Decorating The Aquarium With Artificial Plants

Decorating The Aquarium With Artificial Plants
Decorating The Aquarium With Artificial Plants

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Are you not a “gardener” by nature? Can't grow live plants? Artificial plants do not need fertilizers or special lighting. You just need a little time and a few tips. Many aquarists prefer artificial plants.

Benefits. Artificial plants will never grow and never die. You put such a plant in an aquarium and just enjoy the beautiful view - until your fish decides to "embellish" the plant. And you only need light when you want to look at your fish.

Disadvantages. Artificial plants are more expensive (initially). But since they are maintenance free, you end up spending less. Some artificial plants may fade over time. They can also grow algae if you leave the light on for too long. Some aquarists enjoy this, while others cleanse algae-covered plants by placing them in a whiteness solution for 30 minutes. To avoid algae problems, do not leave the light in the aquarium for long periods of time. The new AlgaeFix Pond Care also works well against algae.

Artificial aquarium plants, photo photography
Artificial aquarium plants, photo photography

First steps. First you need to mask your aquarium equipment. Find some long, bushy plants to cover your filters and heaters. Plants should be no longer than the aquarium itself, otherwise it will be difficult to hide something behind them.

Step two. Use large artificial Amazon plants (like Amazon sword) as the center of the composition. The plant should be about a third of your tank long. Don't place it in the center. Place it slightly to the right or left. Try to move it closer or further. Experiment a bit.

Add driftwood. Use a driftwood to draw attention to the main area of ​​the composition. You can also use rocks or smaller plants for this. Do not use such objects anywhere else in your aquarium. There are tons of artificial plants in a variety of colors and sizes, and you will want to put all kinds of plants in your tank. Better concentrate on two or three views. If you want to add some other plant species for contrast, great, but focus on two or three species first. Use shorter plants to hide the filter barrel and place them in front of longer plants. Then use even shorter plants. It will look very natural.

Gravel. Some people prefer to slope the gravel at the back. Some people make slides in the front corners of the aquarium.

Limit your lighting. Since artificial plants do not require special lighting, ordinary aquarium fluorescent lamps are fine. Aquarium fluorescent lights emit red and blue light for fish and plants.>

Artificial aquarium plants, photo photography
Artificial aquarium plants, photo photography

Bubble decoration. Place the spray pebble behind the center of the composition. The bubbles will draw attention to its center. Bubbles will add movement to your tank and your fish will get extra air.

Aquarium background. Most aquarists place long plants along the back of the aquarium. Don't line them up in "corn rows". Break up any lines in the back row - move the plants slightly forward or slightly backward. You can also add some smaller plants in a different color to avoid solid lines.

Foreground. Interspersed with smaller plants in the foreground will give the composition a finished look. Use plants of the same species, but slightly different sizes, so that your foreground doesn't look like a golf course.

Safety. Many schooling fish - especially tetras - will appreciate the safety of a plant aquarium. Their color will become more attractive in such an aquarium.

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