Amphibians - Slimy And Cold Creatures?

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Amphibians - Slimy And Cold Creatures?
Amphibians - Slimy And Cold Creatures?

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What is the use of them? Who might like them? In everyday life, you can often hear how many express their unflattering attitude towards amphibians. Some despise them, others disdain or, others are indifferent to them. Among the people, amphibians have never enjoyed love. For a long time, fables have been formed about them, various beliefs are associated with them.

Fire salamander, photo amphibian photo
Fire salamander, photo amphibian photo

Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)

You can often hear: "There are warts from frogs." Apparently, warts are associated in humans with the numerous skin glands found in frogs and toads, which look like pimples. Seeing a frog crushed and killed by someone, you involuntarily remember: "It will rain." What is it? A superstitious fear of nature, which avenges its own, albeit unsightly-looking, children? An attempt by our ancestors to protect these weak and defenseless creatures from barbaric destruction? Completely devoid of protective devices (they have neither sharp fangs, nor claws, only a few have poisonous glands), amphibians sometimes rely only on the mercy of the crown of nature's creation, man, and on their legs and camouflage colors.

Over the centuries, humanity has formed a negative attitude towards these creatures of God. The older generation taught the younger generation to be distrustful of frogs and toads. Mothers from childhood who have learned the habit of disliking these animals from their parents, teach the same to their children, although even if they want to harm a person, they will not cause it.

Is it possible to love a frog princess?

Since ancient times, the frog has established itself as an excellent object for biological and medical research. Starting with a first-year student and ending with an eminent academician, everyone who is somehow connected with the natural sciences uses amphibians in experiments. How many of them die on the laboratory table, sacrificing themselves to science! With the help of the frog, mankind became acquainted with electricity. Her foot turned out to be a highly sensitive device. Luigi Galvani was the first to experiment on the frog, and then it became a familiar object for biological research. In Japan, a wah was erected as a martyr of science. The enumeration of the advantages of amphibians does not end there.

Some types of frogs serve as food for humans. Frog legs can be ordered at some of the world's most respectable restaurants. Table decoration frogs are bred on special farms in Western Europe.

The frog princess, photo amphibian photo
The frog princess, photo amphibian photo

In nature, adult amphibians destroy a large number of pests in gardens, parks, vegetable gardens, forests, parks. In Europe, farmers value toads for their ability to eat agricultural pests and sometimes pay huge sums for them in order to provide them with their vegetable gardens in the amount of forage. Toads and frogs sometimes do not disdain even insects with an unpleasant smell and taste, which insectivorous birds are afraid to eat - "the number one destroyers of harmful invertebrates." In addition, amphibians work at night, when most birds are asleep.

Amphibians themselves sometimes become victims of many other predatory animals (otters, minks, ferrets, snakes, birds, fish).

The larvae of amphibians, tadpoles, living in water, eat a large number of diatoms and green algae, thereby preventing the blooming of the reservoir and cleaning it.

This shows that in the civilized world, amphibians are praised by doctors, biologists, gourmets, and farmers. Lovers of aquariums and terrariums also do not ignore these amazing animals. Even a novice aquarist can often find such unpretentious amphibians as a crested newt, clawed frog, axolotl, etc.

Who croaked first?

At one time, amphibians were completely different, they changed, improving their skills in the art of survival, many of them died out, and only a small part of them were able to survive and survive to this day.

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