Dragon Li (Li Hua, Li Mao)

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Dragon Li (Li Hua, Li Mao)
Dragon Li (Li Hua, Li Mao)

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Dragon Li (Chinese Li Hua) is a unique Chinese cat breed that has recently gained worldwide popularity. For the first time, the Dragon Li were presented to the world community at the Beijing exhibition in 2003, and from this moment the official countdown of the history of this exotic breed begins. However, it would be wrong to say that Dragon Li appeared in 2010. In its homeland, in China, the breed arose long ago and enjoys popular love, even though it remains a great rarity.

Dragon Li, Li Hua, Li Mao, photo cat breed cat photography
Dragon Li, Li Hua, Li Mao, photo cat breed cat photography

In China, these cats are called Li Hua or Li Mao. The "dragon" name of the breed was borrowed from ancient manuscripts (these cats are mentioned in many historical documents) and is used only in Western countries to emphasize the cultural connection of these cats with the mythological Chinese dragon. Nothing is known exactly about the origin of the breed. Most likely, Dragon Li appeared as a result of the natural domestication of the Chinese mountain cat (Felis bieti).

The preliminary breed standard was developed in 2005, and Dragon Lee was officially registered only in 2010. Simultaneously with this event, cats were for the first time taken out for breeding outside of China. At the moment, the breed is considered exotic, although Dragon Li is now being bred not only in their homeland, but also in the United States.

Dragon Li develops very slowly, an adult is considered a cat from the age of three years. You can buy kittens no earlier than after reaching twelve weeks of age, until that moment the kittens are still too weak, and therefore they cannot be transported.

Dragon Li, or Li Hua, or Li Mao, photo of cat breed picture photo
Dragon Li, or Li Hua, or Li Mao, photo of cat breed picture photo


It will not be easy for an uninitiated person to distinguish Dragon Li from a mongrel domestic cat, because at first glance they are very similar. However, Dragon Li is distinguished by a strong, muscular physique, proportional to strong legs and a straight back. The front legs are usually of the same length as the hind legs, but may be slightly shorter. The head has a graceful elongated shape with a round forehead. The ears are wide, neatly rounded, and the tail is long, but still shorter than the length of the body. The tail gradually tapers towards the tip. Females are smaller than males.

Dragon Li is easily recognizable by its beautiful yellow or green almond-shaped eyes. Another distinctive sign is that the eyes of a thoroughbred animal are slightly slanted: the outer corners of the eyes are always higher than the inner ones. The mouth must have black dots to create the illusion of a smile.

Dragons have practically no undercoat, but the coat itself is two-layer, short and dense. In males, the coat is stiffer, while in females it is very soft and silky. Dragon Li have only one recognized color - brown tabby: black stripes on the head, the tail is painted with rings, the tip is black. At least one continuous stripe in the form of a necklace must pass along the chest. Each individual hair of such a cat should be colored in several shades of color, making up three distinct stripes: black, light brown, dark brown. The weight of the animals is from 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

Dragon Li, or Li Hua, or Li Mao, photo photograph
Dragon Li, or Li Hua, or Li Mao, photo photograph

Dragon Li character

The owners appreciate Dragon Li for his intelligence, calmness and his affectionate nature. Cats of this breed love to play, get along well with other pets, but at the same time it is not easy for them to live in the same house with children. However, Dragon Li's children are tolerated. This breed lends itself well to training, as it is distinguished by great intelligence and devotion to its owners. The Chinese claim that Dragon Li can be easily taught to perform tricks even at home. "Dragons" are rather silent and independent.


Dragon Li is not picky in everyday life and does not require special care. The only thing you need to do to keep your pet's coat and skin in good condition is to brush the coat once a week, and also occasionally clean the ears. Since these pets love to sharpen their claws, it would be nice to get a scratching post for them, otherwise they can ruin the furniture. Dragon Li rarely gets sick, apparently due to the fact that the breed appeared naturally. Nevertheless, it is better to protect these cats from the cold - they do not tolerate temperature changes well. It is very important for "dragons" to spend more time outdoors than indoors, as they are very active. As for the life expectancy of Dragon Li, it is 12-15 years.

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