Training Of Search And Rescue Dogs In Chimkent

Training Of Search And Rescue Dogs In Chimkent
Training Of Search And Rescue Dogs In Chimkent

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A relatively new type of dog service is the use of dogs in the search for victims of natural disasters, especially in the elimination of the consequences of earthquakes. The collection "Service Dog Breeding Club", starting from the first issue, has repeatedly published materials by M. I. Usov on the methodology of training and tactics of using dogs of the search and rescue service. Unfortunately, in our country there is no specialized state organization engaged in the training and use of dogs for this purpose. And only a few service dog breeding clubs and some enthusiasts trained rescue dogs.

It seems that after the catastrophic earthquake in the Armenian SSR in December 1988, interest in the use of dogs for search and rescue of people should increase. Newsreels recorded individual moments of the successful use of dogs in these conditions. Unfortunately, the main contingent of rescuers and their four-legged assistants are not of our domestic "production", but arrived from different countries.

Shepherd dog works on dismantling debris from the earthquake, photo photo of the dog
Shepherd dog works on dismantling debris from the earthquake, photo photo of the dog

In recent years, materials on the methodology of training dogs for the search and rescue service, in addition to the "Collection …", were published in several issues of the magazine "Military Knowledge", in the book "Service Dog Breeding" and, finally, in 1988, a separate edition was published by M.I. Usova "Dog of the search and rescue service." Service Kennel Clubs have guidelines for training and testing dogs for this service.

Thus, there is a methodological literature for the initial training and subsequent training of dogs. We only have to regret that in the USSR there is almost no information about the methods of training and training dogs for such work, used in other countries (France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, etc.). It seems that this gap should be filled in the near future. A personal exchange of experience with foreign experts is required. It is necessary to quickly generalize, describe in detail and disseminate the experience of using dogs (arrived from abroad and domestic) in eliminating the consequences of an earthquake in Armenia. It is necessary to organize the receipt, translation and publication of methods and experience in the use of rescue dogs in other countries of the world.

In our opinion, the training of dogs of this profile in many DOSAAF clubs is constrained by the lack of special training grounds, limited opportunities for trips to unattended suburban areas, which is probably due to the lack of transport and fuel at the places. By the way, the same reasons also impede the training of dogs in clubs for the search, guard and other types of services, which require large untracked areas.

It seems to us that groups of rescuers with dogs should be created in different regions of the country. At the very least, they are mandatory in the Far East, Central Asia and the Transcaucasus, possibly in other regions. The creation of similar mobile groups in Moscow is not ruled out under appropriate conditions.

Considering that there are not enough materials on the training and use of search and rescue dogs in our country, it seems very useful to collect and systematize the slightest bit of experience on this issue in various regions of the country. We intend to talk about the first steps in this direction taken in the Chimkent region of the Kazakh SSR.

The Department of Civil Defense and Medical Training of the M.O. Auezov Chimkent Pedagogical Institute appealed to the regional headquarters of the civil defense with a proposal to assist in the training of a group of rescuers. The civil defense headquarters actively supported him. By a special decision of the Executive Committee of the Chimkent Regional Council of People's Deputies, it was proposed to the regional club of service dog breeding DOSAAF, the regional headquarters of civil defense and the Department of Civil Defense of the Pedagogical Institute to jointly create and train a group of rescuers with dogs,

From among the members of the regional club of service dog breeding, a group of 13 people was created, each was engaged with his own dog. The group consisted of workers, students and high school students with German shepherds of the West European and East European types, Airedale terriers and collies. All animals underwent a general training course. Classes were held for two months in a 76-hour program.

The regional headquarters of the GO actively and interestedly participated in the training. We were regularly provided with a bus to travel to the countryside, all members of the group and their dogs were equipped (overalls, boots, orange jackets, protective helmets, etc.). Protective stockings and bright blankets for dogs were made by the trainers themselves from materials provided by the GO headquarters. Rescuers learned to work with a walkie-talkie.

In the process of training, we used the techniques and methods described in detail in the literature. At the same time, according to our recommendations and drawings, the GO headquarters at its training ground prepared several special objects and devices, which, in our opinion, greatly facilitated the process of developing skills. We have complicated and improved some of the methodological techniques described in the literature.

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