How To Choose And Buy A Dog?

How To Choose And Buy A Dog?
How To Choose And Buy A Dog?

Video: How To Choose And Buy A Dog?

Video: How To Choose And Buy A Dog?
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You want to purchase a dog. Your desire is understandable and commendable. However, are you sure that you have considered this question seriously enough? After all, a dog is not some kind of thing that you can buy in a store and return back after a few days if it does not suit you.

A dog is not a toy, and one must be aware that the well-being of this sensitive and affectionate creature will entirely depend on you, your habits and moods. The dog needs your constant care. Are you ready, having become its owner, to take on the many responsibilities of caring for it? In short, before you buy a dog, think carefully whether you have the right to this.

Dogue de bordeaux puppy, dog photo photo
Dogue de bordeaux puppy, dog photo photo

Dogue de bordeaux puppy

What should you keep in mind when choosing a dog? Before deciding on a particular breed of dog, once again thoroughly think about the changes that will occur in your life, and about the problems that will come down on you with the appearance of a new living creature in the house.

What kind of life do you lead? Who will take care of the dog in your absence? Is there anyone to leave her with during the vacation? Do not forget that the dog needs to be fed at certain times, and if you live in a city, then take it outside four or five times a day (especially at first) both in good weather and in bad weather.

How spacious is your apartment or house? It depends on what size the dog can be started. If, for example, you live in a small apartment on the fourth floor, then it is better to abandon the St. Bernard, German shepherd or setter and get a poodle, dachshund or fox terrier. Not only you, but also the dog will benefit from this choice. Large dogs need a large area to move around. But even if you have a kindergarten or live outside the city, it will still be easier with a small or medium dog.

It is believed that the dog is unhappy in the apartment. This is very relative. Of course, if the dog is large and cramped, then it certainly experiences some discomfort. But at the same time, the greatest happiness for a dog is to spend as much time as possible with its owner, it needs to be talked to, paid attention to and made it clear that it is a full member of the family, regardless of the circumstances. A German shepherd who lives in an apartment next to his owner and spends most of his time near him is undoubtedly happier than a similar dog sitting on a long chain and guarding the garden, because the latter, although it enjoys much more freedom, practically does not communicate with the owner and, in essence, is indifferent to him.

The appearance of a dog in the family is usually a great joy for children, who, as a rule, are drawn to all living things. The dog, in turn, shows amazing benevolence and patience towards the child. But in order for peace to reign in the family, it is necessary to agree from the very beginning on the following:

- a child should never hit or roughly treat a dog;

- he should not treat the dog like a toy;

- the child should not approach the dog when it is eating;

- he should not disturb a sleeping dog;

- do not allow the dog to lick the face and hands of the child;

- the child should not stuff the dog with sweets;

- it is necessary to avoid situations in which jealousy of the dog on the part of the child may appear.

It is difficult to recommend any particular dog breed for a family with children. A dog of any breed is usually very gentle with the household if they treat it with love and care.

Next, you need to assess your family budget. The costs associated with keeping a dog for a family with little income will be, to put it mildly, significant. These costs, of course, are not immeasurable, but they still have to be taken into account. The time when the dog was content with a bowl of soup or porridge with meat waste from the master's table is a thing of the past. The human and dog menus have changed significantly. More details about feeding your dog are discussed in the following chapters. It should be noted here that the basis of a full-fledged diet for a dog is fresh meat or special high-quality canned food that replaces it, these products, as you know, are not cheap, and the largest breeds require more than 1.5 kg of meat per day. Add to the cost of meat the cost of veterinary care, which is especially needed by under-year-old dogs, dog grooming items, barber fees and other needs,and it will become clear to you whether you can afford such costs. Perhaps, having calculated all these costs, you will come to the conclusion that it is worth postponing the purchase of a dog until better times.