The Cat Begins To Be Aggressive Towards People

The Cat Begins To Be Aggressive Towards People
The Cat Begins To Be Aggressive Towards People

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Video: Cat Who Felt Betrayed By His Owner He Loved Became Aggressive | Animal in Crisis EP193 2023, February

“I have a three-year-old spayed cat who is completely deaf. Before she came to me, she changed several owners, was seriously ill with ear mites and fell from the balcony of the third floor. Even though she was never much loved, she was usually friendly with adults as well.

I usually keep her in the yard on a long leash so that she doesn't run away. She does not allow other people's cats and small dogs into her territory. Recently, however , she has become more and more hostile towards people. She hisses and snorts at my daughter and her family when they come to visit, throwing herself at the postman, the newspaper boy, the neighborhood kids and our vet. Since she only recognizes me, I do not know what to do if I have to leave her for a few days in someone else's care. How can you bring her people-friendliness back again? "

The cat meows, attracting attention to itself, photo photography
The cat meows, attracting attention to itself, photo photography

Keeping your cat on a leash in the yard, without careful supervision, you unwittingly instilled in her a sense of aggression towards strangers and animals. A cat on a leash feels like a helpless potential object for attack and over time becomes nervous and hostile, because it cannot use its basic instinct - to run away in case of danger. A deaf cat all the more feels unprotected, not hearing the approach of danger from behind. Such a cat, if kept out of the house, has no other choice but to become an aggressor, chasing, biting and scratching anyone that appears within its reach.

The extreme aggressiveness you are talking about may, however, also be a symptom of pain. It's hard to tell without knowing if your cat's deafness is congenital, a consequence of ear mites, or a fall from a balcony. She may have sustained other injuries and I strongly recommend that you go to your veterinarian for a full examination. With him you can discuss the problems of her behavior. You should not punish or train her if she behaves aggressively under the influence of pain or anxiety.

If you consider your case as a purely behavioral problem, then it should be solved like this: make your cat's life calm, relieve her of stress. Keep her in a home where she feels safe. Ask your guests to refrain from contacting her if she herself does not make contact. She must know that no outsider will invade the place where she is.

If you want to change your cat's behavior, you must change its environment. In essence, you made it into a feline version of a guard dog, believing that it can defend itself, while at the same time depriving it of the opportunity to escape and not considering its deafness.

Source: H. Nepomniachtchi. "What's on a cat's mind?"

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