Which Is Better: A Cat Or A Cat?

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Which Is Better: A Cat Or A Cat?
Which Is Better: A Cat Or A Cat?

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You decided to get a little friend - a mustache and a tailed one. Everyone knows that kittens, these small, funny, fluffy koloboks, are cute always and under any circumstances. They are forgiven a lot, a lot, like all children. But children, in the end, grow up and turn into a kind of mature and independent creature with whom you have to live for many years.

Who does the kitten turn into? What is this creature with whom you are ready to share your home comfort? Can you get along with him? Find a common language?..

In other words, the question stands squarely: who to choose, a cat or a cat?

Cat. This is definitely a person, and a very independent person. He willingly accepts your offerings, graciously allows you to stroke him, play with him, clean up after him … in general, he loves you. In my own way.

Cream kitten with a big bow, photo photography
Cream kitten with a big bow, photo photography

Your whole apartment is a jungle … prairie … reeds, finally. But not a humble dwelling in the city center. Forget about it! He will hide, suddenly attack from around the corner, jump out of the most unexpected places, and just bury himself under a pile of linen. There is no limit to the cat's curiosity. He needs to know everything that happens on his territory, to participate in all events. Any new piece of furniture, household appliance, or even just an empty plastic bag requires immediate investigation. Packages, boxes and open containers of sufficient size are settled by them from the inside. If you forgot a handkerchief on the floor or on the bed, or just spread a new carpet, then the cat is not a cat, unless it crawls under such a tempting object a couple of times. Whether you have started repairs or washing, he is always there, he looks everywhere and puts his face everywhere.

Your pet tends to be dominant. He is either the leader of the pride, or his ordinary member - there is no third. If you do not want to be his feeding and cleaning appendage and endure all his antics committed with complete impunity, you will have, in most cases, to sort out your relationship once and for all. Not everyone likes it when a little prankster tries to pump up the rights, brazenly escaping from fair retribution.

If you get a cat, hoping to always have such an affectionate cutie by your side, then you are very mistaken - this, most likely, will never happen. Cats are big individualists by nature, they are completely independent and in no hurry to climb on your lap. Although … here, he came, thumped into your arms - smooth! A minute passes, and he breaks out of your hands, not paying any attention to the protests, and - sniffing out the door. For your cat's needs and urgent matters. Yes, it also rubs against your feet when you're in the kitchen. It is he who hints: here, they say, how good and affectionate I am, feed me! Don't trust him - he's using you!

His activity constantly reminds you that you are dealing with a cat, and his sometimes very aggressive behavior does not allow you to forget that the cat is still a beast, and the beast is quite wild.

What can you add? Like any male predator, the cat has a stronger odor than the cat. Many people cite this as one of the arguments against getting a cat. It is true that cats are less tidy than cats. However, with proper care of the cat, namely, regular cleaning of its toilet, periodic bathing, it is imperceptible.

Well, and the most unpleasant thing that is connected with cats is that almost any sexually mature cat marks the territory in which he lives. Sooner or later you will have to fight this. Whether we influence him psychologically or through surgical intervention - it's up to you. But do not forget that any medicinal and surgical methods of exposure are irreversible and still try to negotiate with your pet.

Ginger kitten in a box, photo photograph
Ginger kitten in a box, photo photograph

Cat. The creature is usually much more affectionate than the cat. She does not establish her own rules in the house - the cat rubs her trust in you, takes root in your life, thereby forcing you to change it. She shows her affection for the owner in a much more explicit and touching way than a cat, who does not express his emotions so openly.

The kitty is a terrible cleanliness. She can lick for hours until she brings her fur to perfection. However, after five to ten minutes, the hairstyle gets lost, or an invisible speck settles on the coat … and the process repeats.

The kitty loves to lie on your lap. She can start purring, rubbing against you, licking your face at any time of the day or night. Until you torture her with reciprocal attention or simply banish her in the most rude way, this stubborn animal will not leave you alone.

What should you look for when choosing a kitten?
What should you look for when choosing a kitten?

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The nature of a cat is such that she constantly, frankly and naturally strives to win your attention, and her approach is completely different for men and women. If a woman-hostess knows her darling as a completely sweet, kind and affectionate creature, then it is sometimes strange and even unpleasant for her to observe how her miracle "seduces" men with her unambiguous gestures. She raises her tail, rubs her sides and muzzle against her legs, puts her stomach in … in general, everyone has seen such a picture and probably made their own opinion about it. It is difficult to say what makes a cat behave this way towards men - most likely, it is something instinctive, with which the cat is unable to fight.

When it comes to the instinct of procreation, your cute creation becomes simply impossible. This is one of the strongest instincts in felines, and if a cat can be discouraged from dominance and thus, naturally, suppress its sexuality, then cats do not. Every cat instinctively strives to become a mother and continue the race. How is this expressed? Yes in screams! If your cat does not have the opportunity to run away into the street "according to his needs", then you will have to endure her heartbreaking groans a couple of times a year.

There are two alternatives: neutering the cat or letting it become a mom. Yes, cats bring kittens. Didn't you know? Oh, you were not going to breed them - then try to fight with instincts. Only, for God's sake, do not use hormonal agents in the fight against nature - this has never led to good. For the sake of your momentary convenience, you should not cripple the creature that is so devoted to you!

In a word, you should choose a furry friend so that later neither you nor he (or she) regretted your choice. A pet is a big responsibility, and, above all, for the life and health of the creature that is destined to become another member of your family.

Source: Anna Ivashina, newspaper "Moy Zver", 2001 - 9

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