that over time, dirt accumulates in its microcracks, which cannot be washed off. This dirt, in turn, is the basis for the development of disease-causing bacteria.

It is recommended that you purchase ceramic or porcelain bowls for feeding the Kimrik. They are environmentally friendly. Metal bowls (never galvanized!) Are also suitable for feeding, but they can build up static electricity. Some bowls have anti-slip pads on the bottom, which is a definite advantage.

For water, it is recommended to purchase deep dishes or a special fountain for cats. In such fountains (due to filters), the water stays clean longer.

Cat litter box or litter box.Kimrik can even be toilet trained, but for this new owners will have to use special techniques and systems, and spend a lot of time, but the result is worth it. And while kimrik has just found himself in a new house, he will need a personal corner where he will relieve his natural need. Conscientious breeders always train kittens to use the litter box. This is done very simply - the kittens repeat after the mother cat. The configuration of the litter box does not play a special role, but the young Cimrick will get used to the new toilet faster if it looks like the one the breeder had. Kimrik are highly intelligent and quickly understand what this item is for. When choosing a litter box or toilet, you need to be guided by the size of an adult cat. Kittens grow quickly and there is no point in buying a small litter box and then changing it to a more spacious one.In addition, though not without effort, the young Kimrik successfully climb over the seven-centimeter "adult" sides of the tray.

The tray can be with or without a grid, but in this case, you will need a filler and a scoop to clean it. It is rational to lay a small rug near the litter tray, which will facilitate cleaning of the litter scattered or stuck to the pet's paws. If you plan to use litter box / litter box, you should choose safe litter for kittens. Otherwise, the kitten may eat it up and die from intestinal blockage. Most litters cannot be flushed down the toilet, so they must be disposed of as normal household waste.

Kimrick is lying on the floor, photo photograph of a cat
Kimrick is lying on the floor, photo photograph of a cat

Scratching post. The scratching post is a must. It will help not only to help the cat to get rid of the old layer of the claw, but also to preserve the upholstery of furniture, carpets, curtains, wallpaper and other objects in the house that are attractive to Kimrik. The configuration of the scratching post is not very important. In addition, you can make it yourself using a thick fabric or knitted fabric and a wooden post or long board. The size of the scratching post should be such that an adult cat can stand on its paws and reach its end. If this is a flat scratching post, then it will have to be outweighed periodically, as the kitten grows. If this is a post in the form of a post, then it should be quite stable so as not to accidentally fall on the animal when it sharpens its claws.

Sleeping area. Kimriki do not need a special sleeping place (lounger), but if the owners have the opportunity to provide the cat with a personal corner, then it is advisable to do so. The most suitable sleeping place for a cat is a soft house. It allows the pet to rest in peace and not disturb anyone, it provides the privacy necessary for the mental health of any cat, including the Kimrik.

Carrying. Even if Kimrik walks on the street, it is still necessary to purchase a carrier for him. Carrying like a first aid kit, you never know when it might come in handy. Therefore, it must be purchased in advance. It will be required at least for visiting the veterinarian. It is not safe to carry or carry a cimrick in your hands on busy streets and can be traumatic for both the cat and the carrier.

Kimrick (cat)
Kimrick (cat)

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Toys. Toys for kimrik can not only be bought, but made from scrap materials. Adult kimriks remain playful, but they do not play enough on their own, so it is recommended to have feather and rope toys for joint games of the owner and the kimrik. When buying toys from pet stores, you need to pay attention to their color, smell, quality of seams and quality in general. Interactive toys and puzzle toys keep Kimrik entertained while you are away from home.

Veterinary first aid kit. Kimriki are curious cats, they can climb into places where they should not be, fall off a shelf to which they did not have the strength to jump, swallow a dangerous object or a poisonous part of a houseplant, and simply catch a cold or get indigestion. Allergic reactions usually require a lightning-fast reaction from the owner. If kimriki visit the street, then fights with other cats and other "street" injuries are inevitable. All this speaks in favor of the fact that the first aid kit should always be ready. It should be collected using the recommendations of the breeder and veterinarian. All drugs should be checked periodically (if the expiration date has expired) and replaced if necessary.

In addition to these items, necessary for keeping the kimrik, you will need accessories for the implementation of care, feed, vitamin and mineral complexes (depending on the type of feeding). It is also necessary to understand that the Kimriks do not expect large financial investments from their owners, but love and care, everything else is secondary.

Authors: wolchonokW7, Gurieva S.

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