What Is Cat Grooming?

What Is Cat Grooming?
What Is Cat Grooming?

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In a cat, the condition of the coat and skin is determined by genetic factors, depending on the conditions of keeping and feeding. In addition, grooming or grooming plays an important role.

Skillful grooming manages to improve the condition of the skin and coat, to emphasize the beauty of the cat.

The cat's coat and skin are constantly influenced by the biological processes occurring in her body, the functioning of the epithelial glands and the environment. Therefore, it is better to take care of her coat every day, and not wait for it to become too dirty and greasy. Constant grooming also helps to remove all dead skin and hair particles.

Siamese cat, photo cat grooming photography
Siamese cat, photo cat grooming photography

Siamese cat

Grooming a small animal like a cat is best done on the table. The table must be stable so that the cat does not feel fear and feels confident enough on it. The table covering should be non-slip (like a rubber mat) and easy to clean. Special equipment is produced for grooming.

Thus, you will need soap, shampoo, conditioner, some natural and prepared substances: water, lemon, vinegar, various liquids, gloss spray, terry towel, gloves, brushes and combs of all types, as well as a hair dryer and a number of special tools. …

Detergents. When choosing them, you need to make sure that they do not cause irritation to the skin and eyes of the cat, which can arise from excessive softening of the skin or due to its sensitivity to this substance.

Most shampoos are made with coconut oil. Adding fatty substances such as lanolin and its derivatives helps to maintain the natural grease of the coat, making it shinier and easier to comb. Detergent shampoos usually include other additives; reducing agents, conditioners, proteins and fragrances, often limiting the effect of shampoo.

It is very important to thoroughly rinse the coat in clean water after shampooing! Some shampoos contain soap, and in hard water this leads to the formation of insoluble salts that build up on the coat. To remove it, it is advisable to rinse the wool with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice after washing.

Conditioners are used to eliminate static electricity and add volume, shine and moisture to the coat. Normal coat has a natural electrical charge and, when clean and dry, charges negatively when brushed. Wool with the same charge repel each other, making the hairstyle disheveled. Conditioners with a positive electrical charge neutralize the negative charge in the coat and prevent "tangle".

Many conditioners are acidic and help to strengthen the coat and remove plaque left after washing in hard water. There are conditioners that form a protective protein coat on the surface of the coat. They increase the thickness of the hairs, give them volume and shine.

American wire haired cat photo cat grooming photography
American wire haired cat photo cat grooming photography

American wire haired cat

Moisturizing conditioners should be used immediately after the coat is dry to maintain moisture. This prevents brittleness of the coat, especially with frequent washing. Conditioners with the addition of fatty and oily substances make the coat shine and ease the combing process. These products create the effect of a flowing flowing coat and should not be used if the standard coat is to be fluffy, as in the Persian cat. This must be borne in mind when using shampoos; containing air conditioners.

There are many different shampoos available, but my experience has shown that for cats with any type of coat (except short, close-fitting), algae-based shampoos are best suited. They give shine, structure, volume and weight to the coat. For breeds of cats with adherent shiny coats, it is best to use coconut oil shampoos.

Mats in cats. In long-haired and semi-long-haired cats, the coat tends to felle, forming mats. In some cases: it is simply impossible to disassemble them, and the only way is to cut them, although this is not the best way. At the exhibition, the judge will easily reveal that the wool has been sheared and, of course, will not disregard it. Unfortunately, cats with matted hair can be found among the owners not only neglecting their pets, but also among those who love them. It doesn't matter what tools you use to groom your cat, the key is to make time for grooming.

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