Asian Tabby (cat)

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Asian Tabby (cat)
Asian Tabby (cat)

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Asian Cat (Asian Tabby) - shorthair cat breed, bred in the UK. Recognized as a separate breed in 1990. These cats prefer to live in houses outside the city, where there is no unnecessary hustle and bustle. The breed attracts attention with a huge variety of colors, excellent external data, docile and affectionate disposition. Asian tabbies are playful, active and inquisitive. They are perfect for families with small children and other pets. Their care is minimal, since a short Asian tabby coat does not require serious material costs.

Asian tabby (cat), photo photography
Asian tabby (cat), photo photography

Weight: 4-7 kg.

Cost (price) of a kitten: 400-800 USD (in the UK).

Life expectancy: up to 20 years (average 14-16).

Breed diseases: not found.

Country of origin: UK.

The breed is recognized by felinological organizations: GCCF, LOOF, WCF.

History of Asian Tabby

The breed appeared thanks to the serious work of English breeders from crossing Burma and Persian chinchilla in the early 1980s. Unlike Russia, where they are practically not found, in the rest of the world, Asian tabbies are very popular.


This breed of cats has a strong medium-sized body, strong bones, well-developed muscles, a rounded powerful chest. Feet strong, of medium length, muscular and firm, ending in oval pads. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones. The tail is long, tapering towards the end. There may be a tassel of elongated hair at the end of the tail.

The head is of medium size and resembles a slightly modified wedge. The muzzle is neat with soft lines, distinct cheekbones and a pronounced chin. The nose is small, the profile is even. Large, wide-set ears, with a slight forward inclination, are located on the head far enough from each other. From the base, the ears taper markedly towards the tips. The line of the back is straight, the hips and shoulder girdle are located on one straight line, the belly is tucked up. Females are more miniature and lightweight.

Asian tabby (cat), photo photography
Asian tabby (cat), photo photography

The eyes are large, expressive, set wide apart. Placed deep enough and at a slight angle of inclination. The eyes are round or moderately almond shaped. Color from light lemon to deep golden.

The coat of Asian tabby is short, thick, shiny and thin, close to the body. Soft, silky to the touch, without pronounced guard hair. A characteristic feature of the breed is the silky or metallic sheen of the hair.

Basic colors can be very diverse, there are individuals of light blue, reddish, dark red, apricot, cream, caramel, lilac, gray-blue, tortoiseshell, black and other colors, on which a tabby pattern is required. There are four main types of spot arrangement:

- spotted tabby - dark small spots of various shapes and sizes on a light main background;

- marble tabby - stripes on the lateral sides of the body, arranged symmetrically and in the form of a spiral or swirling strokes;

- brindle tabby - deep-dark parallel stripes (brindle), located vertically on a light background;

- ticked tabby - besides the main color, the coat has a zonal coloration with a contrasting coloration of the tips of the guard hair. The eyes, mouth and nose are outlined with a thin but very prominent line.

Asian tabby (cat), photo photography
Asian tabby (cat), photo photography

The nature of the Asian tabby

Asian tabbies are active, friendly and curious. They are focused on communication with a person or fellows, therefore they do not tolerate loneliness. They are sociable even with strangers. Normally, there is no territorial or sexual aggression. Individuals of the same sex get along well with each other, as do individuals of different sexes. These cats, with their loud voices, love to "talk".

Asian tabbies are mobile, prone to active games and climbing, which should be taken into account and provided with a sufficient number of toys and jumping equipment.

Asian tabbies are very peaceful, affectionate, docile and gentle creatures. They live well even in small apartments without visiting the street. Equally attached to all family members, including children (6+). Representatives of this breed can show not only their love, but also gratitude, they can demonstrate resentment. They love to sit on their knees.

They are not inclined to go into conflicts, but if necessary, they are able to protect themselves and their offspring. Due to their meek, calm disposition, they tolerate short periods of loneliness well. Longer loneliness will make them feel sad and anxious. The incredible friendliness of these cats allows them to get along well with other pets. Asian tabbies are highly intelligent and quick-witted, which is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

Asian tabby (cat), photo photography
Asian tabby (cat), photo photography

Dislike noise, especially from cars, trucks or buses. Therefore, it is recommended to keep in apartments with windows facing a quiet courtyard or in the suburbs.


For cats of this breed, a rubber glove brush will be enough. Combing, as a rule, once a week, and bathing at least once a month. Ears are checked once a week for dirt, parasites, and excess sulfur. Discharge from the eyes is removed every day with a damp cotton swab or napkin. Every 10-14 days, claws are slightly trimmed with a special nail clipper. The house should also have a scratching post.


Asian tabbies inherited excellent health from their ancestors. No specific hereditary diseases have been identified. Proper feeding, adherence to the rules of care and maintenance will allow cats to live up to 20 years, with an average life expectancy of 14-16 years. Some cats snore when they sleep.

The first estrus in cats usually begins at 8-9 months.

20 nicknames suitable for Asian tabby

For male kittens: Alex, Zeus, Coco, Silver, Tom, Trouble, Avalon, Momo, Titan, Clay.

For female kittens: Alice, Grace, Kiki, Alexa, Kitket, Belle, Maggie, Tippy, Tamara, Summer.

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