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Colorpoint Shorthair
Colorpoint Shorthair

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History of breed colorpoint shorthair (Colorpoint shorthair cat) started in the forties of the twentieth century. During this period, breeders from the USA and Great Britain began work to improve the color of Siamese cats. There were and still exist four traditional colors of Siamese cats: lilac (purple), chocolate, seal and blue (blue). To obtain brighter and more unusual colors, breeders began to cross Siamese cats with Abyssinian, British and American shorthair and some other shorthair cats.

Colorpoint shorthair, cat breed photo picture picture
Colorpoint shorthair, cat breed photo picture picture

For more than thirty years it was not possible to get the desired result, but in the end their efforts of breeders were crowned with success. Initially, they did not seek to create a new breed, but only wanted to improve the existing colors of the Siamese, but under the onslaught of disgruntled breeders who adhere to traditions, they were forced to apply to CFA to register a new breed.

So, in 1974, an independent breed of Colourpoint Shorthair appeared. However, in Great Britain it remained under the original name "Siamese cat", but the registration of its representatives is carried out under a different number, and an Appendix to the standard was created especially for them, which specifies the features of the color. As an independent breed, the colorpoint is recognized by the CFA and WCF.


Colorpoints shorthaired - cats of medium size with graceful body lines, muscular, well-built. Their weight is approximately 2-4 kg. Generally, cats are slightly larger than cats. The features of the body structure coincide with the standard of Siamese cats, with the exception of the coat and its color. The hairline of colorpoints is short, shiny, with a glossy sheen. The hairs fit snugly to the body. To date, sixteen colors are distinguished: red-point, cream-point, seal-links-point, chocolate-links-point, blue-links-point, lilac-links-point, red-links-point, cream-links-point, seal-cake-links-point, chocolate-cake-links-point, blue-cake-links-point, lilac-cake-links-point, seal-cake-point, chocolate-cake-point, blue-cream-point, lilac cream point.

Colorpoint shorthair, cat breed photo cat image
Colorpoint shorthair, cat breed photo cat image

Character and behavior

Shorthaired colorpoints are energetic, cheerful, sociable and affectionate cats. In character, they are in many ways similar to Siamese cats. Of the behavioral features, it is worth noting the frequent change of mood, as well as the love of "talking". Colorpoint talks constantly, both when he is upset and when he is hungry. These are very loud and restless cats. They are always doing something, very funny, smart, easy to train and demanding. They are very fond of human attention.

Their curiosity borders on curiosity, and persistence borders on obsession. However, it is precisely because of these qualities that they are wonderful companions. Colorpoints are suitable for people who do not like loneliness, as well as those who are not annoyed by constant meowing. Representatives of this breed get along well with children, but do not forget about the love of these cats for "opening" their claws. They get along with other animals only if the owner pays enough attention to colorpoints.

Cats sometimes show excessive aggression towards other animals. Such individuals usually enter into a fight with an outsider, defending their territory and their rank in the "pack".

Care and maintenance of shorthaired colorpoint

Shorthaired colorpoints require standard grooming. For grooming you need: shampoo for short-haired cats, rubber brush, ear and eye care products, nail clipper, cotton wool, a piece of suede. Brushing and general examination should be done once a week, and clipping and bathing should be done once a month.

In keeping cats of this breed are quite simple and need "traditional" conditions of keeping. It is recommended to purchase trays with high sides, lumpy filler, two or more bowls, a stove bench of the appropriate size. Short-haired colorpoints are fond of releasing claws, so it is advisable that there is not one scratching post in the house, but several. Letting cats outside is not recommended.

Colorpoint shorthair, cat breed photography cat picture
Colorpoint shorthair, cat breed photography cat picture


In general, shorthaired colorpoints are in good health. A defect in the nasal septum and muscle weakness in the hind limbs are common. These cats are prone to heart disease, amyloidosis, adenocarcinoma of the small intestine, esophageal achalasia, asthma, hyperesthesia. Lung cancer is sometimes found. Some cats are susceptible to allergies, especially flea bites. If cats are properly kept, well looked after, vaccinated in a timely manner, then colorpoints can live up to 20 years. The average life expectancy is 14-16 years.

Kitten cost

Shorthair colorpoints can be purchased in Russia for about the same price as Siamese cats, that is, for 10-25 thousand rubles (pet class). The cost depends on many factors, in particular on the exterior of the kitten, its age, the pedigree of the parents, the prestige of the cattery. On the “bird” market, kittens cost 5-8 thousand rubles on average. Abroad, the cost of a kitten ranges from $ 600 to $ 800.

20 nicknames for shorthaired colorpoint

For male kittens: Gizmo, Mikesh, Cassidy, Buddy, Coco, Javin, Simba, Angus, Tommy, Lucky.

For female kittens: Alice, Lily, Emma, ​​Angelina, Molly, Siena, Chloe, Daisy, Ella, Sassie.

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