What Do American Groomers Advise?

What Do American Groomers Advise?
What Do American Groomers Advise?

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In the everyday life of American cat lovers, the word grooming is very often present. What does it mean? Looking into the dictionary, I read the following: "groom" - "to go after horses." When it comes to dogs, especially terriers, they often use the term "trimming" - translated from English, it means "to put in order."

Trimming is all about plucking, trimming, and styling a fairly coarse coat. Grooming, although the term has come from horses, is about grooming a delicate, silky coat. You can also say in other words: "grooming" - to make the animal healthy, beautiful, attractive. And when the animal is healthy and well-groomed, then the owner's mood rises.

In America, grooming is of great importance. It is made in specialized stores for animals, and in a veterinary clinic, and, finally, on a show. There such services will cost you 15-20 dollars. Grooming is done by people with special training and special permission. And what devices are not there! Sometimes you don't immediately understand what these numerous combs, tweezers, tweezers, brushes, etc. are intended for. etc.

How to properly care for cats of different breeds, photo photography
How to properly care for cats of different breeds, photo photography

What do Americans say about grooming? What advice do American groomers give when caring for a particular breed of cat? How to groom? There are videotapes on sale, by watching which everyone can independently master the art of grooming, whether your cat is short-haired or long-haired. However, it must be borne in mind that each cat has its own character. Therefore, Americans are advised to start grooming from a very young age, from three to four months. And this is very important, because, growing up, the cat is not so painful about the procedure that is not always pleasant for her and perceives it as an unpleasant, but necessary part of her existence. However, animals are known that know how to relax and enjoy grooming.

Persian cats. They need daily care. There are over thirty different colors in the breed and each of them requires its own approach.

It is known that the sunshine color spoils the appearance of dark cats: spots of rust color appear on the coat. Therefore, in order to avoid damage and burnout of the coat, it is recommended when caring for black, blue, cream, white Persians, as well as cats such as cameos, chinchillas, sprinkle the wool with baby powder, which contains starch, or just starch, after which it takes the form alive, healthy.

American breeders do not recommend the use of powder when caring for bicolors, tortoiseshells and tabbies. This makes the coat sluggish, and most importantly, the effect of contrast between different sections of colors on the coat of these cats disappears. Blacks, blues and tabbies get dirty quickly, so they need to be washed more often than other colors.

According to my observations, Americans prefer to comb Persians with an iron comb with very rare teeth. And only then they use a massage brush. If the breeder is not going to show the cat in the next 3-4 months, it is cut almost bald, leaving only the tip of the tail, head and paws. At first I thought it was done in order to spend less time on leaving. And when I tried to cut my Persian cat 4 months before the show, the result turned out to be amazing: my cat's coat has grown magnificent, even, although I cut it myself, and indeed this "operation" was performed for the first time without any experience. Many Americans use Dawn (colorless) dishwashing liquid as a detergent. They believe that the chemical composition of this product is best suited,for delicate cat skin and easily removes grease from the coat without causing any side effects. I have been washing my cats only with this composition for over a year now. In addition to him, when washing, I use special cat shampoos, and very different. In general, veterinarians believe that cat hair is much more delicate than human hair, so it is better to wash cats with shampoos specifically designed for these animals.

How to properly care for cats of different breeds, photo photography
How to properly care for cats of different breeds, photo photography

Himalayan cats. They require the same care as the Persians, but in no case should they be cut, since after this procedure, the new wool on their back and belly darkens.

Norwegian forest cats. Their water-repellent coat and thick undercoat require daily brushing. It is best to use a massage brush.

Ragdolls. Requires daily care. They molt profusely in the summer months.

Turkish Angora. To achieve a silky coat, you need to brush it every day for 5-10 minutes.

Balinese, Burmese and Somali. Although the coats of these breeds are non-felting, it is advisable to brush regularly to remove dead hairs. Otherwise, hairballs are formed that can be swallowed by the cat.

Maine Coon. It is a long-haired animal with a thick undercoat. Brushing twice a week makes the coat shiny and smooth. The coat of black cats gets dirty quickly, and therefore they need to be washed more often.

British shorthair, Russian blue, exotic, European shorthair. Cats of these breeds require daily brushing with a special stiff brush, preferably in the form of a glove. A flea comb (fine-toothed) can be used once a week to help keep the undercoat under control. Short-haired cats love to be massaged with a rubber brush.

Oriental and other cats of the East practically do not need hair care.

Source: Galina Alekseeva, photo by Lada Gromova, "Friend" magazine (cats)

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