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Egyptian Mau
Egyptian Mau

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The Egyptian Mau is a short-haired, medium-sized cat breed with a spotted color. The spots are found not only on the coat, but also on the skin. It is considered a rare breed. Most people are attracted by the exotic appearance of the Mau, but his character is also not ordinary. They are very sociable cats who enjoy being around people and participating in all their endeavors. They are very sensitive to their toys, protect them from any encroachment, wear them in their teeth and growl at someone who is trying to deprive them of their property. Egyptian Mau have very high intelligence, they quickly figure out how to open cabinets and drawers, especially those where food and toys are stored.

Weight: 2.5-5 kg.

The cost (price) of a kitten: in our country, the cost of pet-class kittens (pet) starts from 20,000 rubles, breed-class kittens (show ones participating in breeding) cost between 35,000-50,000 rubles, you will have to pay for a show-class kitten at least 70,000-100,000 rubles. In America, Mau kittens cost from $ 300 to $ 2000, in the UK from 300 to 1000 pounds, in France - from 1000 to 1500 €.

Life expectancy: 13-15 years on average.

Breed diseases: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, allergies, asthma, dislocation of the patella, leukodystrophy, pyruvate kinase deficiency, etc.

Country of origin: Egypt.

The breed is recognized by felinological associations: CFA, TICA, AACE, ACFA / CAA, CCA-AFC, LOOF, FIFe, WCF, GCCF.

Egyptian Mau, photo cat breed picture picture
Egyptian Mau, photo cat breed picture picture

Egyptian Mau: Buying a Kitten

Care of the Egyptian Mau

Nicknames for Egyptian Mau

Tips for Feeding Mau

Egyptian Mau: Health and Maintenance Tips

History of the Egyptian Mau breed


The Egyptian Mau is a densely built cat, muscular, with a well-developed bone, at the same time, elegant. The head is medium in size, the cheeks are flat. A rounded forehead is visible in profile. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, set somewhat obliquely, the color of green currant, but up to 18 months, a yellow-amber color is acceptable. The expression of the eyes is always lively, with sparks of curiosity.

The ears are rather large, wide at the base and moderately pointed at the tips. The auricles are almost transparent, pinkish, like seashells. Sometimes there are tassels on the ears. The legs are of medium length, well muscled. The hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones. The feet are small, slightly oval, with long toes on the hind feet. The tail is of medium length with a rounded tip.

The coat is glossy, short, dense, silky, of medium length, but sufficient to have 2-3 ticking rings. The most important external sign of the Egyptian Mau is color - dark specks on a light general tabby background. Numerous spots of varying size and shape are scattered throughout the body. They contrast well with the main background, clearly standing out from it.

In addition to spots, there are other markings: around the neck, one or more dark-colored open rings - necklaces, on the upper part of the front paws there are half rings, at shoulder level, on the thighs and the upper part of the hind legs there are half spots. The middle of the back is marked with regular elongated specks, which are located in one line up to the tip of the tail, ending in a dark spot.

Egyptian Mau, photo cat breed picture picture
Egyptian Mau, photo cat breed picture picture

Photo © Lisa Beattie

On the forehead, a pattern resembling a scarab beetle is required (pattern in the form of a large letter "M" above the eyes and "W" at ear level towards the back of the skull) with markings going back and divided into separate spots along the back and "makeup" (two long lines that emphasize the eyes and run along the cheekbones). On the tail there are thick rings, the end of the tail is dark. The lines must match the color types of cats: forces - for bronze; black - for silvery and smoky mau. At the same time, the mucous membranes, lips, nose and paw pads are also painted in the tone of the main color.

Three color variations are allowed:

Silver. Egyptian Mau of this color has a basic tone from light gray to gray, pattern from dark gray to black with good contrast. The ears are pinkish gray with dark tips. The throat, chin, near the nostrils, around the eyes are white, the edging of the eyes, the lobes of the nose, the mouth are black.

Bronze. Bronze cats - the main tone is dark brown on the back, turning into a lighter to ivory color to the belly. The drawing is dark brown. Ears are pinkish brown, dark brown at the tips. The bridge of the nose is buffy. Throat, chin, near the nostrils, around the eyes - cream color.

Smoky.Cats of this color - the main tone from dark gray to almost black with a silvery undercoat, no ticking. All markings are black, in contrast to the main background, always visible.

Sometimes black Mau are born. Also rare, but marble mau are born. This color is called "wild". These kittens - black and marble - are not admitted to exhibitions and are not used for breeding. Also an unusual feature of these cats are small folds-pouches hanging under the belly in front of the hind legs. They are believed to be designed for greater hind leg reach when jumping and running high.

Egyptian Mau cat breed photo
Egyptian Mau cat breed photo

The nature and temperament of the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is full of energy, he loves movement, games, walks, which has a beneficial effect on his graceful, flexible and muscular figure. He is wary of outsiders. These cats make wonderful companions. Mau inherited pride, poise, and passion from his ancestors. He quickly gets used to the routine in the house. Cannot stand loneliness, can become depressed if he does not have enough attention. Bored, the Mau can wreak havoc in an apartment or house, ruining many things.

They get along well with both children and other pets. They are constantly interested in everything that their beloved owner does. They are very intelligent and stubborn cats. They are quick learners and love to go their own way.

They can open taps, doors, refrigerators, cabinets and drawers and love to explore new things. One of the favorite things to do is watching the dinner table. Mau are very fond of food, almost do not know the measures and are prone to obesity. And they can be very stubborn when trying to put them on a diet, which leads to a hunger strike. In this case, the cat almost always wins!

May are very fond of "talking" and they can hardly be called silent, they often have very musical voices. They are known to chirp, snort, and make other unusual noises. When the Mau is happy, it wags its tail (like a dog), tramples its front paws, and makes quiet "giggling" sounds. These cats are not too intrusive when communicating, with great pleasure they sit on their owners' arms or shoulder.

Egyptian Mau cat breed photo
Egyptian Mau cat breed photo

Photo © Surya & Maya

They have excellent eyesight, hearing, smell and quick reaction, which makes them excellent hunters. Mau are champions among domestic cats in running speed (up to 48 km / h). They love to play with all sorts of toys, flies and teasers, because during these games they can fully reveal their natural hunting qualities. They love to climb higher and inspect their possessions.

Egyptian Mau are very fond of water. They play with it, trying to catch it with their paws, they like to sit and watch the owner take a bath. From their wild ancestors, they retained the habit of touching water in a bowl with their paws before drinking. These are very clean cats. Easy to toilette.


Mau cats are ideal mothers. Quite often cats take on maternal responsibilities and help look after kittens. Maus carry kittens longer than cats of other breeds - from 63 to 73 days. Kittens are born with well-defined spots. There are on average up to 4 kittens in a litter. In Egyptian Mau, milk teeth often do not fall out until permanent teeth appear, so a kitten may have two complete sets of teeth.

20 nicknames for the Egyptian Mau

For male kittens: Aaru, Danai, Zuberi, Ialu, Keb, Madu, Omari, Ramses, Sekani, Hamadi.

For female kittens: Akana, Bennu, Gipsi, Dendera, Erbi, Kanika, Lilu, Maat, Omoroz, Piama.

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