American Shorthair Cat

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American Shorthair Cat
American Shorthair Cat

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The American shorthair cat is an ideal family cat with a gentle and calm temperament. Perfect for those who need a cat that does not require constant attention. They are medium to large sized cats, strong and muscular, not too compact, but flexible. American Shorthair cats are good-natured and calm, treat both adults and children well. They love to play, but at the same time they do not require constant attention from their owner and entertain themselves. They are quite intelligent and moderately obedient.

Weight: males - 4.9-6.7 kg, females - 2.7-5.4 kg.

Cost (price) of a kitten: from 25,000 to 60,000 rubles (depending on the class of the kitten), and in America $ 800-1300 (excluding delivery).

Life expectancy: up to 20 years (average 12-15).

Country of origin: USA.

Breed diseases: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hereditary dysplasia of the hip joints, polycystic kidney disease.

The breed is recognized by felinological organizations: AACE, ACA, ACFA, CCA, CFA, CFF, TICA, UFO, LOOF, WCF.

American shorthair cat, photo photography
American shorthair cat, photo photography

American Shorthair: Health

American Shorthair: Buying a kitten

American Shorthair: grooming for hair, teeth, eyes and ears

American Shorthair: feeding and maintenance

History of the American Shorthair


Breed Standard Nicknames for the American Shorthair


The American Shorthair cat has a heavy, strong bones, well-developed muscles and a wide chest. The tail is long, equal in length to the distance from the withers to its base. The head is large, elongated. The cheeks are full, the forehead is somewhat sloping, without protuberances between the ears. The ears are of medium size and set well apart from each other. The eyes are large and open. The nose is of medium length with a slight slope. The neck is thick, muscular, of medium size. The muzzle is powerful, square, with strong jaws and a firm chin. The back is wide, strong, slightly sloping at the base of the tail. Shoulders and hips are the same width. The legs are strong, of medium length, with strong muscles. Paws are round, strong, tightly compressed. The tail is thick with a blunt end. The coat is thick, dense, short, shiny, hard to the touch. Cats are much larger and more massive than cats.

More than eighty colors are accepted, apart from those clearly indicating hybridization, such as Siamese and Abyssinian agouti. The most famous color is the silver tabby, which is very conspicuous due to the bright black markings on the silver field. More than a third of all American shorthairs have this color. The color of the eyes, pads and nose lobes may vary and should be consistent with color.

Disqualifying signs: long or fluffy hair, pronounced feet, protruding eyes, protruding nose bridge, tail defects, incorrect number of fingers, overshot or undershot, obesity or emaciation.

The personality and temperament of the American shorthair cat

The American Shorthair is the ideal family cat. They are good-natured and calm animals, good for both adults and children. Many breeders describe this breed with the words "golden mean". Cats of medium size, build and temperament; not too large and not too small; neither couch potatoes, nor hyperactive.

They love to play, but at the same time they do not require constant attention from their owner and entertain themselves, which makes them perfect companions for single people. If the cat wants to play with you, she will bring a toy.

American shorthair cat, photo photography
American shorthair cat, photo photography

They are very understanding, curious, obedient and intelligent. In everyday life, very short-haired Americans are very clean. They get along well with other cats and dogs, but the neighborhood is not recommended with other animals (rodents, rabbits, birds). The hunting instinct of this breed is too great.

The breed is prone to obesity, so you need to constantly monitor your pet's weight. Most of the day, cats sleep basking in the sun or in a warm place. In the apartment where the American cat lives, it is necessary to put Anticoshki nets on the windows, otherwise, chasing another "victim", it may fall out of the window (if there is a usual mosquito net on it).

American Shorthair cats value their freedom very much. Unlike other cat breeds, they do not like to be picked up, preferring to just be around. But if you give them the right to be themselves, they will be loyal friends. They are silent, they have a rather soft and quiet "voice".

They feel great both in the apartment and on the street. They are excellent mouse-catchers. American Shorthairs mature slowly - by 3-4 years.


Even a beginner can handle caring for an American Shorthair cat, since it is minimal. Typically, the cat is brushed once a week with a steel comb. During seasonal molting, the animal is combed out 2-3 times a week and bathed so that the molt is faster.

American shorthair cat, photo photography
American shorthair cat, photo photography

Breed standard American shorthair according to WCF

General Description: The cat is medium to large in size, strong and muscular, not too compact but lithe. The ribcage is round and well developed. Strong, sturdy legs of medium length taper evenly to firm, round feet. The tail is medium in length with a broad base and tapers slightly towards a rounded tip.

Head: The broad head gives a rounded appearance, but is slightly longer than wide. The nose is of medium length and broad. The profile is clearly curved, with a pronounced stop (transition from the forehead to the nose). The muzzle is massive, angular and well-defined. The neck is muscular and firm.

Ears: Ears of medium size with slightly rounded tips, which may have small tassels. The distance between the ears is not very wide. They are placed almost vertically.

Eyes: Rounded eyes open, set wide apart and slightly tilted. Eye color should be even and match the color of the coat. In silver colors only green is allowed, in brown tabby only golden eyes are allowed.

COAT: The coat is short, dense, with each individual hair curved, entangled or bent, causing the coarse guard hair and undercoat to be separated from the body. The hair is elastic, coarse and very dense. The overall impression of the curl pattern is more important when judging than the individual coat types.

Colors : The colors of chocolate and cinnamon, as well as their dilution (lilac and fawn) are not allowed in any combination (two-tone, tricolor, tabby). Tipped colors are also not allowed. All other colors and patterns are allowed. Any amount of white is allowed.

20 names suitable for the American shorthair cat

For male kittens: Kevin, Lockney, Olus, Patrick, Roald, Earl, Aznauri, Barnum, Dono, Leslie.

For female kittens: Arisha, Gaini, Kvisha, Lea, Mona, Patsi, Tressy, Shana, Aselin, Damita.

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