Well Groomed Cat

Well Groomed Cat
Well Groomed Cat

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Experienced specialist Ellen Enpite explains how to keep your cat healthy and beautiful.

Cut the claws of the cats. You must always make sure that your cat's nails are in order. Neatly trimmed claws keep the cat in a good mood, give a feeling of comfort, and protect you from scratches.

Exot, exotic cat, photography photo
Exot, exotic cat, photography photo

Exotic cat

Each claw of your cat has a small cavity, colloquially called a vein through which a vessel runs. If you touch it, it can cause bleeding. If your cat has light claws, you will easily find this vessel and will not touch it.

Place a large pillow or roller on the cat's paw to trim the claws. All claws then line up in one row and it will be easy for you to examine and trim them. While you are just learning how to handle claws, you should not do this on all paws at once. Treat as many claws as the cat will allow, as you can. And you can finish the work at another time and at another stump.

Once both you and your cat get used to clipping the claws, it will become normal for you and you can deal with everything quickly. Most cats have their claws trimmed once every three to four weeks, but there are some that need it on a weekly basis. If you have a claw-free cat, it does have claws on its hind legs that need to be trimmed frequently.

Brushing your cat. A cat that is regularly brushed not only looks good, but also feels great. It peels off (sheds) less and has very little matted hair. If your cat is long-haired or prone to felting, you will need to give her a preventative. Ask your veterinarian for advice on such a remedy or ask what is available in a specialty store.

When combing a cat, do it carefully, sudden movements are inappropriate here. When combing, think about your hair. If your hair is tangled, you don't want someone to pull out that tangled ball, savagely enjoying the slow pull of pulling it away from the rest of your hair with skin and roots. Treat the animal the way you would like to be treated. If you hurt your cat, you can permanently lose her trust.

Keep in mind that some areas on your cat's body are more sensitive than others. In the neck area, the cat, it would seem, does not feel anything at all, and sometimes you won't touch the tail. Always start brushing on the most painful areas, slowly and gently, and then there is a hope that the cat will not run away and pull away as soon as you get down to business. When you are working on sensitive areas, you must hurry. The cat's neck area is so insensitive that it can forgive us here one or the other sharp jerk with a comb.

As flamboyant individuals, cats often do the opposite of what their owner expects from them. At one time we had a Tonkinesis cat, who loved to be dragged by the tail. When mm took him by the tail, the cat began to purr louder and louder. It seemed that he had no sensitive zones on his body at all, and he really loved combing and, although there was no great need for this, we tried to give him this pleasure more often.

Cat paw, photo photo
Cat paw, photo photo

Long-haired cats care. My friends Paul and Polly keep a "Himalayan" cat with incredibly thick and long hair, which Paul brushes every day. Recently, while Paul was in the hospital, Nikki, who has always been a goody, suddenly began to chase Polly in all her movements around the house, constantly rubbing against her legs. Nikki, of course, missed the owner, but that was not the only reason she bothered her "mommy". Nikki tried to explain to Polly that she needed to be combed out. After Polly finally figured out what was going on and complied with the cat's request, the annoying bore turned back into a well-bred, civilized beast.

Aristocrats or simpletons, long-haired cats require more attention. Continuous (rather than seasonal) shedding causes them to quickly collapse into balls, much more often than their short-haired counterparts. The long hair at the tail rolls off instantly and the cat may develop a "shabby tail" (cats are also not immune from this). Long-haired cats, if not taken care of, will flaunt in soiled "trousers" with a felted backside. These cats are often referred to as "dirty pants" or "jerks".

If you have a long-haired cat, the only thing that can make grooming easier is using a scraper comb. Available at any specialty store, the tool removes tangles and cleans out your dirty pants. Although the scraper looks menacing, it provides painless brushing of thick, hairy hair. You can use it to remove tangled hair from the belly and chest of an animal on a daily basis.

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