Napoleon (minuet) - Dwarf Cat

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Napoleon (minuet) - Dwarf Cat
Napoleon (minuet) - Dwarf Cat

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Napoleon, or minuet (Napoleon Cat) - a rare and expensive breed of cats, mestizo Persian and Munchkin. This dwarf cat has an extraordinary appearance and character. A touching face with wide and childishly open eyes, with a trusting expression "baby face" evokes trembling emotion and delight. The minuet is always open to communication, has a sociable character, and adapts well to new living conditions. These cats are not conflicted, friendly and quite accommodating. Napoleons are cats for both a large family with children and for elderly people.

Weight: 2 to 4 kg.

Height: up to 20 cm.

Cost (price) of a kitten: in Russia, a pet-class kitten can be purchased from 10,000 rubles, "average" kittens cost from 30,000 rubles, for a show-class kitten they ask from 60,000 to 80,000 rubles and more. In America, pet-class kittens (with long legs) cost from $ 250 to $ 700, kittens with short legs from $ 1000 to $ 1200, the price of show kittens ranges from $ 1500- $ 3000 (including vaccinations, chipping, documents, etc.) …

Life span: 10-15 years.

Country of origin: America.

Breed diseases:predisposition to polycystic kidney disease, stenosis of the nasopharynx, excessive lacrimation of the eyes, volvulus, brachycephaly, etc.

The breed is recognized by felinological associations: TICA, CFF.

Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture
Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture

Napoleon (minuet): buying a kitten

Nicknames for Napoleon

Napoleon: content

Minuet: caring for hair, teeth, eyes, ears and claws

History of the Minuet breed

The history of the Napoleon (Minuet) breed began on June 12, 1995. It was on this day that the American Basset Hound breeder Joseph B. Smith read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the Munchkin crumbs and was fascinated by these short-legged creatures.

Smith came up with an idea to create a mini-cat based on the Munchkins and Persian cats, the main feature of which would be diminutiveness and an adorable face. Moreover, the length of the legs did not really matter, since within the framework of one breed, Smith decided to breed two types - with short (Napoleon-extreme) and long (Napoleon-classic) legs. The breed's name "Napoleon" is a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte, who was known to be short. The first litter of Napoleons appeared at the end of 1997.

Smith put a lot of effort, money and time into his idea so that his brainchild would gain worldwide love and official recognition. In 2001, he contacted TICA to add a new breed to the experimental list. By 2008, Smith was desperate to wait for the breed to be recognized, so he castrated, sold and handed out his minuets. However, the cats were so adorable that Smith's case inspired other breeders. It was Margie Gardner and Sam Tate who helped promote the breed. Thanks to Teri Harris, in 2011, TICA granted Napoleon a provisional new breed status. In January 2015, the TICA Board of Directors voted to change the breed's name to minuet, and in 2016 the breed was recognized as an independent breed. The WCF and CFA recognize this breed as Napoleon.

Napoleons (dwarf cats, minuets) currently belong to the category of expensive and rare breeds. The main reason is their exclusivity. And besides, it is very difficult to find a pair of them, so that the offspring meet all standards, be healthy and without any defects.

Based on the official TICA standard for Napoleon (Minuet), the Minuet x Minuet, Minuet x Munchkin and Minuet x Persian combinations (including Himalayans and Exotic Shorthair cats) are the only valid crosses that can be used in breeding Napoleons.

Long-haired napoleon, minuet, photo cat photo
Long-haired napoleon, minuet, photo cat photo

Napoleon's appearance

Napoleons were originally conceived as the smallest and most affectionate felines. Thanks to their little face, even adult minuets resemble defenseless and inquisitive tiny kittens. Napoleons are long-haired and short-haired, short-legged and long-legged. They are medium-sized cats with a strong compact body. Napoleon's body can be compared to the body of a dachshund.

The head is round, wide, with rounded contours; the cheeks are moderately full; the upper part of the head is rounded but not domed. The chin is rounded, the muzzle is moderately short and wide. The jaws are broad and powerful with a perfect bite. The eyes are large and round, wide open, not protruding. Preferred eye color matching coat color. Ears are small to medium in size, with rounded tips, set far apart.

The fur is thick, plush, dense. Long-haired minuets have a thicker undercoat and a straight, soft guard hair. A wide variety of colors are recognized.

Legs short or long, well developed, well muscled. The feet are round and neat. The tail is short to medium.

The character and temperament of the minuet

Napoleon (minuet) is a mini-cat with an unusual appearance and character. A touching face with wide and childishly open eyes, with a trusting expression "baby face" evokes tenderness and delight. A dwarf cat is a toddler who will never grow up!

Napoleon is always open to communication, has a sociable character, adapts well to new living conditions. They are incredibly kind and sympathetic cats who are always happy to serve their master. If you take a Napoleon in your arms, he will become limp like a rag, saying with all his appearance: "Do with me whatever you want - just love!"

Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture
Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture

Cats are not conflicting, friendly and quite accommodating. They don't like to be alone, and instead prefer the company of people and other pets. Possessing a "sweet" character, minuets are great for families with children, single people and the elderly. They get along well with other animals. Napoleons are very fond of affection, and they treat children with special tenderness - they do not bite or scratch.

This is an intelligent, sociable and very trusting cat breed. Despite their small size, minuets are very playful and active, so they need active games and interactive toys. And since Napoleons are quite smart, they can be entertained for a long time with puzzle toys.

Napoleons are known for their "prairie dog" pose, when they stand on their hind legs and sit in a column, looking at something that aroused their interest. And further! The Napoleons are recognized by Disney Corporation as the best medicine for stress relief and depression treatment in children and adults.

Feeding dwarf cats

A few breeders of Napoleons (minuets) mainly adhere to feeding with ready-made feeds or a mixed type of food. Among industrial feeds, it is recommended to choose only high quality super premium feed (dry or wet). When choosing food, be sure to pay attention to its composition. It should contain as much quality meat as possible (and not processed meat products), a minimum amount of carbohydrates and an average amount of fat.

Since most of the breed have dental problems (due to the shortened face, the teeth are too close to each other, which leads to their displacement as the animal grows), you need to make sure that the pet can eat and drink on its own. After each meal, it is necessary to wipe the muzzle from food debris (if any) with a damp soft cloth.

Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture
Napoleon, minuet, photo cat picture

From natural food, fermented milk products, yolk, sea boiled fish, boiled white meat, liver, vegetables (except for potatoes, beans) are acceptable. The diet should have a minimum amount of grains containing gluten (gluten). All products should not be fatty, sweet, salty, without seasonings and spices.

Adult minuets are fed 2-3 times a day, kittens 5-6 times. The amount of food in one serving should be specified on the package.

Napoleon should always have access to fresh water. It can be either a bowl or a special fountain for cats. It has been noticed that cats are more willing to drink running water than from a bowl. For this breed, the fountain will be the best, as the food and saliva remaining on the face gets into the water and spoils it, and the water in the fountains (thanks to the built-in filters) stays clean longer.

Minuet health

The average age of Minuet cats is about 15 years.

Napoleon (minuet) is a cat breed in its development stage. It is believed that the representatives of the breed have good health, but from their ancestors they inherited a predisposition to some diseases:

- from Persian cats: polycystic kidney disease, nasopharyngeal stenosis, epiphora (excessive tearing of the eyes), entropy (volvulus of the eyelids), inguinal hernia, photophobia, cataract, brachycephaly, - from munchkins: lordosis and funnel-shaped (sunken) chest.

This does not mean that your pet will have all of the above diseases. Most growers are completely healthy, and your napoleon will most likely live a long and happy life.

It must be remembered that all breeds of flat-faced cats need more care than regular-faced cats. Remove eye discharge more often (several times a day); make sure that there is no wet hair under the eyes; keep pets cool in hot weather; carefully monitor your teeth and gums; be sure to brush your teeth at least once a week; make sure the manx can drink on his own, as some cats have problems with this.

20 nicknames for minuet (napoleon)

For male kittens: Lek, Besan, Gitin, Gino, Ewen, Kervin, Marlene, Orson, Paul (s), Ryan.

For female kittens: Amoretta, Belita, Kami, Kiara, Nicoletta, Charlotte, Elva, Loretta, Zhilian (a), Oma.

See the full list of nicknames …

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