Persian Cat Daily Care

Persian Cat Daily Care
Persian Cat Daily Care

Video: Persian Cat Daily Care

Video: Persian Cat Daily Care
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My kennel is engaged in breeding Persians and Exotics. These are popular breeds, but they require maximum effort and time to care. Persian grooming is daily and exhibition. Having devoted 20 minutes a day to caring for and communicating with your beloved animal, you will save 1.5-2 hours of time for cleaning the apartment and a lot of energy while preparing for the exhibition.

For a cat to always look beautiful, it needs a balanced diet. Consult the breeder or veterinarian for feeding questions. With the right diet, hair and eye problems will be significantly reduced. As for vitamin supplements, I personally prefer to give my pets delicacies of the "Jimpet" company with calcium and seaweed:

- for animals of white, cream, blue colors, 3 tablets a day with calcium and 1 tablet with seaweed;

- black, red, tortoiseshell, tabby - 1 tablet with calcium and 3 tablets each with seaweed.

Persian cat daily care, photo photography
Persian cat daily care, photo photography

If you feed your cats with natural products, I advise you to add 2-3 drops of Trivit (vitamins A, B, E) to their diet daily. Dry food usually contains sufficient amounts of these substances.

The kitten must be taught to care from the age of 1.5 months, then in the future you will be spared from the "fight" with the animal and scratches. Examine the cat's ears once a week; shells must be clean, free from rashes and deposits. Use a cotton swab to gently clean the ear canal. In a healthy animal, sulfur is light, odorless.

Now pay attention to the claws: excessive flaking indicates a deficiency in the diet, and flaking at the base of the claw may be the beginning of a fungal disease. I advise you to trim the claws once every two weeks with special clippers, cutting off only the tip of the claw so as not to touch the sensitive part with blood vessels and nerves. All these operations are carried out by petting the cat, talking to it. Violence is completely unacceptable.

It is very important for Persians and exotics not to let their eyes go. A healthy extreme Persian, contrary to the prevailing opinion, has no discharge from the eyes, and, consequently, no tear stains, which are very difficult to remove for an exhibition. To keep my eyes clear, wide open and shiny, I drip drops of levomethicin solution as needed, after clearing the eyelids with a weak solution of boric acid or a special preparation, for example, Optic gel. With severe festering, doctors recommend using tetracycline eye ointment.

Persian cat daily care, photo photography
Persian cat daily care, photo photography

Finally we got to the main thing. Wool is the beauty and pride of the Persian and the main concern of its owner. What do you need to have on hand to get the wool in order? You will need:

- a metal comb with sparse teeth that do not scratch the skin (plastic ones are not suitable, as they strongly electrify the wool);

- a combined brush made of natural bristles and metal teeth with an antistatic coating;

- natural bristle brush (normal for cleaning clothes is suitable);

- a soft, well-absorbent cloth or paper towels for cleaning the eyes (cotton wool is not good, its fibers irritate the cornea);

- If possible, purchase a conditioner for forcing wool after shedding (spray) and conditioner for wool with protein (spray). In the absence of these sprays, a weak citric acid solution in a spray bottle will help.

Persian cat
Persian cat

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So, we sit down at the TV and start petting the cat. When she relaxes, take a comb and get down to business.

1. Comb the cheeks and collar towards the muzzle.

2. Chest - from the paws we rise to the chin.

3. Comb the back from tail to withers.

4. Paws. We put the cat on our knees with the stomach up. We start combing from the hind legs; holding the paw, comb the "pants" from heel to tail.

5. Comb the belly and sides towards the tail.

6. Raising the front legs, comb out the armpits.

7. I do not advise you to touch the tail unnecessarily. On it, wool is very difficult to recover if accidentally ripped out.