Dog Fights

Dog Fights
Dog Fights

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Fights between dogs are dangerous and very difficult to solve. Some breeds are more prone to fighting than others. This trait is raised in some dogs at a very early age when attacked by other dogs. Once a dog's fighting instinct is awakened, it becomes part of the dog's personality and is difficult to exterminate.

A dog that is a dedicated fighter is an exceptional danger to the owner, other people and other dogs. This habit must be broken at the very beginning and not given the opportunity to develop. Dogs that love to fight should never be allowed to come into contact with other dogs. Practice obedience commands with them, using other dogs as distractions until they can work near other dogs and their attitude towards other dogs improves. Since this behavior is an extremely dangerous problem, make very harsh corrections with your dog.

One dog bites the withers of another, photo photo of the dog
One dog bites the withers of another, photo photo of the dog

One way to prevent fights is to prevent the dog from having any contact with other dogs. Dogs fight dogs of both sexes. Moreover, the size of the dog does not matter at all here. Small dogs fight even bigger ones. A fight can start with a game, go into a fight game and then turn into a real fight.

To become hardened fighters, dogs don't need to have a lot of fights on their account. One tough fight can be enough for the dog to be infected with this passion for life. Dogs are not only dangerous to the one they fight. They can attack other people's dogs or even dogs with whom they are friends. Dogs are oblivious to the people gathered around them and begging them to stop fighting. In the heat of a fight, they will not listen to anyone. You must physically separate them by pulling them apart with a leash if they are on leashes, or by lifting them by their hind legs. But this must be done together. If the person alone tries to stop the fight, it usually ends badly.Dogs during a fight do not pay attention to those they bite, including you. Therefore, you will be in great danger and may get hurt, but you must act quickly and decisively to avoid misery. When dogs are pulled apart, they remain in an agitated state for some time and can break loose to bite someone who is nearby: you, someone else, or some other animal. Try to separate the dogs into separate rooms to calm them down. Serious fights or fights that occur frequently tell you to see a competent professional.

With or without a professional, the key to changing your dog's behavior lies in winning his respect. It comes through the relationships you build through obedience training as described in this book. Once such a relationship is formed, you have a tool to solve almost any problem that may arise.

Reasons for dog fights. Dogs fight for many reasons: because of someone else's favor, for food or a female, for protection, in order to protect a person or territory, or in order to become dominant. The best way to avoid serious fights is to know the reason why these fights are happening and try to prevent such situations.

Let's start with the territory. For a dog, territory is very important. She will fight to protect the place where she lives. This area can grow to the size of a yard. Your dog is more likely to defend its territory than unfamiliar territory.

Dogs are just as jealous as humans, with the same uncontrollable consequences. Two dogs can always potentially be jealous of each other or their owners. Each dog can have a pet, or both dogs can love the same person. Evaluate the situation and do not encourage jealousy with such remarks “Oh, he is jealous, how cute it is, right?”. You must see the potential danger and act accordingly.

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