Aggressiveness Of Cats

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Aggressiveness Of Cats
Aggressiveness Of Cats

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“… I have a large cat, a heavy, masculine look. Manuk, when he wants to hunt, and he often hunts me, attacks suddenly, when you are not expecting him, bites (and he bites painfully, like a dog) and immediately rebounds. You have not yet had time to wipe off the blood, but he again throws himself with a wild scream …"

from a letter to Katya Goncharova, Chelyabinsk

It's about the aggressiveness of cats. The excerpt from the letter is a classic example of aggression directed at the “wrong object,” if you can put it that way. The cat is excited (even being castrated) for no reason - thinks its owner. But this is not the case.

Probably, Manuk lives in a too confined space, without a free exit to the street, where he could give vent to the accumulating excitement. Such aggressive animals, with their sudden attacks on the owners (or guests), try to defend their possessions. If there are no natural rivals on the territory, that is, the cat cannot drive away the alien cat, then everyone passing along "his path" is an enemy.

Hissing cat, angry cat, photo photography
Hissing cat, angry cat, photo photography

Most often, super-warlike cats rush to their feet, but their hands can also be injured if they try to calm the animal, stroke it, lift it from the floor at the moment of excitement. The cat is tense, all "boils with anger" and you shouldn't approach him in any case - the ferocity of the attack is guaranteed.

Maybe everyone who has such aggressive cats will be helped by very simple "rules of behavior."

- no need to go too close to the cat if it seemed to you that he tensed, "took a position." Use a distraction tactic - throw a ball of crumpled foil, paper, or a pin-pong ball to trigger a pursuit response;

- open the door or transom (if you live on the first floor);

- never calm a furious animal with hand gestures, voice. It is very helpful to be silent;

- if attacks are repeated often, you can give some time microdoses of tranquilizers (on the advice of a veterinarian);

- do not feed the cat with protein and monotonous food. If desired, consistency and persistence in 10-14 days, the animal can be transferred to a dairy and vegetable (with the addition of fish) diet;

- analyze your actions. Remember, maybe, on the eve of the attack, the cat was offended - stepped on, slapped, scolded - such animals are very vindictive;

- always keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, Novikov's liquid (brilliant green with glue), iodine in the refrigerator.

Source: Ekaterina Lisitsyna

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