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Ceylon Cat
Ceylon Cat

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The Ceylon cat (Sri-Lankan cat) is a rare breed of cats with an unusual ticked color and tabby pattern. Unusual and graceful with the habits of a real lynx, the Ceylon cat adorned the island of Sri Lanka with its existence for a long time. For many centuries this breed remained the property of the mysterious island, whose inhabitants admired the elegant little animals of a characteristic golden color.

Ceylon cat, or Sri Lankan cat (Ceylon cat, Sri-Lankan cat), photo of cat breed photography
Ceylon cat, or Sri Lankan cat (Ceylon cat, Sri-Lankan cat), photo of cat breed photography

History of the Ceylon cat

In 1984, the Italian Paolo Pelegatta visited the island of Ceylon and saw an unusual breed of cats there. On their muzzle there was a pattern resembling the head of a cobra. According to legend, it was believed that it was the Buddha who left this "distinctive" mark. Cobra is considered the favorite of God, and cats "marked" with this sign bring good luck.

Small size and weight, but at the same time a muscular physique, as well as endurance and unpretentiousness - all these qualities of four-legged pets interested Paola and he decided to bring them to his homeland in Italy. A few years later, in 1988, the first standard was registered, and in 1993 it was confirmed by the WCF. At the moment this cat breed is the only one bred in Italy.

Today cats in Sri Lanka take part in almost all grand exhibitions and are deservedly popular all over the world.

Ceylon cat, Sri Lanka cat, photo of cat breed photography
Ceylon cat, Sri Lanka cat, photo of cat breed photography

Ceylon cat appearance

The agile and graceful Ceylon cats, in terms of their size, are more likely to be characterized as miniature pets. Sexual dimorphism is pronounced. Weight ranges from 3-6 kg. Height - 25-35 cm. The abdomen is round. Broad shoulders and a well-developed chest. The head is round, small in size, with characteristic roundness in the cheek area and prominent cheekbones. In profile, there is a slight bend at the nose. The skin of the nose is pink. Flat forehead. The lower jaw with chin is well developed. The neck is strong, muscular and a little short. The eyes are large and expressive, set wide apart. The eyes are almond-shaped along the upper edge, rounded along the lower edge. The color ranges from yellow to dark green. Large ears with interesting curvatures at the tips are wide open and set high; slightly forward.The muscular limbs are not too long (and the forelegs are slightly shorter than the hind ones). Small rounded pads (in color - to match the main color). The tail is short - wide at the base and tapering towards the tip. The whiskers are long, thick at the base.

The coat is short, soft and thin, similar to silk. The fur fits snugly to the body. There is a small undercoat. There is a tabi pattern on the back, legs and tail. There are two rows of spots on the belly. The eyelids have black borders and a border of blonde hair surrounding them. The color of the coat ranges from sandy gray to gold with a ticking effect. There are also cats with blue and reddish-brown hues, but this is very rare. There is no pattern on the back and sides. Well-defined stripes on the legs. The tail is in rings, its tip is in the main color.

Ceylon cat, photo cat breed image
Ceylon cat, photo cat breed image

The nature and temperament of the Ceylon cat

Always active and sociable, friendly and well-mannered Ceylon cats, however, will not tolerate injustice. They are devoted to the owner, patient and affectionate with children. They easily adapt to a new environment and calmly endure a change of environment. They are obedient enough and have high intelligence, and with a sufficient amount of patience it becomes possible to train this breed in some commands. Very few meows.

In all their affairs and games, cats of this breed try to involve the owner as much as possible. They do not like to be alone, so if their owner does not have enough time for a beloved animal, the cat will find something to do to her liking (and it is not a fact that this activity will subsequently please the household). Their curiosity pushes them to explore everything around, thanks to this they are able to penetrate into the most inaccessible places. They perfectly feel the mood of a person and understand well when they are reprimanded for something and will try to no longer make such mistakes.

Ceylon cats are quite peaceful animals, they get along well with other pets. However, they will not let themselves be offended - they will take revenge and forget the offender. Most of them are very kind and affectionate animals. Pets also treat strangers in the house well, they are open to new acquaintances and communication.

Ceylon cat, photo photography
Ceylon cat, photo photography


Ceylon cats are quite calm about almost any place of residence (the size of the house or apartment is not important - they perfectly adapt to the living conditions of their owner). They are unpretentious in care - it is quite enough to comb the fur of the animal once or twice a month and clean the ears and eyes with a special solution. Don't forget to brush your teeth regularly.

Ceylon cat health

Cats of this breed rarely get sick. The only "stumbling block" can be colds - because of the short nose of the cat. Some individuals may be susceptible to gum disease and should be checked regularly. Life expectancy is 13-18 years.

Ceylon cat food

This breed is unpretentious in food, however, in order for the wool of Ceylon cats to remain the same silky, balanced nutrition and vitamins are required. The diet may include lean boiled meat (chicken, turkey, fish), offal, cereals, herbs. low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, eggs. The cat should always have fresh water freely available. If you are planning to feed your cat ready-to-eat foods, then opt for premium foods. Due to poor digestibility, it is not recommended to feed these cats with grains.


Crossbreeding with other breeds of cats is not allowed. There are usually no more than four kittens in a litter. The cost of a thoroughbred kitten in foreign catteries ranges from 1000 to 2500 €.

20 nicknames suitable for a Ceylon cat

For male kittens: Zhamyan, Kandy, Lakshmi, Amish, Vijay, Kasi, Manas, Naresh, Oman, Rajan.

For female kittens: Girita, Jaffna, Zhayani, Poya, Aishwarya, Vaishi, Vedika, Dara, Kanta, Latika.

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