How To Train Your Cat To Go To The Toilet?

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How To Train Your Cat To Go To The Toilet?
How To Train Your Cat To Go To The Toilet?

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There is a consistent system of teaching cats to use the toilet, which is conventionally called the standard method. This 21-day program is for cats with little or no response to any changes.

The scheme of the method is as follows:

1st-11th day. A box with filler installed next to the toilet is gradually raised by 1-2 cm per day above the floor using newspapers and magazines. This will make the cat climb into it. In this case, the door to the toilet must be constantly open, and the box must be cleaned and sufficiently stable.

Toy cat sitting on the toilet, cat photo photo
Toy cat sitting on the toilet, cat photo photo

If the cat shows even the slightest resistance, you need to stop, do not raise the box higher until the animal is comfortable.

11th-13th day. The box is flush with the toilet seat and remains in this position for two days. At this time, the cat gets to know and gets used to the toilet, makes sure that the seat is strong enough. The goal of the gradual changes is to change the cat's behavior as the height of the stand increases.

14th day. The box is moved a few centimeters towards the toilet seat so that 1/4 of the box lies on it.

15th day. Move the box so that 3/4 of it is on the toilet seat. Using its box, the cat will definitely pay attention to the surrounding objects, and this will be associated with a pleasant feeling of relief.

16th day. The box is placed on the toilet seat and is securely attached to the toilet using adhesive tape. It is important that the capacitance does not move - this can lead to failure. For one or two days you need to hold the box on the toilet seat for the cat to get used to it. At the same time, you can reduce the height of the stand, or make it unstable.

17th day. This day is very responsible. By this time, the cat should be prepared to use a real toilet. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the dependence of the cat on the box filler. So, the box and the stand of newspapers and magazines are removed. All this is hiding. Now the toilet seat rises, a wide strip of elastic plastic is taken and tape is attached across the toilet to its edges. The plastic strip should bend slightly. On top of the strip, you need to place a small container (for example, a low tin can) with a small amount of filler. The toilet seat comes down (the lid must be lifted). The habitual situation and smell will guide the cat. Jumping onto the toilet seat and finding that there is no box, she will begin to circle around the seat and eventually descend onto the strip with a can, confidently sitting on the edge of the toilet seat.

If it doesn't, keep the cat in the toilet until it gets comfortable. Once the cat learns to behave correctly, the combination of jumping in, finding balance in the seat and enjoying it will create a complete “chain” that will allow the animal to remember the new behavior.

Whenever your cat uses the toilet, replace the plastic strip with a new one.

18th day. Now a 5 cm hole is cut in the center of the strip. A little filler is poured around the hole (the hole remains free).

The cat will jump, find a stable position on the toilet seat, as before, see a strip with a hole in the middle and do its business as usual. Only this time, she will detect and sniff the water, hear a certain sound when she empties.

19th day. The hole in the plastic strip is made wider, 7-8 cm. The filler is sprinkled around, but even less. Having passed this test, the cat will feel quite confident.

20th-21st day. By this time, the cat will get used to the toilet, which will remove the plastic tape and filler. And if you keep the toilet seat down, its lid up and the toilet door open, then everything will be fine. And, most importantly, no smell!

Toilet training systems for cats and cats, photo cat photo
Toilet training systems for cats and cats, photo cat photo

If, however, your pussy starts to resist when teaching the standard method, you need to use an alternative method that requires a spare (free) toilet seat. Sure, this will add to the hassle, but it will allow the cat to learn how to balance and settle comfortably on the toilet seat.

The training for this method begins as described above. And only seven days before the end of the program, the spare seat is placed on the cat's box, and is attached to it firmly, for stability, with adhesive tape. It is very important that the box with the seat and the toilet with the seat are exactly the same and exactly on the same level.

If the cat has begun to use the box and is doing everything right, you need to make sure that she does it several times.

Many cats learn to sit firmly on the edge of the toilet seat only 15-16 days, or even later. In the end, you can slightly nudge the cat, "prompt" the necessary movements. And most importantly, the cat itself must learn to maintain stability at the edge of the seat.

By the 16th day, you need to take adhesive tape 0.5-1 cm wide and fix it under the toilet seat, throwing the strip from one edge of the seat to the other. The tape should run over the box, sticky side up. The cat will approach its box, notice an obstacle, and begin to walk in circles on the seat. It became inconvenient to use the box. The cat walks around the seat and will finally settle on the edge of it to do its business. If one strip of duct tape does not help and the cat continues to use the box, attach the second strip in the same way so that it intersects with the first in a crisscross pattern. With two strips, it is impossible to get into the box, and the animal will have to settle down on the edge of the toilet seat. If your cat gets confused, don't let her out of the litter box until she dares to sit on the toilet seat above her box.On the following days of training using the alternative method, you must perform all the actions described above (standard method). That is, the auxiliary toilet seat is removed and the skills acquired by the animal are fixed.

PS Currently, in pet stores you can buy ready-made systems for training cats and cats to the toilet, for example, "City Kitty Cat Toilet Training", "Toilet Train Your Cat", "Feed-Ex Litter Kwitter", "Domakot", "UniKot "," Vo-Toys ", VAKA" Exquisite manners ", etc.

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