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Minskin (cat)
Minskin (cat)

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Minskin cat is a young experimental breed of cats with short legs. It is believed that the idea of ​​breeding the breed belongs to Paul McSorley, the owner of the Boston kennel (USA). It was he who, in 1998, laid the foundation for breeding work, crossing the Canadian Sphynx and Munchkin. Then Burmese and Devon Rex were added to breeding.

Minskin cat, photo of cat breed photo picture
Minskin cat, photo of cat breed photo picture

Enthusiastic breeders wanted to combine the characteristics of these breeds together and get a short-legged little cat that would have "suede" skin, like a sphinx, and soft curly hair on points, like a rex. For the first time a cat that meets all these requirements appeared in the near 2000. Work on consolidating and improving the breed continues to this day. In 2012, there were slightly more than 100 minskins. TICA recognized the breed, assigned it 4 category and experimental status. Since 2008, Minskers can take part in exhibitions.

The appearance of minskin

Minskin are medium-sized cats. Their body is elongated, proportional, and muscular. The muzzle is broad and short, with high cheekbones. The chin is pronounced, as are the vibrissa pads. The mustache may be sparse, broken, or missing altogether. The ears are large (may be completely bald), with slightly rounded tips, set wide apart and extending beyond the head at the sides. The eyes are large, set wide apart, oval. The chest is strong. The limbs are short, straight, the hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones, therefore the body is located at a slight angle. Paws are neat, round. The tail is of medium length and tapering towards the tip.

Minskin are short-haired cats. The color of the coat is not regulated by the standard. The head, ears, legs and tail are covered with very short satin hair, which is close to the body. The rest of the body has sparse hairs. The leather feels like suede or cashmere to the touch. The abdomen should always be hairless.

Minskin, photo photograph picture
Minskin, photo photograph picture

The character and temperament of minskin

Minskin's short paws should not be misleading. They are active, playful, dexterous and nimble animals. They can easily climb trees, jump on furniture. Minskins move like ferrets. They are curious, but moderately self-confident. They are well trained due to their high mental abilities, quick-wittedness and docility. Minskins are affectionate, but at the same time they demand a lot of attention.

It is an ideal breed for seniors and families with children. Even short periods of loneliness are very difficult to tolerate. Animals love to be in the center of attention, accompany their owners, watch their actions, while they are not intrusive. Minskins get along well with other animals, including rodents, dogs, cats of the same sex. Minskins live well without walking in small city apartments. They should be provided with a secluded resting area in the form of a cat house. A scratching post will also be helpful. Pets remain playful until old age, so you should watch out for the variety of toys. Minskins do not like changes and change of place of residence, so it is not advisable to take them with you on vacation or a long trip.

Care and maintenance

Minskins require simple but daily care. It is recommended to comb the points every day with a soft natural bristle comb, wipe the pets' body with a damp sponge, and wipe the lacrimal paths with damp cotton wool. It is advisable to bathe minskins 2-3 times a month. The shampoo for shorthaired cats is suitable for this procedure. The use of human hygiene and cosmetic products is prohibited, as they are harmful to cats. After washing, the animal must be wrapped in a warm towel. Brush your teeth at least once a month. Once a week, it is necessary to remove accumulated dirt and excess wax from the ears of the cotton wool pieces. Minskin claws should be trimmed with a nail clipper about once every 3-4 weeks.

Minskin, photo photograph picture
Minskin, photo photograph picture

Also, do not forget to visit a veterinarian, give anthelmintic drugs once a quarter and feed the pets correctly. Because of their short hair, cats are quite sensitive to extreme heat (sunburn) and cold. It is necessary to regularly check the condition of the skin (seals, fungal infection, scratches, cuts and bruises).

Minskins are often fed in small portions, because due to the lack of hair, animals spend more energy to maintain their body temperature.

Minskin's health

The breed is still very young and there is little information about it. Of the already identified diseases inherent in this breed, it is worth noting allergies and diseases of the musculoskeletal system (lordosis, sunken chest). Since the sphinxes were used in the breeding of the breed, there is a likelihood of detecting hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in some individuals. Today it is allowed to breed minskins with sphinxes, munchkins, burmese and domestic shorthair cats.

The average life span is 10-15 years. Minskinins are quite miniature - up to 18-20 cm high and weighing from 1.8 to 3 kg.

The cost

There are only a little more than 100 minskins in the world, their characteristics are still unstable and are improving, so their cost is quite high and is determined purely individually, but not less than $ 500.

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