Preparation Of A Hunting Dog For Examination At The Exhibition

Preparation Of A Hunting Dog For Examination At The Exhibition
Preparation Of A Hunting Dog For Examination At The Exhibition

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Pedigree dog breeding is impossible without exhibitions, which serve not only to select producers, but are also a demonstration of the state of dog breeding, where blood pedigree dogs are promoted. At exhibitions and litters, experts determine the breed, type of constitution and exterior qualities of dogs.

The exterior is the appearance of the animal, which determines the breed, health status and possible physical and working qualities. It is customary to call a breed a large group of animals that are able to steadfastly retain and inherit the qualities and traits that were fixed in previous generations.

At any exhibition, exhibits are not only arranged in a certain order, but also specially prepared in such a way as to make a favorable impression on experts and spectators. Pointing dogs, like dogs of other breeds, must be specially prepared for examination at the exhibition. However, most of the dogs are displayed completely unprepared. They make it difficult for experts and lose to trained dogs. This is due to the fact that many dog ​​breeders, especially beginners, do not attach the necessary importance to this, sometimes simply not knowing what and how to do. And after all, not only its place in this group, but also the degree of the assessment itself largely depends on how the dog is prepared for the examination.

Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever on show, photo dog show photography
Golden Retriever, Golden Retriever on show, photo dog show photography

At an exhibition, dogs should delight the eye of the viewer and facilitate the work of experts, who have to carefully consider all the articles, proportionality of the addition, quality and condition of the dog, the nature of movements, type of behavior and everything related to the exterior.

The process of preparing a dog for examination should pursue the goal of bringing it to such an appearance so that it meets the requirements of the standard to the greatest extent. The decorative factor is not the least important here. And what impression at the exhibition can a shaggy, unkempt and dirty, with a matted dog, but noble and, quite possibly, a very good-looking English setter, make if shown without bringing the appearance to the appropriate breed?

It is unlikely that a novice dog breeder, having seen such an exhibit, wants to have it in his apartment as a friend in the family and an assistant on the hunt. And you can't take your eyes off a well-groomed, properly prepared dog, you will want to get such a dog by all means.

However, despite the fact that only exterior qualities are determined at shows, dogs must be trained mentally, since the result of the examination largely depends on how they behave in the ring.

For any requirements of the standards that determine the individual statuses of dogs of any breed, at the exhibition they are assessed by a well-developed chest, a correctly folded spine (strong, springy back), correct limbs, the state of the dog, corresponding to the breed, and musculature, as well as by cheerfulness, energy and mobility.

Physical fitness. In what body to show dogs? Many dog ​​breeders do not attach such importance to this very important factor, which is required by experts. In dog breeding, five dog conditions are distinguished:

- factory, or show (with well-developed muscles, a light layer of subcutaneous fat, full health, a shiny dog, a cheerful, cheerful dog);

- working (with strong, well-developed muscles without a fat layer, with a shiny, dense dog. Energetic, mobile, healthy);

- insufficient (poorly fed or having a very large workload, ribs, ridge and beetles are visible, with a dull dog, sad, with sluggish movements);

- emaciated (weak muscles, very noticeable ribs, ridge and hips, weak in the articular joints, with a wobbly gait, the dog's dull, loose fitting, depressed look);

- fat (round shape, muscles are not noticeable, the stomach is lowered, the back is weak, lethargy, sluggishness, the head is lower than the position stipulated by the standard, cannot work).

It is hardly necessary to say that at exhibitions it is necessary to show dogs only of exhibition and factory condition, which makes it possible to make the most correct judgment about both their individual articles and the general condition of the dog. If there are almost no dogs with insufficient, and even more depleted, condition at exhibitions, then there are usually a lot of dogs with oily condition.

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