Preparing Long-haired Cats For The Show

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Preparing Long-haired Cats For The Show
Preparing Long-haired Cats For The Show

Video: Preparing Long-haired Cats For The Show

Video: Preparing Long-haired Cats For The Show
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Often at international exhibitions, magnificent Persian cats lose to their less extreme rivals because of the "insignificant" point: they are poorly prepared for the exhibition

At the same time, foreign experts try to explain to our breeders that it is not enough to wash the cat three days before the show, or even one week, with an arbitrarily chosen detergent. And no kilograms of Johnson dry shampoo and baby powder will " lift" the coat as needed, will not give the required volume. But they will cause unrestrained sneezing and lacrimation both in the animals themselves and in the expert. From the powder, the wool becomes brittle, the natural fatty layer of the skin is destroyed, it sticks together, and a static charge arises during combing.

Abyssinian cat, photography picture
Abyssinian cat, photography picture

The greatest success in preparing long-haired animals for the show, of course, was achieved by American breeders. One glance at the photos of Persians from the CFA weekly is enough to make it obvious how difficult and serious it is to prepare for the exhibition. Our American friends, breeders, who have been breeding cats for more than a dozen years, have shared their " secrets" with the readers of the " Cat and Dog" newspaper. Now you can choose any preparation method for your pet. We hope he never lets you down.

June Cole, owner of Elos (CFA, CFF) smoky Persian kennels, recommends purchasing the following tools for successful preparation:

- metal comb with sparse teeth;

- scissors with not pointed ends (school);

- a comb with frequent teeth;

- a toothbrush with soft bristles;

- large terry towel;

- cotton swabs;

- correctly selected shampoo (for example, Beafar Vision, Shaws …);

- baby shampoo " no tears";

- powerful hair dryer for drying;

- conditioner-rinse (Pantene Prov) for brittle and weak hair;

- clipper;

- liquid for cleaning eyes (Saline Solution, etc.);

- anti-static spray, grease-free for removing static charge (exhibition).

British blue cat, picture picture of a cat
British blue cat, picture picture of a cat

It is necessary:

- to wash the show animal regularly. This should be done weekly. The rest of the long-haired cats can be washed less often;

- make sure that the tips of the claws are cut before the exhibition; according to the American system it is obligatory !;

- in order to give a more " open" expression to the eyes and to avoid the accumulation of moisture and dirt, the tips of the cat's eyelashes on the upper eyelid should be regularly trimmed with scissors with non-pointed ends;

- if the paw pads are dry and start to crack, it is necessary to regularly lubricate them with cream or baby petroleum jelly;

- brush the animal every day with a rare metal comb with a wooden handle in the direction of hair growth. Do not use for this purpose "slicker ", as the cat may be left without undercoat;

- in monochromatic colors it is necessary to pluck out long guard hairs on the back so that the coat at the exhibition looks uniform, " like a cloud". But in marble, smoky, silvery colors and in color points, this should not be done !;

- the brushes on the tips of the ears must also be plucked or trimmed to make the ears appear more rounded and smaller. Remember!

- after washing before the exhibition, you should not give the animal canned food and other fatty foods, which will nullify all your efforts. The best solution is dry food or meat;

- Wipe the cat's eyes daily. Brown marks cannot be removed in one go - you need to clean your eyes several times a day. If there are accumulations of pus in the corners and you need an antibiotic (Colbiocin, Eubital, etc.), contact your veterinarian!

- Wipe the upper part of the auricle before exhibiting. Do not use cotton swabs - they may remain in the ear canal. Better to pinch a small amount of cotton with tweezers and wrap around it. Then the cotton wool will not come off;

- before the show itself, do not experiment with a new shampoo, especially a dye shampoo, for a particular coat color. Better to try it beforehand;

- do not paint the animal with hair dye. The judges will always find an unnaturally bright, unnatural color and will disqualify such an animal;

- Before washing, drip a softening and preserving liquid (Visine, Lacricifi, Satine Solution) into the eyes. To avoid water getting into your ears, you can use cotton swabs, after dropping ear drops.

Preparation of long-haired cats for the show. Dissolve a small amount of Tearless Baby Shampoo in 1/2 cup of water. It is best not to use a yellow shampoo as it can impart an unwanted tint to the coat.

Somali cat, cat photo on display photo
Somali cat, cat photo on display photo

Somali cat

Apply the solution with a cosmetic sponge to the cat's face.

Carefully and gently brush the face with a soft baby toothbrush. Pressing the cat's ears with your thumb and forefinger, tilt the animal's head down and rinse thoroughly with water (the water temperature should be slightly warmer than we use for ourselves, since the body temperature of a cat is several degrees higher than that of a person). Blot the muzzle with a dry towel. Repeat this at least 2 times.

Remove the tampons from the ears. Wipe the auricles with a towel. Place 1-2 drops of Saline Solution in the eyes.

Remember! Close windows to avoid drafts before washing your cat. Keep the door to your room closed. The cat will try to use every opportunity to get away from the " pleasant" procedure.

It is best to wash the cat in the sink with a closed " plug" or in a special basin (plastic or plastic). Rinsing with running water from a shower will not have the desired effect.

Remove all unnecessary items from the bathroom. To make it more comfortable, place the basin on a stool. It is better to put a small towel on the bottom so that the cat's paws do not slip.

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