Installing The Aquarium

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Installing The Aquarium
Installing The Aquarium

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Choosing a place for the aquarium. The place for setting up the aquarium must meet two conditions:

1. The aquarium should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as it hits the walls of the aquarium and causes them to rapidly grow algae.

2. In the place where the aquarium stands, the possibility of a sharp temperature drop should be excluded, since many species of fish are very sensitive to a sharp change in water temperature, even by 1-2 degrees.

Preliminary preparation of the aquarium. First of all, a new aquarium must be thoroughly washed with some kind of disinfectant, such as bleach. Only then can you proceed directly to the installation.

Planning aquarium, diagram, drawing picture
Planning aquarium, diagram, drawing picture

Setting up the aquarium. It is best to mount the aquarium on special aquarium furniture, since even small aquariums have a significant weight that conventional furniture is usually not designed for. The surface on which the aquarium is set must be smooth without any bulges and be as horizontal as possible.

Place the aquarium on a stand. Carefully, in an even layer of about 5 cm, place thoroughly washed soil on its bottom. Then install the necessary equipment (filter, thermostat), following the instructions supplied with this equipment, but without connecting it to the mains. After that, you can pour water. In order not to wash out the laid soil, you can put a plate on the bottom and direct the flow of water to its surface. After the aquarium is filled with water, turn on the filter and thermostat, put on the lid (if there is one) and leave the aquarium in this state for a few days. During this time, the aquarium water will be cleared of harmful impurities and "ripen" to start fish and planting plants.

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