Cat Beauty And Health Secrets

Cat Beauty And Health Secrets
Cat Beauty And Health Secrets

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How to properly care for a cat's coat, especially a long one? How to prepare a cat for an exhibition so that even the strictest judge could not find fault with her appearance and condition, and she would delight the owner and visitors of the exhibition with her beauty and health? Such questions are often heard from amateurs.

Cornish Rex, photo cat grooming photography
Cornish Rex, photo cat grooming photography

Cornish rex

Often at cat shows, you can still find disheveled, sloppy, and sometimes just dirty animals. Naturally, the judges lower the rating of such cats, even if they have an extreme high-breed type, and it is clear that they cannot participate in the “Best-in-Show” competition of the most beautiful cats of the show. And it is very disappointing when the best in type, but poorly trained animals yield the highest awards to their brethren, which have a weaker type, but excellent condition and excellent wool prepared for the exhibition.

What you need to know to make your pet beautiful and healthy.

Daily cat care. Grooming, especially long hair, is a daily concern for your cat's health and beauty. Persian cats need regular grooming most. It is better to comb the coat every day, starting from the moment of purchasing a kitten. Then the young animal quickly gets used to the combs, brushes and caring movements of your hands and accepts this procedure with gratitude. Kittens often perceive brushing as a game, trying to grab the owner's comb, brush or hand with their teeth and paws. Daily brushing stimulates blood circulation and thus improves the condition of the animal's coat and skin. It removes dirt, grease, loose hairs and dead skin flakes.

Removing loose hairs prevents tangling and the buildup and formation of hairballs in the stomach, which can sometimes lead to severe intestinal obstruction and even death. For daily grooming of long hair of a cat, it is better to first use a comb with long sparse metal teeth, and finally go over the coat with a more frequent comb. A brush with thick, curved, wire teeth - the "slicker" does not need to be used every day, but only to beat and lift the wool before the show. Some cat breeds, such as Angora, can use such a brush to remove unwanted undercoat or deliberately rip off the fluff when molting too much. The mats are taken apart with both hands and gently combed.Only in extremely rare cases of too neglected wool can you resort to the services of scissors. Cutting out tangles greatly spoils the appearance of long-haired animals, and for color-point color this is generally unacceptable, since hair of a darker color begins to grow in the trimmed places, which greatly spoils this beautiful color.

It is better to brush short hair of cats with a rubber brush, a special glove for combing or a piece of suede. This is especially important for close-coated Siamese, Oriental and Abyssinian breeds.

Cats love to sunbathe, which is good for them. But it is impossible to stay under the sun's rays for too long, because the color may change: the coat of black cats begins to fade and acquires an ugly reddish-brown tint.

Washing cats. There is a misconception that cats need not be washed at all, or very rarely. This is not true. Cats, especially long-haired cats, should be washed as they get dirty and always before the show. Thanks to a long selection and breeding selection, the hair of Persian cats became longer and thicker, and the nose and tongue were getting shorter, and it is natural that such a cat is not able to take full care of its fur coat. The owner must help her in this. It is better to wash the cat in a basin to ensure good access of water to the animal's fur and skin. The water temperature is 38.5-40 ° C, close to the body temperature of cats, which is slightly higher than that of humans. A terry towel is placed at the bottom of the basin so that the cat does not slip with its paws and feel more confident. For washing, it is recommended to use special shampoos, which are now easy to purchase at any pet store.If you do not have such a shampoo on hand, and the cat is very dirty, you can use baby shampoo: its effect is milder and usually does not cause allergic reactions.

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