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Combing Cats
Combing Cats

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One of the most important requirements for grooming a cat's fur is brushing. To do this, you will need:

- a wide comb with fine teeth;

- natural brushes (bristle), rubber;

- chrome-plated steel combs with sparsely standing teeth (moreover, the teeth should be slightly rounded);

- Dense combs - to remove dirt particles and fleas.

Synthetic hair brushes are not used - they create static electricity and cause brittle hair.

In addition, to care for the cat you will need:

- Gloves with a rough surface for massage;

- soft suede or small pieces of terry cloth.

Long-haired cat lick itself, photo cat grooming photography
Long-haired cat lick itself, photo cat grooming photography

The choice of care products and methods depends primarily on the characteristics of individual breeds. Long-haired and medium-haired ones are best combed out with a metal comb with blunt teeth, moreover, in the direction from the head to the tail, and the "collar" - in the opposite direction. First use a comb with sparse teeth, and then a thicker one. Sometimes the coat will comb out better if it is slightly moistened.

Some owners of Persian cats cut hair from all parts of the body except for the tail for the summer period. This prevents the fur from felling and helps the animals tolerate heat more easily. But at the same time it is necessary to ensure that intense solar irradiation does not lead to a change in color.

A cat with short fur does not need daily brushing. It is quite enough to devote half an hour to this procedure twice a week.

After combing, the coat is sprinkled with a dry powdery shampoo, which is removed with a hair brush. Talcum powder or cornstarch can be used as a substitute for shampoo.

Bran is a good dry shampoo for short-haired cats. You need to heat about 300 g of bran in the oven, put the cat on the paper and rub the warm "shampoo" into the coat. When combing out the powder, hold the cat by the head so that the powder does not get into her eyes and nose.

Cats' fur is renewed almost throughout the year. Many breeds, especially shorthaired ones, change quite quickly and even subtly. In long-haired animals, molt lasts longer, usually from September to November and from February to April (differently for each animal). It is extremely necessary to comb out and smooth the wool with a brush during these periods, because in this way the skin is massaged, the growth of new wool is stimulated.

The first molt, when the unpainted hairs of a kitten are replaced by the cover of an adult animal, occurs at 5-7 months, in autumn or spring. It starts from the head. It is there that the wool acquires a stable color first. The hair replacement on the trunk sometimes takes a year or more.

On the cat's tongue there are sharp "rough", with the help of which the animal, licking itself, comb out dead hairs from the wool. Such licking does not serve to cleanse the coat, but to renew it.

Sometimes the cat licks, bites or scratches too much on the body. Perhaps eczema has appeared there, a foreign body or insect has entered.

If the animal often licks the genitals or anus, this may indicate inflammation of the uterus or the presence of stones in the bladder. You should contact your veterinarian.

A serious problem occurs when a cat swallows loose hairs of its fur or indigestible particles that enter the stomach with food. As a result, the resulting "fur balls", or the so-called "bezoar", upset the digestive functions, interfering with the intestines. The cat gets rid of such formations by itself as a result of the vomiting reaction. Such vomiting is not pathological. You can help your cat trigger it with the help of coarse grasses that irritate the walls of the stomach. Another remedy is to give vegetable oil (1 teaspoon for a kitten, 2 spoons for a "teenager", 1 tablespoon for an adult animal).

Castor oil is forbidden to give - it is harmful to cats.

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