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Dutch Rex
Dutch Rex

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The Dutch rex (Rex wirehair, Dutch rex cat) is a rare wavy-wool mutation of Maine Coon Rex, isolated into a separate breed with the fixation of such a characteristic feature of their hard curly hair. Initially in Europe, Maine Coon breeders castrated kittens, which were born with a curly fur coat.

Cornish Rex cat breed photo photography
Cornish Rex cat breed photo photography

Cornish Rex cat


According to one version, the first representatives of the breed were released in 1985, as a result of a mutation they appeared in the litters of pedigree Maine Coons. Their distinctive features drew attention to them and later forced them to work with the "Dutch" as a separate breed.

According to another version, Holland became the birthplace of the breed, where the first curly-haired Maine Coon Rex appeared allegedly in 1968, as a mutation of the American wire-haired cat with a dominant gene that provides such a coat.

There is also speculation that the Dutch Rex was the result of an experimental breeding program in Holland in the 1980s. According to this version, felinologists refused to further work on the breed.

Dutch Rex cat breed photo
Dutch Rex cat breed photo

Dutch Rex


Dutch Rex have short hair, covered with curls and characterized by rigidity. The body, limbs and tail are thin; ears with pointed tips, very large, relatively small wedge-shaped head. As for the color and any other special features, they are not standardized. Completely different coat colors and variations in appearance are allowed, the only requirement is the special texture of the "Dutchman" coat. The eyes are large, almond-oval.

Character and behavior

Dutch Rexes are described as extremely playful cats, affectionate and loving to receive the attention of their owner, curious, friendly towards children and pets. Cats of this breed, like Maine Coons, easily adapt to various living conditions, can live both in the yard and in an apartment.

A keen mind, a talent for mouse-catcher and a pleasant voice are also their characteristic features.

Devon rex cat breed photo
Devon rex cat breed photo

Devon Rex from "Mashuko" kennel

Dutch Rexes require increased attention during the winter season, as well as where low temperatures are common. The point is their short coat, which can easily make representatives of this breed a victim of a severe cold, sometimes fatal.

Breed recognition

There is currently no information on the recognition of the Dutch Rex breed, previously articles about them were published in felinological publications in the Netherlands and some other countries, but now the breed differs in that there is very little information about it. There is no targeted breeding of Dutch Rex according to scientific journals.

20 nicknames suitable for the Dutch Rex

For kittens boys: Charlie, Max, Shadow, Buddy, Oreo, Sebastian, Lucky, Rocky, Harry, Blackie.

For female kittens: Ariel, Princess, Missy, Diamond, Jasmine, Layla, Ruby, Minnie, Candy, Maya.

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