Kitten In A Bag: Get It Out And See

Kitten In A Bag: Get It Out And See
Kitten In A Bag: Get It Out And See

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Not so long ago, an acquaintance called me. She boasted: “You know, I bought a kitten! So cute, Siamese. And terribly thoroughbred: the mother is "Best-in-Show", the father is a two-time champion and a five-time candidate for interchampion, the owner of eight CACs. Such a pedigree, all in gold!"

I was puzzled by such a combination of titles, and especially the presence of a ready-made pedigree of a small kitten, which had not even had time to visit the exhibition. I asked in which club she snapped this miracle.

And not in any. It was brought from America only a week ago. But don't hesitate, the documents are in order.

I advised my friend to take this kitten to some club and show it to the experts. Just like that, just in case. And soon I forgot about this story …

Black kitten sitting in a basket with balls of thread, photo photograph
Black kitten sitting in a basket with balls of thread, photo photograph

The continuation followed six months later. The indignation of my friend knew no bounds.

“You know, we went to the exhibition! They didn’t accept my documents. They said that the cat was not at all purebred. And do you know what they called her? In-my-echnaya !!!"

Later I saw this Siamese: round head, tail with knots, green eyes. It did not fit any of the known breeds even with interference. But the most striking thing was that her documents were indeed real, not fake.

The ending of this story is still happy. The cat was lucky, she fell into good hands, to loving people, for whom she forever remained, if not very thoroughbred, but the most beloved and beloved. And this does not always happen, alas.

This incident prompted me to write an article. The fact is that a person who first decided to have a pet, and even more so a purebred animal, inevitably runs the risk of running into deception in one form or another, especially since fraud in this area flourishes like nowhere else. That is why I wanted to give some advice to those who have already decided or someday decide to buy a purebred kitten.

So, when purchasing a cat, you will have to think about the following three points:

1. What breed to choose.

2. Where is it better to buy a cat (by ad, at the Bird Market, through a club, etc.).

3. How to correctly arrange a purchase, documents and what to look for.

However, before that it would be useful to get at least the most general concept of the organization of the cat business. The fact is that according to the current legislation, any three people have the right to get together, create a public organization called "Cat Club" and, on a completely legal basis, issue any documents for any cats. It is not prohibited. It's another matter whether these documents will be recognized by someone outside such a club and whether they will be accepted at exhibitions and in federations …

This is exactly what happened to my friend. The documents for her Siamese were with real signatures, with real seals and on the real letterhead of some public organization. And they contained the pure truth that the cat meets the existing standards, but what was not specified. It must be the one that says the cat must have four legs and one tail.

Kitten in a basket, photo photography
Kitten in a basket, photo photography

In order for the documents issued by the club to be recognized everywhere and by everyone, it must belong to any authoritative feline federation, or at least conduct breeding work according to the rules of this federation, with the involvement of its experts. There are not so many such federations, and almost all of them are included in one of the two largest international ones - FIFe (Federation Internationale Feline International Feline Federation) or WCF (World Cat Federation World Cat Federation).

In addition, American felinological organizations enjoy great prestige in the world. The qualifications of the experts there are so great that the documents issued by them are recognized almost everywhere. It is not surprising that in our country many clubs are associated members of American federations. This practically exhausts the list of organizations worth dealing with. All of them, to one degree or another, mutually recognize each other's tribal documents, although they may not recognize the title assigned by another organization. That is, if your cat has a pedigree issued by an American club, then any club belonging to the WCF will recognize it as valid. But the title of champion, received in America, is unlikely to be recognized: it is understandable, because the rules for assigning titles are completely different there.

What should you look for when choosing a kitten?
What should you look for when choosing a kitten?

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First, let's look at the FIFe and WCF judging systems. They are very similar and differ only in details, which are not essential for us now. The basic rule is this.

A pedigree for a cat (no matter how thoroughbred her parents are) is issued only after the cat has visited the exhibition and received a positive assessment there. The cat can only be shown and receive marks after reaching 10 months of age. Until this age, a cat cannot have any pedigrees. Thus, if someone is trying to sell you a kitten with a ready-made and completed pedigree of WCF or FIFe, this clearly indicates that they are trying to cheat you.

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