Balinese Cat, Or Balinese

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Balinese Cat, Or Balinese
Balinese Cat, Or Balinese

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Balinese, or Balinese, or Balinese cat was bred in America as a semi-long-haired variety of the Siamese cat. Lovely character, unique appearance, intelligence and love for people make communication with this breed simply delightful. Balinese are energetic and gentle, attached to their owners and love to participate in all household chores. They get along well with children and other animals. Balinese cats require gentle, gentle and anxious upbringing. Unpretentious care.

Weight: 2.5-5 kg.

Cost (price) of a kitten: 10,000-25,000 rubles and above (in Russia).

Life expectancy: 12-15 years on average.

Breed diseases: dilated cardiomyopathy, liver and kidney amyloidosis, oral diseases, diabetes mellitus, asthma, "Siamese" strabismus, dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints, etc.

Country of origin: USA.

The breed is recognized by felinological organizations: CFA, TICA, ACFA / CAA, CCA-AFC, GCCF, FIFe, WCF.

Balinese cat, Balinese, Balinese cat forinewright, photo photography
Balinese cat, Balinese, Balinese cat forinewright, photo photography

Balinese cat of new type, color forin wine

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Balinese cat health

Feeding and keeping

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History of the Balinese, or Balinese cat

Balinese appearance

According to the standards of the felinological associations CFA, FIFe, GCCF, TICA, the balinese must be identical to the Siamese cat, with the exception of the coat length. The silhouette of a Balinese cat, graceful, elegant, with long muscles, a slender neck and narrow shoulders. Long, thin legs, small oval feet, long tail. The shoulders and hips continue the lines of the tubular torso. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front. Tucked up belly. Cats can be larger than cats.

The head is in the shape of a long triangle, harmonious. The ears are large, triangular. From the chin to the tips of the ears, straight lines run, forming a triangle, without interruption at the cheekbones. The profile is straight from the crown to the tip of the nose, without bulges or dips. The muzzle is graceful. The eyes are very beautiful, expressive, shiny, extended to the temples. Eye color ranges from pale blue to sapphire / purple; color intensity may vary slightly with age and diet. Strabismus is not allowed.

The coat is semi-long, fine and silky, without undercoat, very light. Slightly longer at the neck and shoulders, especially in cats. A plume-shaped tail with a slight fringe. The offspring of two Balinese will have a longer coat than the Balinese and Siamese.

Balinese cat, balinese cat, kitten photo, cat breed photo
Balinese cat, balinese cat, kitten photo, cat breed photo

Balinese kitten. Kennel "Dizigner". Photo by Anna Utekhina

The color of the Balinese is called color-point, popularly "Siamese". Points - areas of the body of a cat with a bright, rich color of the coat: ears, "mask" on the head, lower limbs, tail. All other areas of the body, and this is mainly the torso, are as light as possible and should clearly contrast with the points. On the body, a slight shade to match the color of the points is acceptable. The “mask” on the head completely covers the entire muzzle, including the mustache pads, and comes into contact with the ears, but does not merge with them. The "mask" should not turn into a "hood" and go to the back of the head. Marks on all parts of the body should be evenly painted over and of the same color. There should be no white spots or individual white hairs around the points. Older balines have a tendency to darken the whole body.The experts are condescending to this.

Initially, only four colors were recognized for Siamese and Balinese cats: black point, chocolate point, purple point and blue point. Over time, the range of colors has been expanded and now there are more than fifty, including tortie, tabby and white.

In the American standard, the color variants derived from the shorthaired color point are further considered a separate breed known as the Javanese.

The nature and temperament of the Balinese cat

The character of balinese is distinguished by sensuality and sociability, one of its main features is a strong affection for the owner. Balinese cats love human society. They like it when people pay attention to them, play, talk to them. But if no one has a desire to deal with a cat at the moment, then she will always find a suitable occupation for herself.

Balinese cats love to "talk". Their gentle, melodious voice is reminiscent of the cry of doves. Children and Balinese cats understand each other perfectly and will always figure out how to have fun. Balinese want to participate in everything that happens in the house. They can be quite persistent in their requests for attention.

Balinese cat, old type balinese, photo photography
Balinese cat, old type balinese, photo photography

Balinese old type

The need for movement in these cats is very high, especially in kittens. They love walking on the street, they easily get used to the harness. They jump very well, both in height and in length. It is believed that the Balinese cats have the highest intelligence of all long-haired breeds.

Fearless defenders of their territory, gentle friends of their master, and patient toys in the hands of children. However, they are wary of strangers. They hate loneliness, so if you don't want to come home from work to find a pogrom at home, take care of toys (especially interactive ones) for your pet. Since this is a fairly jumpy breed, you need to get a taller and more complex cat house. This, of course, will result in additional expenses, but you will save on repairs and the purchase of new furniture, curtains, clothes, flowers, etc.

Have self-esteem. Get along well with dogs and other cats. Balinese people love to roll on their shoulders and play fetch the mouse. Give them a ping-pong ball and they will play football with it for hours.

When you sit down, the balinese will curl up in your lap, and at night he will lie in bed with you, under the covers, resting his head on the pillow. Balinese cats often roll around under their feet, so it is not recommended to keep them in a home where elderly people with sore legs live using a walker, cane or crutches.

20 names suitable for Balinese cats

For male kittens: Bima, Guntur, Kuwat, Medan, Padang, Tegal, Agung, Valuio, Dharma, Krisna.

For female kittens: Batari, Vangi, Dili, Quinta, Lestari, Melati, Pati, Ratu, Sari, Eka.

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