Modern Requirements For Obtaining A Horse Passport (paperwork Rules)

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Modern Requirements For Obtaining A Horse Passport (paperwork Rules)
Modern Requirements For Obtaining A Horse Passport (paperwork Rules)

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The horse's passport indicates its main characteristics - nickname, year and place of birth, color and origin. White markings and hair swirls are outlined on a separate page. If the horse is a breeding horse, then the breed of the horse is indicated on the cover, and the color of the passport also indicates the breed relation of the horse. Most importantly, the owner of the horse is indicated in the horse's passport.

A passport can be made for any horse, but the owner must confirm his ownership (invoice, certificate from the farm, receipt, sales contract, etc.). In Russia, passports for horses, including international ones, are issued by the Horse Breeding Institute (VNIIK).

Previously, documents for horses were made by the farms in which the horse is born. On the so-called "tribal certificate" they put their seals and hand-filled genealogies. Since 1994, breeding certificates have no documentary force, although many farms still continue to draw their own "evidence".

Horse passports, horse photo photograph
Horse passports, horse photo photograph

Currently, a horse passport issued by VNIIK is needed in the following cases:

- this is one of the documents for transporting a horse, including abroad;

- allows you to fix the ownership of the animal;

- required to obtain an FKSR sports passport.

The passport can be made in the form of a landscape sheet folded in half, or in the form of the same A5 book. The seal and painting of the VNIIK registrar must be present, the Oryol trotters additionally have holographic stickers.

Rules for paperwork for any horse of unknown origin

To obtain a horse passport, you need to contact one of the inspectors of the VNIIK of horse breeding in your region (for example, in the Rostov region - Yanova Yana Yurievna, in the Krasnodar Territory - Nina Anatolyevna Khokhlova) All information that is known about the horse must be provided. The inspector draws up a graphic description of the horse and makes an application to VNIIK for certification to the appropriate selection department. A graphic description of a sporting, walking and half-blooded horse is made either by a personal inspection of the horse by an inspector, or from correctly taken photographs. In the latter case, the owner himself photographs the horse from the desired angles and provides at least 5-7 shots. Together with the information on the horse, the owner also provides copies of documents confirming that the horse is in his ownership,leaves his postal address and pays the cost of the passport (from 250 to 500 rubles).

Horse, photo photography
Horse, photo photography

Rules for issuing passports for breeding horses (that is, horses of a certain breed)

A pedigree horse (breed horse) must be registered with a zoo. In this case, an act of birth of a foal, statements on mating-foal of mares must be submitted to the institute of horse breeding in a timely manner.

If the foal is older than the current year, then if the deadlines for filing the primary documentation are violated, it will be necessary to confirm the origin: for half-bred horses donate blood for immunogenetic analysis, for thoroughbred horses (only in the presence of an inspector) a pluck from the mane is taken for DNA testing. Samples are included in the accompanying sheet and sent to the laboratory of the institute for research. The term for blood tests is up to 30 days (price is 500 rubles), for DNA - up to 3 months (price is 1500 rubles).

Own horse?
Own horse?

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It is important to understand that a horse's breed cannot be recognized by a blood and DNA test, the test will show whether the parent-mother-child triad matches or not.

Subject to a positive conclusion of the laboratory, an application for the production of a passport is submitted to the appropriate selection department of VNIIK. The term for producing a horse passport is from 14 days. First, the horse is registered in the studbook or the corresponding register of horses (cost from 200 to 2500 rubles). If necessary, they may require a breeding certificate of the stallion-producer, the Inspector or a representative of VNIIK, who will apply for registration and certification of the horse, will report all possible problems with obtaining a horse passport. In addition, in some cases, if the documents are not submitted on time, you will still need to pay a fine, for example, for English thoroughbred riding horses, its size is 10 thousand rubles.

Registration of horse passports on the Koni Don website

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