Bagaria, Or Mountain Catfish (Sisoridae)

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Bagaria, Or Mountain Catfish (Sisoridae)
Bagaria, Or Mountain Catfish (Sisoridae)

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Bagarievs are a family of ray-finned fish from the order of catfish. Close to the Bagridae family. It includes 12 genera and more than 170 species inhabiting the fast-flowing rivers of South, Southeast, Central and Asia Minor. Mostly small species living in mountain rivers; some large representatives reach 2 m in length. They have 4 pairs of antennae.

Glyptothorax lampris (Glyptothorax lampris), photo photograph of fish
Glyptothorax lampris (Glyptothorax lampris), photo photograph of fish

Glyptothorax lampris (Glyptothorax lampris). Photo © Aristoheliam

The branchial membranes are attached to the intergill space or are free. The bottom of the head and body are flattened, the nostrils are close together, there is an antenna between them, the gill membranes are attached to the intergill space, the whiskers are 3 pairs, usually they are triangular in shape. The swim bladder is divided into two lateral sacs. Paired fins are horizontal. Males are brighter, larger and slimmer than females. Fertility varies from 0.25 to 25 thousand. Spawning is seasonal.

Bagarius yarrelli, fish photo
Bagarius yarrelli, fish photo

Bagarius yarrelli

Freshwater fish. The body is naked. Dorsal fin in front with a spine hidden under the skin. There is an adipose fin. Anal short, no more than 7 branched rays. The pectoral fin has a smooth or slightly serrated spine along the inner margin. On the front of the head there are 4 pairs of antennae: one on the upper jaw, the other on the posterior nostrils, 2 pairs on the lower jaw. The anterior and posterior nostrils are close to each other.

In the Tien Shan and at the southern borders of the Caucasus, there are 2 clans. Known from the Pliocene (India, Sumatra). There are 2 subfamilies.

Systematics of the Bagariyeva family, mountain somics:

  • Subfamily: Glyptosterninae =

    • Tribe: Glyptosternina =

      • Genus: Creteuchiloglanis =
      • Genus: Euchiloglanis =
      • Genus: Exostoma Blyth, 1860 = Exostomes
      • Genus: Glaridoglanis =
      • Genus: Glyptosternon =
      • Genus: Glyptosternum McClelland, 1842 = Turkestan catfish

        Species: Glyptosternum reticulatum Mc. Clelland, 1842 = Turkestan catfish

      • Genus: Myersglanis =
      • Genus: Oreoglanis =
      • Genus: Parachiloglanis =
      • Genus: Pareuchiloglanis =
      • Genus: Pseudexostoma Chu, 1979 = Pseudoexostomy
    • Tribe: Glyptothoracini =

      • Genus: Glyptothorax Blуth, 1851 = Armenian catfish

        Species: Glyptothorax armenicus Berg, 1918 = Armenian catfish

    • Tribe: Pseudecheneidina =

      Genus: Pseudecheneis Blyth, 1860 = Pseudochenes

  • Subfamily: Sisorinae Bleeker, 1858 = Sizorins

    • Genus: Bagarius Bleeker, 1854 = Bagarius
    • Genus: Gagata Bleeker, 1858 = Gagates

      Type: Gagata cenia Hamilton, 1822 = Indian cenia, or Bengal jet

    • Genus: Gogangra =
    • Genus: Nangra =
    • Genus: Sisor =

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