Preparing For An Adult Dog Show

Preparing For An Adult Dog Show
Preparing For An Adult Dog Show

Video: Preparing For An Adult Dog Show

Video: Preparing For An Adult Dog Show
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No handler can work a miracle and correctly show an unprepared dog. It is possible to prepare a dog for a ring show at any age, subject to a normal psyche.

Training of an adult, untrained dog begins at least two months before the show. First of all, you need to try to establish contact with the dog. This is facilitated by walks, games, elementary training. Training promotes the formation of contact and shows the dog "which of the two is more important."

Poodles, photo dog show photography
Poodles, photo dog show photography

Small poodles. Russia-2009. © Photo Kirilina Vika

A dog with a good psyche, realizing in the process of training that the owner (trainer) must be obeyed, will try to fulfill his wishes and please, that is, earn approval. Obedient, contact dogs are easier and more willing to learn how to perform show techniques.

So the first is the establishment of contact and hierarchical relations "who should obey whom." Until that moment, engaging in ring training is an unproductive business.

I recommend starting special training with training in the ring trot. This technique is easier than the “exhibition stand” technique, more interesting for the dog and does not require much endurance.

Having worked out the trot on command, proceed to the training of showing teeth, and then proceed to the technique "exhibition stance". When the techniques have been worked out cleanly, clearly separately, combine them in one lesson and then train the dog to perform all three techniques one after the other in a complex, as at a show.

Manual control training should be carried out when the dog flawlessly in different places performs the rest of the techniques - "teeth", "trot", "stance".

For an adult dog, the “manual control” technique is particularly difficult. The dog has already developed a character and its own attitude to objects and phenomena of the surrounding world.

From the very beginning, you need to teach the dog to properly relate to the reception. It is not people touching her, but she is executing the handler's command to stand motionless when touched and felt by her man.

The "Inspect" command should block the dog's subjective attitude to the touch of an outsider. This command should be given strictly and harshly for aggressive dogs with a sharp jerk of the collar, if the dog tries to growl or snarl and affectionately soothing, if the dog does not like touch at all. The main thing is to make the dog do what is required on command.

This technique is the only one where the dog, if it does not want to, is forced to do the necessary. The rest of the techniques are practiced in a reward game and should be enjoyable for the dog.

Any, the most vicious, but mentally well-balanced dog can be trained by the command "Inspect" to stand motionless under careful manual control. And owners must be able to teach this to all dogs, regardless of breed and use.

N. M. Karpysheva "Show dog: a thorny path to the pedestal"