Echinodorus Speckled (Echinodorus Aspersus)

Echinodorus Speckled (Echinodorus Aspersus)
Echinodorus Speckled (Echinodorus Aspersus)

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Echinodorus speckled (Echinodorus aspersus) is a herbaceous bush without a stem with heart-shaped leaves collected in a rosette. Cuttings of leaves are the same length as leaf plates; leaves are green with small brown specks. The bush reaches a height of 10 centimeters, in diameter - 20-25 centimeters. Homeland - North and South America.

The leaves of the underwater and above water parts are of the same shape, elongated with a cordate notch at the base and smoothly tapering at the end. At emergent leaves, the end is more pointed. The length of the leaf is 10-12 cm, the width is 5-6 cm, the size of the cutting is from one to two leaf lengths. The 5 main veins are clearly visible. The underwater leaves are often curled.

Echinodorus speckled (Echinodorus aspersus), photo photography aquarium plants
Echinodorus speckled (Echinodorus aspersus), photo photography aquarium plants

Echinodorus speckled

When keeping speckled Echinodorus in the aquarium, the optimum temperature is 24-28 ° C, when it drops to 22 ° C, growth slows down significantly. The water should be of medium hardness (at least 6-8 °), neutral or slightly alkaline (pH 7-8). In soft, slightly acidic water, the plant quickly dies. Periodic replacement of part of the water is desirable. The introduction of mineral fertilizers is desirable when there are a small number of fish in the aquarium. Lighting should be bright, with a lack of it, the plant stretches and loses its speckled color. Daylight hours should be at least 12 hours. The soil should consist of a mixture of coarse sand with fine and medium pebbles with an admixture of clay and be abundantly silted. The thickness of the soil layer must be at least 5 centimeters.

This plant can also grow in a humid greenhouse or paludarium. At the same time, it grows up to 25-30 centimeters, a speckled color remains only on young leaves.

In the aquarium, the speckled Echinodorus reproduces only vegetatively, forming flower arrows, at the ends of which 1-2 daughter plants appear, young plants can be separated from the mother after they have 5-6 leaves and the root system is formed. Usually 3-4 plants are obtained.

In an aquarium, Echinodorus is best placed in a group in the middle or foreground.

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