Overheating Fish

Overheating Fish
Overheating Fish

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Significant harm is caused by keeping fish at an elevated water temperature, especially if it is maintained constantly or rises to values ​​that are beyond the tolerance limits for this species.

Overheating can occur during transport of fish, on a very hot day, or when the aquarium is exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive heating of the water can be caused by improperly selected lighting devices (lamps), as well as placing the aquarium near heat sources (for example, near a radiator). When overheated, fish die due to oxygen deficiency and the accumulation of decay products in the water.

Cause. Keeping fish at a water temperature of 29-32 ° C.

Koi carp near the surface of the water, photo photograph of fish disease
Koi carp near the surface of the water, photo photograph of fish disease

Signs of illness. The development of juveniles is uneven, with damage to the genitals, as a result of which the next generation is characterized by weakened health and an inability to reproduce. Well-fed fish tolerate overheating worst of all.

Treatment. Reduce the water temperature to the optimal level and maintain it at the specified mode. It is important to avoid significant temperature fluctuations, its sharp jumps during the day or several hours are undesirable, since the fish can catch a cold.

Prevention. Do not place the aquarium near heat sources, avoid direct sunlight on the aquarium, select the correct lamp power, buy water heaters with a thermostat. To cool the water, you can use special coolers (but not everyone can afford them) or a plastic bottle with cold water or ice, which is placed in the aquarium.

It should be remembered that cold water should not be poured into the aquarium, as this will sharply lower the temperature and cause a temperature shock in the fish. The ice in the bottle, on the contrary, will gradually melt and the water temperature will also gradually decrease. On hot days, clean the aquarium more often by siphoning dirt from the bottom and making water changes.

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