Feline Urological Syndrome

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Feline Urological Syndrome
Feline Urological Syndrome

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Cats develop diseases of the urinary system (bladder, urethra), the consequences of which are especially difficult for cats due to their anatomical features (after castration, the penis decreases). These diseases are collectively referred to as urological syndrome.

There are many factors that can cause this syndrome. Treatment ranges from dietary support to surgery. If the disease is caught at the very beginning, then the animals usually recover, but then they need careful observation.

Symptoms of Feline Urological Syndrome

When ill, cats often take a urination posture, but urine is excreted in a few drops, often with blood or not at all. With urolithiasis and obstruction of the urethra, cats constantly lick their penis.

If you do not intervene urgently, then a lethal outcome is possible, since the kidneys do not stop producing urine, and if it accumulates in the bladder, not only intoxication, but also rupture of the bladder is possible.

To determine if the urethra is blocked, you need to feel the cat's lower abdomen. As a result of the blockage, the canal fills with urine, the bladder is felt in the form of a rounded body the size of a tennis ball to the fist of an adult. With a small size of the bladder, it can be assumed with great certainty that it is paresis. Palpation is always painful for the animal with urinary retention! Over the next 24 hours, the animal is depressed, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, loss of appetite, poisoning of the body with toxins, coma and death.

Ginger cat in the tray, photo photograph
Ginger cat in the tray, photo photograph

Causes of Feline Urological Syndrome

In general, it can be any disease that causes inflammation, narrowing, obstruction of the urethra.

Often the animal's diet is responsible for the symptoms of the disease. The high magnesium content in relation to the pH level of urine causes the formation of tripel phosphate crystals.

Kidney stones can develop from a bladder infection or develop from struvite crystals. There are metabolic disorders (the reasons are not always understood), as a result of which the concentration of this mineral increases, which can lead to the appearance of stones. Also, the concentration of struvite in urine can be strongly influenced by diet.

Then anatomical abnormalities, for example, congenital anomalies of the bladder or urethra, as well as injuries, can play a role in the formation of this disease.

Sometimes there are neurological problems affecting the act of urination. They are usually very difficult to diagnose.

Benign and malignant tumors can also cause urological syndrome. Stress, toxins and even seasonal changes can also play a role.

Treatment of feline urological syndrome

Urethral blockages in cats are very dangerous. This requires emergency help from a specialist who removes urine by inserting a catheter into the urethra. Usually, after removal of the obstruction, urine still flows poorly, which indicates paralysis of the bladder (usually temporary).

If the blockage of the urethra in a cat is repeated several times, this is an indication for surgery, in which a urethral opening is formed, similar to that of females - shorter and wider. The operation is called "perineal urethrostomy", the essence of which boils down to the formation of a new wide opening for urination in the penis (in its distal part).

Cats with urologic syndrome are given a diet containing DL-methionine. Of the drugs, antibiotics are sometimes required - nitroxoline and infusions of medicinal herbs that disinfect the urinary tract - bearberry leaf, birch, lingonberry leaf. It is recommended to water cats with distilled water.

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