How Do Kittens Develop?

How Do Kittens Develop?
How Do Kittens Develop?

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Newborn kittens are blind and deaf, but have a keen sense of smell and touch and soon begin to look for the mother's nipples. At this time, they weigh between 57 and 113 grams (the average weight of a newborn kitten is 85 grams) and reach about 12 centimeters in length.

On the fourth day, the kittens read with their paws to stimulate the flow of mother's milk. By the end of the first week, their eyes open and they double in weight. By the end of the first month of life, kittens begin to play with each other, they can already sit and move confidently enough on their own. Whatever color the eyes of an adult cat are later, all babies have blue eyes, and this color lasts up to three months. At the age of one month, the kittens begin to erupt their teeth.

Little kitten, photo photography
Little kitten, photo photography

A mother cat feeds her babies with her milk for up to two months, although by about the 32nd day they try other food. (Feral cats feed kittens significantly longer, up to about four months.) Up to one and a half months, kittens do not go far from the "nest", but at this time they become very lively and playful. Wrestling and hunting become their favorite pastimes.

In the third month of life, the kittens will have to go through a shock: the mother will no longer let them near the nipples. Now they have to eat other food and drink from a saucer. And soon their mother begins to show interest in cats again.

Five-month-old teens begin to mark their home territory. Milk teeth by this time are replaced by permanent ones, and they begin to explore the world around them in a more serious, less playful manner. By that time, their mother, as a rule, is already expecting new offspring, unless the owners, in spite of forcibly keep her locked up.

At the age of six months, young cats are already completely independent of their mother. They can hunt and feed on their own.

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