Basic Provisions For Participation In Obedience Trials (Obedience)

Basic Provisions For Participation In Obedience Trials (Obedience)
Basic Provisions For Participation In Obedience Trials (Obedience)

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Adopted by the FCI General Secretariat 2.01.96

To participate in OB (Obedience - Obedience) is allowed for a dog not less than 15 months old and registered in the studbook approved by the FCI.

A dog does not have to be shown in any show class to be eligible to participate in the OB.

Handlers and their dogs who have taken part in the highest class OB competitions in their country at least once can participate in the International OB competition.

Dogs that have been ill with infectious diseases, infected with worms, scabies or any other parasites, as well as aggressive, deaf and blind are prohibited from participating in the OB.

Bitches may be allowed to participate at the end of the competition, provided it is imperative to keep away from the immediate venue of the competition until the rest of the competitors have finished the competition.

If in doubt, the judge will check the dog outside the ring before the start of the competition.

Evaluation The

dog is evaluated on a scale of points in the following sequence: 0; five; 5.5; 6; 6.5; 7; 7.5; 8; 8.5; nine; 9.5 and 10 points.


The OB judges must be certified by the kennel clubs in their country.

Chief Steward

The competition is managed by the day's judge and the chief steward.

The main manager must have the appropriate knowledge. If more than one judge is appointed to officiate, there must be as many assistants as there are judges.

Number of participants, etc.

The judge is not advised to judge more than 4 dogs per hour. In the case where more than one judge is appointed, each judge judges all dogs in one part of the exercise.

Responsibilities of the handler The handler is

obliged to follow the rules and directives. During the exercise, it is forbidden to accept help from outsiders. Rough treatment of dogs is prohibited. The use of a strict collar is also prohibited. If a handler does not comply with these rules or behaves in any other inappropriate manner, he will be excluded from the competition. The decision is made by the judge.

Dog Behavior

Unless otherwise stipulated by the rules, all exercises begin and end with the dog in the basic position.

The main position is usually the position of the dog “sitting” at the handler's left leg. The "standing" position on the left is also allowed, but in this case the dog must always stand in the basic position and the judge must state this before exercise # 1.

Instructions, etc.

It is the responsibility of the organizing committee to ensure that all orders and instructions are followed in the territory where the trials or competitions are taking place. The committee also has the right to decide the sequence of exercises during the competition.


A dog that at any time bites, tries to bite or attack people is disqualified - excluded from the competition of the current day.

Dimensions of the ring and the necessary materials

The dimensions of the ring are at least 20x30 m. When the competition is held in the open air, the size of the ring is 25x40 m. The judge decides whether the size of the ring is sufficient.

There should be three wooden and one metal dumbbells in three sizes in the ring. For exercise # 9 (sample) the number of wooden objects (approximately 2 cm x 2 cm x 10 cm) will be required 6 times the number of dogs competing in the competition. Requires a solid (blank) barrier (1 m wide, height adjustable at 10 cm) and exercise scores.

Other mandatory regulations The

judge has the right to stop the exercise and stop the dog's further performance in the competition if it breaks the silence by barking or the dog is not otherwise controlled.

the handler is not allowed to pet the dog or use any other form of reward during exercise. Light encouragement (like the words "excellent", "good") is allowed after the exercise is complete.

It is prohibited to use treats or objects for play such as a ball or a toy in the ring.

In the pull-down exercise, the dog is allowed to sit down in front of the handler, but then immediately takes the basic position.

If the handler intends to transfer the dog from exercise to exercise on a leash during the competition, then at the beginning of each exercise he must hang the leash around his neck or over his left shoulder, fastening it on the right side.

All exercises begin when the handler and the dog are in the given position and the handler has reported his readiness.

All exercises end when "exercise is over" is declared.

The command words mentioned in these instructions are given as an example, other commands may be used.


It is recommended to use ribbons and rosettes in black / red / yellow colors.

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